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Identity and Access Management services are the heart of organizations’ security, a tough task but results in great savings. IAM enables secure access to all kinds of relevant sources and allows businesses to see an exponential growth in the long run. It offers companies higher security levels and automates tasks for cost reduction. Businesses can avoid ID duplication with the help of Identity & Access management services.

Find below a few trusted IAM service providers that businesses can consider.



By Okta, Inc.

Okta offers access and identity management services to businesses. This is for business owners who need help in managing electronic identities. It is a framework that will record, capture, initiate and manage identities of users as well as their access authorization automatically. It is a system that makes sure that the access management as well as services & individuals are properly audited, authenticated and authorized.

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Gigya offers an identity management platform that includes several products for website registration, access management, integrations, profile storage and social login with various services and marketing platforms. The platform helps businesses for identifying customers using social as well as traditional registration. It also lets business owners in terms of managing & consolidating multi-channel customer information together with customer experience through several service and marketing applications.

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By OneLogin, Inc.

OneLogin, an identity management & single sign-on services aid employers in empowering customers, partners and employees by offering secure access to company as well as cloud applications. It supports enterprise-level security, whilst centralizing control of devices, users or applications. It mainly focuses on organizations whose operations are cloud based and integrates with applications that use web services. It will control access to apps, rapidly add or remove employees.

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By OneAll Sàrl

OneAll, a social media plug-in makes the social networking login process easy and simple for users for registering with websites through their profiles on social media. The plug-in offers single-click login and makes the signup process easier by keep the long forms submission process away. It also keeps you from long email validation process. In addition to these, OneAll helps website owners or administrators to track the activities of users.

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By LoginRadius Inc.

LoginRadius is a customer identity management platform that helps businesses to manage site registration procedure and secure customer information. It can connect different domains as well as sites together for creating a flawless customer login and registration experience. The single sign-on facility allows customers to be fixed to a particular social profile. It also aids the process of keeping the customer data confidential and secure.

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By Ping Identity Corporation

With PingIdentity, businesses can cost-effectively as well as quickly incorporate identity & access management rules across cloud, local and mobile atmospheres. PingIdentity makes use of coordinated information about identity for creating, modifying and retiring identities, whilst controlling the access. It lets the users to provide their employees, clients and partners with a flawless access to applications. Moreover, it provides other services such as access governance, single sign-on and identity tracking.

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Azure Active Directory is a platform that allows users to build, deploy & manage services along with applications through a worldwide network datacenters. It offers IaaS together with PaaS services while supporting several programming languages, frameworks and tools. With Azure identity management, businesses can define what individuals can do on a network. It is also used for increasing productivity plus security, while redundant efforts and costs are decreased.

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IBM Access Manager

By International Business Machines Corporation

IBM Access Manager is a flexible as well as simple access management tool which combines session management with single sign-on and user audit or tracking capabilities. The product offers simplified password management, helps secure shared workstations & kiosks, and supports a range of authentication devices. On top of it, users can sign on to enterprise networks from anywhere to access applications in a secure manner.

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By Centrify Corporation

Centrify offers identity & access management to businesses by improving end-user productivity & securing access to company, mobile & cloud applications through multi-factor authentication, single sign-on together with user provisioning. It assists users in managing mobile devices and applications via identity stores, Active Directory or LDAP. With Centrify, users can improve security by getting rid of improperly stored, easily cracked or recycled passwords. Users can create accounts, revoke device access and automate application requests.

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WSO2 Identity Server offers sophisticated identity & security organization of enterprise services, APIs & web applications. It makes is easier for architects as well as developers with a trouble-free maintenance & minimal monitoring requirements. It can manage multiple identities no matter what kind of standards they are based on. In simple words, it is a platform that offers effortless entitlement and identity management to businesses.

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By Janrain, Inc.

Janrain, an identity management platform provides users the opportunity for delivering efficient marketing experiences. It lets users to streamline customer identities with social registration & login. It also allows users to enable various engagement apps which can generate richer customer information. With this platform in place, users can make their customers stick to one identity by integrating all the social profiles together and give them the single sign-on option.

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By Stormpath, Inc.

Stormpath, a user management Application Program Interface helps users to manage, secure and authenticate users & their roles in applications. It provides secure authentication and user management services for developers. It also accelerates app development & facilitates plug-n-play security. Stormpath lets users to develop new apps at a faster speed & reduces operational & development costs. In addition, it provides a high level of security to the users.

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By Bitium, Inc.

Bitium provides Identity and access management services, including password management, analytics and single sign-on solutions to businesses. It keeps individuals from creating, deleting & updating user accounts, as it lets administrators to automate the process of user management. Moreover, it is capable of managing big head counts by automatic group provisioning. Bitium shows way to users to increase or maintain high level of app security.

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By Micro Focus International plc

NetIQ identity & access management solutions offer secure, easy and immediate access to information to businesses. With NetIQ businesses can integrate IAM policies across various environments in a cost-effective manner. These solutions make use of integrated data for modifying, creating & creating identities that are controlled by the platform. Other than IAM solutions, NetIQ offers Active Directory, access governance, single sign-on and many other services to businesses.

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By Clearlogin, Inc.

ClearLogin provides application dashboard & identity management services to give secure access to applications for developers, users and IT administrators. It lets businesses to assign user base roles as well as permissions, as what users can and can’t access or do inside an organization’s network. Since, businesses today have a strong emphasis on mobile access management; ClearLogin lets them to increase productivity & security.

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OpenIDM helps business owners to grow their businesses by linking their customers to effective, new services. With ForgeRock, one can manage the lifecycle of customers as they shift from one device to another. It provides a hassle-free experience on various channels, from enterprise applications to web connected things. It allows users to enforce policies and give extra protection through password management. ForgeRock also lets people manage user privileges and rules.

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By Coupay Holdings Pte Limited

SoClever offers social commerce solutions online to drive value for clients, partners and customers through leading technology. It provides social sharing, social login, social insights and rewards that enable businesses to acquire and engage new clients or customers. It also provides a better website experience and help to improve marketing aspects. SoClever allows businesses to let their site users for merging their social profiles with their accounts.

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CloudEntr has been offering secure and simple cloud access to businesses. It let business owners to let their employees, clients and contractors to access company applications as well as data in a secure manner. CloudEntr allows businesses to take control of who is burdening employees or accessing data with complicated rules. It allows businesses to focus on their future by simplifying and securing the access to data and cloud apps.

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By UnboundID Corp

UnboundID is a preference & identity management platform that lets businesses to modernize access & legacy identity management systems. It helps enterprise clients for capturing customer preferences, reducing operational costs; enhance customer experience across different channels. It also provides performance and security at web level. UnboundID consists of various modules which work with one another for addressing both customer identity & workforce management requirements.

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