Infographic Software


Visme Infographic Maker

By Easy WebContent, Inc.

Wondering how to create a beautiful infographic for free? Visme is a free online tool that lets you create interactive infographic, professional presentations and HTML5 animations, with the ability to download and publish anywhere. The platform features thousands of inbuilt templates, images and graphics that can be used to create awesome presentations, infographs, web content, reports, wireframes, and other visual content. The content created using Visme is compatible with all devices and platforms.


By Cuana, LLC is a simple yet powerful online visual creating tool that can be used to create attractive inforgraphics, presentations, and posters even without any design experience or knowledge. It is like an online canvas where you can create any visual content, report, resume, presentation, and more using built-in tools and functions. allows you to easily create infographics by using existing templates, and download and share content across various platforms.



By Venngage Inc.

Looking for a nice, easy to use online infographic maker? Venngage is an innovative web-based infographic tool that lets you create beautiful visual designs and infographs for free. The software offers a large number of inbuilt templates, along with several charts, designs, visuals, maps, icons and other tools to make it easy for anyone to create awesome inforgraphic presentations, reports, media content, posters, etc. Venngage features a simple drag-drop based creator.


Canva Infographics Maker

By Canva, Pty Ltd

Infographics makes complex content attractive and eye-catching. Canva is an online infographic creating tool that lets you create beautiful drag-and-drop infographics and visual content. The tool can be easily used even by non-designers. It allows creating compelling designs and infographs for free. Whether you want to create a visual presentation for personal, professional, marketing, education, or any other purpose, Canva has everything you need.



By Infogram Software, Inc.

Infogram makes it easy for even novice users to develop interactive web and marketing content designs, and inforgraphics. The tools lets you create, download and share beautiful visual designs of any information, report, and data. The infographics created by Infogram are responsive and compatible with all standard devices and platforms. It offers a number of designs tools, charts, and other design elements to help you design any presentation in the most beautiful way.


Piktochart Infographic Maker

By Piktochart Sdn Bhd

It is a very easy-to-use infographic maker tool that lets you create any visual design within minutes, without any help from a professional designer. Used and recommended by many reputed organizations, Piktochart is a truly unique and interactive infographic design app. It contains hundreds of pre-built template designs, text, fonts, colors and other elemets that can be used to create any visual presentation, inforgraphic, poster, or web report in minutes.


By, Inc. is a simple infographic maker that can be used to convert any raw information or data into an attractive visual presentation. A resume is able to leave a better impression when it contains interactive visual elements. lets you convert your simple text resume into a more interactive visual-rich infographic resume with the help of various inbuilt themes, maps, timelines, charts, pictograms, and other tools.

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