Influencer Marketing Platforms

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which marketers and brands focus on specific key individuals rather than the target markets or people. People believe a story when it is told by someone they knew and trust. Influencers are people, who can tell your story to your audience on social media on your behalf. It is the best word-of-mouth marketing solution. An influencer marketing platform allows companies and brands to track and meet their key influencers and take their help for effective brand marketing.

Here are some of the most widely used influencer marketing platforms and software.

Ninja Outreach is a multi-purpose online marketing tool used by businesses for lead generation, content research & marketing, cold calling & emailing, blogger outreach, influencer marketing, and much more. It allows companies to choose from thousands of influencers instantly with effective social and SEO insights in every niche. It also allows finding and recruiting most engaging users from popular websites like Facebook, Twittter and Instagram.

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By IZEA. Inc.

IZEA is an influencer marketing platform that makes it easy for brand/agencies to find and hire influencers. Our platform enables content marketing and influencer marketing at-scale. Find, contact, hire and compensate influencers all from one convenient platform. Whether you want full-service campaigns or to license our software, IZEA has a option for you. Start creating powerful influencer marketing campaigns today!

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By Blogmint Digital Private Limited

Blogmint is an online influence marketing platform and community that allows brands and businesses to take help of professional bloggers and influencers in their target niches. It helps businesses meet and know their targeted influencers and take their help to create market specific social and video content. Campaigns are created by influencers on behalf of big brands to market new product launches, brand awareness, or promotion of services.

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By twtrland Inc.

Klear is a social platform for influencers and organizations. It allows businesses to create and monitor effective social media campaigns with the help of top influencers in their sectors. Brands can meet and take help of a professional influencer for promotion of a particular campaign or product. Klear also provides complete analysis of influence marketing to allow brands to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

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By Rel Equals, Inc.

BuzzStream is an online social platform that helps influencers promote their clients’ products and services to build brand reputation. It also allows companies to research top influencers in their niches, build relationships, and create personalized influence marketing campaigns for the promotion and marketing of their products. BuzzStream features a single centralized platform for all team members to meet and work in collaboration.

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Right Relevance

By Right Relevance, Inc.

Right Relevance is an online platform for brands to find the right and relevant material, articles, influencers and conversations for marketing and promotion of their own services. You can search the most popular content and articles for your targeted topics and write about it or you can search a top influencer in your market and take their help to create a marketing campaign for a specific product or service.

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Julius is an influencer marketing platform that provides brands and agencies with rich influencer data and the management tools required to organize successful influencer marketing campaigns. From famous celebrities to digital creators, Julius enables subscribers to find the most authentic influencers based on a number of criteria including organic interests, content creation styles, previous brand work, and a variety of social media metrics. Julius places it's subscribers in the driver's seat by allowing users to connect directly with influencers and their representation.

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Klout Perks

By Lithium Technologies Inc.

Klout Perks is a social media and influence marketing platform designed for businesses to help them find, target and engage the best influencers and experts in the market. Brands can take help of marketers for content marketing and social promotion of their campaigns or products. They can also earn valuable media and customers with effective content. Klout Perks provides direct and complete access to thousands of influencers in each industry.

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Augure is influence marketing software for PR agencies, marketers, teams and businesses. It helps PR professionals find the right influencer to achieve their marketing goals and increase brand popularity. It allows users to research from a database of influencers to find the best one, share and engage their products, services and campaigns to better media and market, and measure the performance of their influence marketing efforts.

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By Buzzoole S.r.l.

Buzzoole is a community platform for influencers and brands. It allows businesses to engage influencers and brand marketers to earn relevant media and for better promotion on social channels. Buzzoole finder is a simple and fast tool to search the best influencers in any category. It also gives influencers the opportunity to find and represent their favorite brands by marketing their products and services through social media and content.

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By Assetize Inc.

Keyhole is a hashtag tracking tool for Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms. It allows marketers and brands to find the best and most popular real-time content as well as the most engaging influencers for specific keywords or niche. Brands can then reach out to influencers to market their own products and services by providing valuable content based on real-time events and searches.

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By Sverve Inc.

Sverve is a social influencer platform that helps businesses and influencers connect and engage for a mutual beneficial partnership. Businesses and brands can take help of top influencers in their areas to promote their content and services to social media users. Influencers can earn money by helping their favorite brands in the promotion and marketing of their campaigns and building brand reputation on social networks.

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By TapInfluence, Inc.

TapInfluence is an influencer marketing automation platform to help brands and agencies find the best influencers in their niche. Real and popular people in the market can effectively promote products and campaigns for any brand or business and help building the brand reputation in the market. TapInfluence allows corporations to take the help of the right influencer to market their product to the right customer with the right content.

