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Identity verification services offers tools as well as integrated services to verify identity of their customers. For financial industry and businesses such as credit card processing, merchant account providers or banking services which are dealing with international customers, these services can help to create safe and secure environment. Many online marketplaces also can use these platforms who are involved with big-ticket transactions through their marketplaces.

Below are some leading ID verification service providers. 



By Cross Match Holdings, Inc.

Crossmatch offers solutions and products that solve the identity management challenge faced by companies with the help of biometrics. A biometrics authentication and verification system secures all the digital assets of the company. A ten finger biometric & live palm scanner makes it easy for company’s enrolment, identification and forensic analysis. Crossmatch can be used on all android based devices. Crossmatch provides solution for companies dealing in defence sector, finance, government, law enforcement, retail & restaurants and for all types of enterprises.

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By BlockScore, Inc.

An unique process for identity verification and compliance solution for all financial products. Blockscore provides ID verification API that verifyies Name, DOB, address and all kind of identification numbers for customers as per the compliance policy. The extensive data source available with Blockscore gives you up to date and correct information. Easy dashboard system allows user to access all products offered. Blockscores Automated Business Verification API verifies information of clients from account opening to ongoing due diligence.

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Jumio offers identity management and credentials to companies. Now reduce frauds and increase your company’s revenue with the help of Jumio. Jumio with its developed computer vision technology enable easy signup for all clients. Bamcheck out benefits your client for a seamless checkout reducing fraud and enhance client satisfaction. Netverify - Jumio product helps companies to scan and verify document. Netverify can be utilized on web as well as Mobile.

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By miiCard Limited

MiiCard (My Internet Identity card) is the easy and fastest way of proving your identity online. It is a free service provided which helps you for shopping, prove your social accounts, ebay business and buying an apartment too. Miicard offers its client to chose details that they want to show to others. DirectID bank verification facilitates fraud removal and credit risk by verifying bank identity and customers financial profile on a real time basis. Miicard provides 4 factored strong authentication processes which include device authentication, geolocation, session and account locking, voice identification, OTP over SMS and personalized security images.

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By Trulioo Information Services Inc.

Truiloo provides advance analysis based on public records, credit files and government data. An increased trust worthy and safe product to secure fraud transactions. Identity Verification done by product GlobalGateway helps Anti money laundering and comply with KYC norms. Data Exchange platform offered is a platform newly developed providing access and restrictions to consumer data for electronic identity verification. Trulioo covers 4 billion people across glob and has its existence in all emerging markets.

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Veridu provides identity verification, improved financial transactions and improved user experience. The onboarding and verification process solve all issues faced by ecommerce companies. We also verify candidate profile for candidates which help companies to recruit best candidate fitting in desired role. Payfriendz lets you to transfer funds from friend to friend. Veridu caters Real estates, digital currency and gold investment business.

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BeeHive ID

By Beehive Biometrics, Inc.

BeehiveID helps business accelerate online trust. It protects online business and ecommerce websites to protect their online accounts from fraud transactions. Beehiveid is advanced solution for various industries like online dating, online gambling, online market place and online retails. Our products are specialized in Identity verification, social authentication technology, preventing duplicate data and banning fraud users. Beehiveid has introduced “selfie Authentication” which allows users to verify themselves with a selfie video supported by face identification and voice biometrics.

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ID Checker

By Checker.NL B.V.

Easyonboard and StrongID products of idchecker safeguard the verification process of potential employees, clients and visitors. Easyonboard converts your camera into data capturing device all the mandate details required for KYC process. The extraction of photo and details from the ID card makes seamless form filling experience for customers. StrongID helps companies in validating proofs submitted by client using their personal device. Online and real time verification supported by StrongID enables safety and privacy for client making the process flow easy and document free.

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By IDscan Biometrics Ltd

IDScan biometric limited provides artificial intelligence identity solutions. The image and textual data extracted from legal documents are validated and authenticated for immediate decision on document verification. IDSmart a next level authenticator in the process not only authenticates the document but also performs further checks on an individual from multiple data sources. IDscan provides services to leading companies catering business for passports, KYC, Anti money laundering, library, Cheque scan and many more. Idscans mobile application an automated process makes easy extraction of data and image for checking and authentication.

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By Socure Inc.

Socure is a leader in ID verification and takes the verification process to the next generation. The multi-factored authentication process makes business to reduce frauds, increase acceptance and lower compliance rates. ID+ solution introduced by the company for consumer verification and compliance regulation is a real time authentication process. Facial biometric solution provided by Socure enables real time transaction verification using only face of customers.

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LexisNexis Identity

By LexisNexis Group Inc.

LexisNexis brings solutions for identity verification, Identity authentication, Biometrics document capturing and authentication. Lexisnexis helps you to understand your vendors, employees and customer to reduce the risk of fraud transactions. Lexisnexis provides complete pictures of individuals, business and assets with industry data and analysis. Business covers industries like Communication, Financial services, gaming, government, health care, Hosipitality and travel industry, insurance, retails and many more. Lexisnexis meets all business needs like compliance, fraud, identity and investigation.

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