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ID theft is a crime in which a person steals some of your crucial identity information, such as Social Security, and impersonates as you, usually to commit fraud and other crimes on your name. An ID protection service provider or agency helps you monitor and protect your identity, credits, accounts and personal information. They also help you recover and reinstate your identity in case if it has already been stolen. Many identity protection companies also offer a fixed insurance amount to help recover stolen identities.

Let's find out more about some popular ID Protection Services.



By LifeLock, Inc.

LifeLock is a trusted ID theft protection service that makes use of the latest technologies to protect your identity and prevent any possible ID theft. As a member, you get complete protection against identity theft crimes, such as someone using your name to open new accounts, make transactions, purchase, or commit a crime. Each time something like that happens, LifeLock alerts you by phone or email. Their team of specialists helps you deal with identity theft issues.

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By Identity Theft Guard Solutions, LLC

Protecting identities of the connected age, MyIDCare is a reliable ID protecting agency that helps you identify and fight against any misuse of your identity. It offers credit monitoring and online CyberScan services that automatically find out any illegal activity on your identify and alert you. The Recovery Superhero service helps ID theft victims reinstate their identities to normal in every way possible. All customer identities are covered under $1 million of damage insurance.

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By, Inc.

ProtectMyID is an identity theft protection service by Experian that offers powerful ID theft protection and resolution services with the help of a dedicated team. Some of their services include daily credit monitoring and detection, internet scan, ID theft alerts, address & mail safeguard, lost wallet protection, child security, ID theft resolution, and more. ProtectMyID not only alerts you, but also fights with you to get your ID back, in case of possible ID theft.

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Identity Guard

By Intersections Inc.

Identity theft protection and credit monitoring services by Identity Guard include monitoring, protection, and recovery against Identity thefts. They monitor your personal information, credits, online activities, etc. and alert you about any possible threat. They protect your computer from unauthorized access, keylogging, viruses and other threats, and also control your public information. In case of ID theft, Identity Guard helps you recover your identity at any cost.

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Complete ID

By CSIdentity Corporation

Complete ID is an Identity theft protection service for Costco members and others. They specialize in high security ID protection, monitoring, and resolution at affordable prices. They also offer Child Protection service for additional few bucks. Complete ID services and functions include credit scores and monitoring, internet surveillance, non-credit ID monitoring, finance activity reports and alerts, accounts & loan monitoring, lost wallet recovery, complete identity restoration, ID theft alerts, stolen funds recovery, and more.

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By Intelius, Inc.

Intelius is a public records company that has designed this powerful identity and credit protection system that not only offers unlimited credit and record monitoring, but also protects from identity thefts. They continuously monitor your credit score to find out any unauthorized activity or changes and send alerts of potential ID theft. IDProtect also offers up to $1 Million of identity theft recovery insurance for ID theft victims.

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By Identity Force, Inc.

Protecting identities and privacy of people for many years, identityforce is one of the most trustworthy Identity theft protection agencies in the United States. It offers complete protection against identity, privacy, and credit thefts. They make use of the latest theft protection technologies to monitor any unauthorized changes in any of customers’ identities and accounts. They send automated notifications to your phone or email each time a potential theft is detected.

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By InfoArmor, Inc.

Like its name, InfoArmor is your armor against corporate information and identity thefts. They offer systematic ID theft protection services to company employees and individuals. Their main aim is to detect and neutralize the threat well before the crime is actually committed. They make use of the Advanced Threat Intelligence technology to find out any possible physical or cyber attacks on your networks, computers, or information.

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By Civic Technologies, Inc.

Civic offers free, professional identity theft protection and recovery services that include ID theft alerts, fraud support, and ID fraud insurance coverage. It keeps track of your personal information and alerts you when any of your records are changed or accessed. They also offer identity fraud coverage to fully recover the identity of the victims. Civic also offers a dedicated call-based ID protection support service from experts.

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By TrustedID, Inc.

TrustedID is a trustworthy and reliable Identity theft protection service by Equifax, the leading credit reporting company in the United States. TrustedID helps you monitor and keep control of your credit activities against potential threats. They send you regular credit score reports with details of monitoring and uses. Also, they send you alerts of any irregular or unauthorized activities in your accounts.

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By Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.

A division of LegalShield law firm, IDShield is an identity protection company based in the United States. The firm offers top class ID theft protection along with expert private investigators to protect you and your family. They monitor all your personal information and accounts, including your social security, bank accounts, credit cards, online accounts, driver’s license, and more to find out any illegal activity. In case of ID thefts, they help you restore your identity.

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ID Watchdog

By ID Watchdog Inc

ID Watchdog is a credit monitoring and ID theft protection service that offers true protection against Identity thefts. As an ID Watchdog member, you get an insight into your accounts and credits to find out irregularities or possible ID thefts. You also receive services like credit monitoring alerts, transaction monitoring, cyber monitoring, NPI monitoring, identify theft resolution and ID restoration, and more. A user can choose from available service options.

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By EZShield, Inc.

EZShield offers professional identify protection services to organizations and individuals. As a partner company, you get full proactive protection against fraud and identity theft for all your employees and customers. EZShield also offers identity fraud education and awareness to all customers through its official blog and other resources, so that people can become aware of their own protection. They help you monitor, protect and reinstate your customers’ personal and professional identities.

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Core ID

By Core ID Services, LLC

Working constantly to protect your identities, Core ID is a leading identity theft protection agency that offers complete identity monitoring, verification, protection and recovery services to individuals and businesses. As a customer, you get protected against potential fraud and ID threats. You can also ask them to safeguard any sensitive data that you need to protect. Core ID family protection plans include child and senior members’ ID theft protection.

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By Trilegiant Corporation

IdentitySecure identity protection services include intensive monitoring and protection against all types of identity frauds and thefts. They offer credit management, credit score and reporting, credit monitoring, credit info, monthly all clear notice, DataSweep, ID verification monitoring, Social security monitoring, computer security, and other related services to identify potential ID threats. IdentitySecure also offers Identity Theft Insurance and support service to handle and recover indentify thefts.

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