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In this fast moving era, offering a free and best internet connection is a must for your business. It is expected today to have such Hotspots in common hangout places such as public transport, cafes, airports, etc. Moreover, offering a free Wi-Fi access can actually increase your visitor traffic and good will for any business. Give your customers the ability to connect with your business Wi-Fi.

Here are some of the best hotspot software for your businesses.


Handy Cafe

By Ates Yazilim Tic Ltd Sti

Handy Cafe is a free internet cafe software which includes wifi hotspot, monitoring, content filtering, membership accounting, and many more. It is a utility deployed on the client computer for remote administration protocol. The software was written using latest technology and concept. There are many features that contribute the software more elasticity and skill. Some of the unique features include multi-language, remote management, print tracking, application management, user queue, firewall, etc.

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Connectify Hotspot is a PC virtual router that creates a virtual wifi hotspot on Windows computers. This user-friendly virtual router lets you share internet connection from your laptop as Wi-Fi with your tablet, smartphone, media player, e-reader, other laptops. It increases your productivity by putting a fully-featured router inside the PC and ensures that your employees stay connected across smartphones, tablets, and laptops anywhere, anytime.

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mHotspot is a software that allows the user to share the internet connection from their laptop/computer as a Wi-Fi hotspot across all smartphones, tablets, and other laptops. With mHotspot, the user will be able to connect up to 10 devices to the hotspot, share any type of Internet Connection such as LAN, Ethernet, 3G/4G, Wifi, etc., stream videos and shares files to clients, as well as extends your Wifi range.

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By Antamedia Mdoo

Antamedia is a provider of software for cyber cafe management and Wi-Fi hotspot billing. Its hotspot software lets you manage your own Wi-Fi with any PC, tablet, or smartphone. Users can easily configure the number of fees and paid user devices that can access the internet. If the user already owns access points, routers, or other network equipment, there is no need to change it. Their software works as a gateway with any hardware.

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Hotspot System

By HotspotSystem, Inc.

Hotspot System provides hotspot management and billing services for individuals or businesses who like to provide internet for their customers. Its Cloud-based solution lets you manage unlimited hotspot locations from the Cloud. The hotspot software is compatible with all kinds of routers, firmwares, access points, etc. Businesses and individuals can easily provide hotspot solution to their clients without having to operate servers, using HotspotSystem’s Cloud-based solution.

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By Turnstyle Analytics Inc.

Turnstyle helps businesses monetize their Wi-Fi by enabling location-based marketing and analytics capabilities. Its social Wi-Fi gives you the ability to easily create and customize the log-in page your guests use before accessing your Wi-Fi network. Turnstyle’s technology evolves the way you interact with your customers by providing a platform for direct communication all through the Wi-Fi. It transforms your Wi-Fi network into a marketing asset that creates your customer and client database.

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By Purple WiFi Ltd

Purple enterprise assists businesses connect with people who are in their venues through major social networks or an easy to use login form option. The portal provides the key individuals within your business with real-time insights around first and repeats visitor data at a granular level. Purple’s campaign monitoring tools let you gain valuable insights into real-time versus historic results on all marketing communications, sent through the purple portal.

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Thinix Wi-Fi hotspot makes it possible to share your computer’s internet connection with your tablets, smartphones, and other laptops. It works by creating a virtual hotspot using the wireless adapter on your Windows-based PC. Once the hotspot is setup, you can share your PC's connection to all your devices. It has an added advantage of providing a shared wired or wireless internet connection that works with your existing internal wireless adaptor.

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My Wi-Fi Service is a web application that lets you easily and economically control a Wi-Fi hotspot. It is a system that supports access via various operators who can be either administrator or standard. The application lets you monitor all the connected users for each hotspot location. The duration, login date and time, downloaded traffic, etc. are displayed. Its services include statistic functions as well to analyze profitability and hotspot operations.

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By Wavespot Inc.

Wavespot transforms your Wi-Fi into Wavespot’s social hub & make marketing plug and play. It lets customers log into your Wi-Fi with a social network and instantly receive coupons, rewards, etc. based on their visits. The application provides customized offers to your customers in real time, incentivize customers to bring in their friends, tracks your social media growth, shows an increase in your revenue, and many more.

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By Ates Yazilim Tic Ltd Sti

HCSpot helps businesses easily create their own wifi hotspot, track, and manage the users' internet activity. Through HCSpot, you can prevent access to any websites and create your own content filtering. Its features include advanced filtering engine, track visited websites and connections, compatible with any routers/hardware, support all devices, limit download & upload speed per user, etc. With HCSpot Wi-Fi hotspot software's features, you will be able to manage your Wi-Fi customers at ease.

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