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By Influitive Corporation

Influitive is an advocate and influence marketing platform that allows businesses and marketers to find and recruit top advocates or influencers to support their marketing campaigns, share good reviews & recommendations, and refer new clients. Influitive gives marketers the opportunity to benefit from their happy customers and influencers who can promote the products and services with their trusted circle through genuine reviews and word of mouth.

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By Famebit, Inc.

FameBit influence marketing platform makes it easy for brands to find, hire and engage top influencers and creators for promotion on YouTube, Facebook, and other social platforms. It serves a reliable technology for businesses to manage their complete influence marketing campaigns, from hiring creators to assigning tasks to approving content. Users can also keep track of their marketing results, sales and growth from a single platform.

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By Zuberance, Inc.

Zuberance advocate and influencer marketing platform connects brands with the right influencers. It empowers advocates with the right tools to create powerful content for marketing of targeted products with the positive Word of Mouth. It also allows businesses and brands to find influencers and manage their influence marketing campaigns through a single platform. It also supports tracking of the progress, marketing efforts and final results.

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By BlogDash Inc.

BlogDash is an online community of millions of bloggers and content experts, who help brands and businesses build their reputation and market their products to potential customers. It allows brands to find top influencers and bloggers in their niche, engage them with offers, hire them to write content and reviews, and keep track of their efforts and progress. BlogDash blogger outreach software is suitable for businesses, enterprises and brands.

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By Traackr Inc

Traackr is an influencer marketing and management platform that gives businesses the opportunity to know their key influencers, build healthy relationships, and measure their effectiveness for the brand marketing. It works as a common platform for influencers and brands to build a mutual relationship for mutual benefits. It is a community of influencers, who know people and impact brands and businesses, and can change the mindset of buyers with genuine reviews.

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Webfluential is a global community of influencers and brands that come together to help each other reaching their goals. The platform helps marketers and brands by providing them top social influencers in every niche to promote their products and campaigns to social media users through targeted content. Influencers can connect with their favorite brands, handle their digital campaigns and share genuine reviews and content about them.

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By Onalytica Ltd.

Onalytica is a very effective influence marketing platform that researches and finds top influencers for the specific content provided by the brand or marketer. Brands can then choose the best influencer to share the content with their networks of potential users and consumers on social media and other platforms. Onalytica helps brands and agencies find the right influencer for the marketing and promotion of a particular item or campaign.

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GroupHigh blogger outreach and influence marketing software is an online tool to help companies do successful blogger outreach to find and engage top influencers and bloggers in their areas. It also allows companies to build and maintain mutual relationships with bloggers and measure the success of their earned content campaigns. GroupHigh’s featured rich platform allows users to find bloggers based on topics, locations, engagement, popularity, and more.

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Pitchbox is an influencer outreach program that helps companies track and find the best talented influencers, bloggers, reviewers and experts in their niches and build real, personal connections with them. The software is suitable for SEO companies, marketers, brands, growth hackers, and any other business of any size. It also offers various outreach tools, such as intelligent templates and integrated email client for effective relationship building between influencers and marketers.

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By Markerly Inc.

Markerly helps brands and businesses find truly helpful influencers to build brands’ reputation in the target market. It allows brands to meet and know their influencers, and leverage them to share genuine reviews and content with other consumers. Companies can also track users that are in touch with their existing brand influencers and target them with the right content created and promoted by trustworthy advocates.

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By Glambassador Enterprises LTD

Glambassador utilizes Word of Mouth marketing by tapping into talented influencers and personalities that are found on social media. Our primary objective is to provide brands and influencers with the tools to find each other and collaborate on sponsored posts. Think of us as an automated influencer matchmaking service. Many brands are turning towards influencer marketing as it is much easier getting the attention and trust of an influencers already engaged followers. This process generates instant “Social Proof” which is especially great for newer brands since they are starting from scratch.

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Little Bird

By Little Bird, Inc.

Little Bird helps businesses discover the best and most relevant influencers and content, and use them to build better marketing strategies. It specializes in providing reliable, on-demand influencers at scale with ability to manage all relationships from a single platform. Brands can create the best content to attract consumers and take the help of influencers to share that content with the right audience.

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By InstaBrand, Inc.

InstaBrand is an online platform to help businesses find the right people to share their stories. It helps bridge the gap between marketers and influencers by providing both parties a common platform to meet and share mutual benefits. InstaBrand allows marketers and brands to search and connect with the most influential content creators in their niche to speak to their audience. It also provides tools for campaign management, content creation and analytics.

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By Forth Metrics Ltd.

Inkybee outreach marketing and management platform is designed to help marketers and agencies find the right content and influencers for better social media marketing. It features several tools to allow agencies to search and discover relevant blogs and content, save and manage campaigns, track and find influencers on social networking sites and establish connections, and analyze performance reports. Inkybee gives you tools to research clients’ business and find the right influencers for them.

