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Setting the free the ideas and thoughts of employees, customers and partners can play significant roles in the organizations’ success. Managerial staff may be the most appropriate source for collective information; however, the frontline staff and partners may hold detailed knowledge about how the business really happens. Innovation and idea management programs which have implemented successfully by organizations can unlock such valuable information from these people.

A list of well-known idea & innovation platforms which organizations may find useful:

IdeaScale is a complete solution for ideas and feedback collection. With crowdsourcing being the foundation, the IdeaScale community members add ideas and vote the same up & down in a method which allows the good ideas to move to top positions. It is a platform which can be used by everyone, right from small business customers to large enterprises. It specializes in crowdsourcing, network intelligence, innovation and idea management.

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By IdeaConnection Ltd.

IdeaFlow is a crowdsourcing platform which puts organizations’ resources at the users’ fingertips through human-powered, on-demand idea management platform which is both secure and scalable. This platform can be made use of to gather ideas, find data about materials and suppliers, and get the right answers to difficult questions and get scientific insight. It is an idea management platform which gives users the power for driving reasonable ideas.

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By Brightidea, Inc.

Brightidea is an innovation management platform that helps organizations to drive success. It is a SaaS platform which is an exclusive combination of process support, third party apps, prioritization tools, social software and advanced analysis algorithms and data collection. It is used by top players such as AMEX, Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, Sony and General Electric among others. Cloud computing, idea management, innovation management and crowdsourcing are Brightidea’s specialties.

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InnoCentive@Work is a shared SaaS-based idea management platform which facilitates users to engage various innovation communities like customers, employees and partners to help them quickly generate great ideas and solve their pressing issues. It is a one-stop solution for personal crowdsourced challenges which allows government agencies and commercial organizations alike to promote and engage collaboration with networks, individuals and communities for faster innovation through cost-effective methods.

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Innovate, an innovation management platform from Planbox serves as an arrangement of record manage users’ ideas, challenges, solutions, communities, feedback and suggestions. The innovation analytics of this platform helps users in making smarter decisions through actionable analytics. It allows users to capitalize, collaborate and develop on the right ideas from their suppliers, partners, customers and employees. It also helps users in building competitive advantages through creative ideas.

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By Spigit, Inc.

Spigit helps organizations to set free the power of the customers, employees and partners for driving innovation. It is a platform for crowdsourced innovation, which is used by several leading organizations in financial services, pharmaceutical, technology, healthcare, system integration and others. Spigit serves more than four million users from over 150 countries. It specializes in social business, crowd enablement, idea management platform, ideation and corporate innovation.

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By Accept Software, Inc.

Accept360 idea management platform helps users to make sure that they select worthwhile and valuable ideas for including in their products. It mechanizes the overwhelming task of organizing, capturing and gathering tons of ideas and requests from stakeholders, executives, partners, employees and customers. It also accelerates the process of evaluating, prioritizing, socializing and refining promising concepts so users can bring profitable products to the marketplace faster.

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By Crowdicity Ltd

Crowdicity is a leading idea and innovation management platform, which empowers organizations to bund the creativity and idea of their employees, customers and stakeholders to find new opportunities, perspectives and insights. It is a growing organization founded by well-known industry players. The company loves and focuses on helping the customers to find better ways for doing things. The company specializes in innovation platform, brainstorming software, crowdsourcing and ideation among others.

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Wazoku is a well-known idea management platform company that empowers enterprises, third sector and public sector companies for innovating and achieving their business goals vial sustainable, measured, managed and structured employee engagement, innovation and idea management programs. Idea Spotlight from Wazoku has been designed for helping companies to collaborate and engage with their partners, customers and workforce for generating creative new ideas, as an element of broader-innovation strategy.

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Vocoli, a leading professional staff engagement & innovation platform helps businesses in capturing great ideas, fostering innovation and engaging their workforce. As a result, organizations can get higher employee retentions, more productive staff, enjoyable office atmosphere and more profits. The unique approach of Vocoli adapts to organizations’ culture and fosters cross-functional, top-down and bottom-up communication. With Vocoli in place, businesses can survey about engagement trends in their organizations.

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HYPE Enterprise

By HYPE Innovation Inc.

HYPE Enterprise is a complete innovation management platform which helps users to generate new ideas and implement projects. It allows businesses to increase efficiency, reduce risks, cut costs, share ideal practices, find skills and constantly improve. HYPE Enterprise also allows users to innovate their products by assisting them in developing new services and products, disrupting their market, gaining customer insights, improving product quality, developing business models and co-creating with partners.

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Innovation Platform from WhatAVenture helps organizations through creative business ideas that drive success. The platform will guide the users’ team via latest processes together for and with leading accelerators. The methods from this platform equip innovation teams and startups with the capability for accelerating business ideas. With innovation management platform, companies can manage their teams easily through the collaboration group. The company offers startup acceleration, open innovation and other services.

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By Kindling Inc.

Kindling is an innovation and idea management platform used by businesses for discussing ideas, solving problems and pursuing opportunities. Kindling can be used for suggesting product features, addressing operational waste, enhancing customers’ experience and building better work atmospheres. With Kindling in place, established brands and startups from the around the planet can engage their customers, employees, partners and suppliers in discussions around ideas for addressing compelling opportunities and pressing needs.

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By Crisscrossed GmbH

WE THINQ is an idea management platform which helps users to find effective ways for finding and refining ideas. It lets the users put systems in place which help their team in finding, evaluating and choosing the right ideas for new strategies and products. This platform lets the members of organizations for submitting their ideas for consideration. It also helps users to reach the participants in an easy manner.

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Innovation Central is a leading idea management platform which helps organizations to incubate concepts, collect ideas and allocate assets to new projects. A complete set of advanced judgment tools, powerful content and social analysis and collaboration features enable users for scaling innovation programs globally. The platform helps businesses in the areas such as process improvement, cost reduction, employee engagement, enterprise crowdsourcing, and idea and innovation management.

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By Corso Ltd.

Corso’s innovation management platform gives Information Technology leaders the authority for orchestrating ideations by connecting with stakeholders and grasping their ideas to develop the same in to initiatives which will deliver on business goals. It allows organizations to establish disciplined approaches to innovation and idea management which focuses on achieving IT and business goals. Also, it helps companies to optimize and improve their innovation initiatives with repeatable and defined processes.

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By Bolste Inc.

Bolste simplifies workdays into an intuitive platform that brings together task management, file sharing, group chat, and a lot more. It allows users to collaborate and connect with others from any part of the planet. It is a business operating system that lets users to work without IT – they connect with co-workers, assign tasks, share files, organize projects and more. This platform is built for businessmen for businessmen.

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Qmarkets is a provider of innovation and idea management platform for organizations from a broad range of geographies and business sectors. It generates values for businesses by letting them receive ideas from their customers, employees and partners. Such ideas can be used for tackling a wide range of business challenges, from process improvement to NPD, to innovation. Qmarkets helps organizations to save resources, time and money.

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