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Find Your Influence (FYI) is an online community platform for bloggers and marketers. It gives bloggers the opportunity to make money by utilizing their talents to help their favorite brands with their marketing campaigns. At the same time, it helps marketers and agencies find the right influencers to market and promote their clients’ brands and content to the right audience with their influential skills and honest reviews.

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By Revfluence, Inc.

Revfluence is an online platform that features hundreds of popular brands and content creators. It allows companies to connect with relevant content creators and influencers to promote their brands to the right audience. Professional content creators can generate original and influential content for your product or campaign and promote it to their followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites.

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By PT Komunika Lintas Maya

SociaBuzz is an online network of Twitter influencers that enables businesses to promote their brands to social media users. The software allows businesses to track and find the best influencers for their brands from among thousands of users. Advertisers can then connect with influencers and allow them to share the content with their social media followers. They can also track and monitor their campaigns and generate reports from a single dashboard.

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Zoomph is a social media marketing and influencer engagement platform used by marketers to promote their clients’ campaigns and content on social media sites. It enables them to test, enrich and share content to multiple networks from a single platform. It supports influencer marketing that involves finding the right people to share and promote your content on your behalf. Zoomph also gives detailed analytics into competitor campaigns and social media trends.

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By Adly Inc.

Adly is an online marketing platform that connects brands and marketing agencies with influencers and famous people to increase the reach and engagement of their campaigns. The software can be used by marketers to create user-friendly content campaigns and find the right influencers to promote the content on social sites. Celebrities and influencers get the opportunity to talk about their favorite brands with their audience and followers.

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By NeoReach Inc.

NeoReach is a social influencer marketing platform that connects brands with top social media influencers for better reach and influence. It is a community of many famous social media users and celebrities who help brands and marketers promote and share their content and campaigns with the right audience on social networking sites. Coming from famous people and influencers, the content gets more clicks and better response.

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By InNetwork Inc.

InNetwork influencer marketing software is an online platform for influencers and marketers to meet and build strong professional relationships. It gives brands and marketers a platform to quickly identify the best social influencers, build strong relationships, manage all their campaigns from a single interface, collaborate and track the performance of campaigns, and more. The app is compatible with all major platforms and can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

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By Readypulse, Inc.

ReadyPulse is an influence marketing tool used by brands to find and meet the right influencers in their markets and social communities. The idea is to promote authentic content among target audience with the help of real social influencers and brand ambassadors. ReadyPulse makes it easy for brands to reach their consumers with the right content by identifying the best influencers on any social media platform and acquiring their help.

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By Upfluence Inc.

Publishr empowers native ads campaigns for popular brands and businesses by introducing them to the best social media influencers in their target markets. It is a community of millions of social influencers and brand advocates eager to help their favorite brands in any way possible. Marketers can research and find the best opinion leaders, connect with them and seek their help to empower brands’ content and ads campaigns.

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Jamballa blogger outreach is an online community of thousands of professional bloggers and market leaders from various industries. It provides a common platform for brands to meet bloggers, who can help them with their content marketing campaigns and strategies. The best part is that bloggers are free to choose the brands they love and brands are only connected with bloggers who are relevant to their industry and markets.

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By Crowdly Inc

Crowdly is a popular advocate marketing platform used by many businesses and brands to empower their influencer marketing campaigns with the help of right advocates. It helps businesses search and identify their own authentic advocates from social media networks and use them for better marketing and promotion of brands. It provides you a platform to connect with and manage all your influencers from one dashboard.

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By Appinions Inc

Appinions allows brands to use effective data-drive content marketing strategy for the planning and promotion of their products. It is an influence marketing platform used by leading brands to evaluate and analyze markets, competitors and growth opportunities, find the right people and content for better marketing strategies, and analyze the growth and impacts of their marketing efforts. It is an online search engine to find the most influential content and people in any industry.

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By Exposely, Inc.

Exposely allows businesses to reach their target customers and audiences through right influencer and engaging content. Content marketing is a popular marketing trend that becomes even more powerful when combined with the right influence platform. Exposely provides that platform for brands to research and connect with highly engaged social influencers, use them to share the content with more and better audience, and track the performance online.

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Mustr provides a platform for corporations and marketers to effectively manage and organize a healthy online network of journalists, bloggers and social influencers. Once you have the right list of influencers, you can start working on building mutual beneficial relationships with them. It allows agencies and marketers to research, know and engage highly recommended bloggers in any market and use them to create and share targeted content with the right audience.

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By Buzzweb Promotion LLC

Buzzweb is AI-powered influencer marketing platform that lets find and reach to the most engaging and relevant for your brand social media influencers that can help grow your business. Find the best for you creators, launch the campaign, track and measure the results. Or use Buzzweb managed service and let our social media experts handle your promotion and secure the best results.

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