Internet Service Providers

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a company that offers internet and network services to its clients. Dial-up (phone line) and cable or DSL based broadband connections are the most common internet services offered by ISPs. Modern technology and digitization have made it necessary for everyone to be familiar with the internet. Whether it is for business or personal use, almost everyone needs access to a reliable and fast internet connection. ISPs usually charge you in exchange for the internet services they offer.

Here are some of the most popular Internet Service Providers in the United States.


Verizon Fios

By Verizon Communications

Verizon Fios is a fast internet solution based on 100% fiber-optic network for fast and reliable connectivity. Verizon Fios offers home, business and Wireless internet solutions to suit the needs of different types of users. All plans include super-fast speed and easy wireless sharing. Verizon home internet plans are ideal for basic internet uses, such as video streaming, gaming, shopping, web surfing, social media, and more.

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AT&T internet service is suitable for anyone, looking for a high speed internet service provider with great offers. Some of the internet services offered by AT&T include Wireless internet, U-Verse internet, DSL High Speed Internet, Dial up, etc. Whether you want an internet service for your home or a Wireless internet device, AT&T has a plan for you. U-Verse is the most popular product that offers a high-speed, reliable and well-connected internet.

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By NetZero, Inc.

NetZero is an internet service provider specializing in mobile broadband, WiFi, DSL, and Dial-up internet services. It offers multiple mobile data plans to suit the needs of different users. The home internet plans include dial-up and DSL broadband internet services for home based users and businesses. NetZero mobile broadband or WiFi devices allow users to access the internet anywhere, on-the-go, or at the home.

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CenturyLink offers high speed internet services for homes and businesses. CenturyLink home internet services are ideal for all individual and basic internet needs with different plans available for different internet speed and features. Even the lowest speed plans allow live streaming movies and shows, home Wi-Fi, Skype, and much more. CenturyLink business plans are designed to suit the needs of small, medium and enterprise level businesses.

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By Cox Communications, Inc.

Cox internet service provider offers internet services to homes and businesses all over the United States. Cox residential internet plans include high speed internet with in-home Wi-Fi at affordable prices that allow fast download, live streaming, online gaming, and much more. Cox business class solutions are suitable for businesses of every industry and size. Business internet plans include WiFi, online backup and high level security, and other services to suit individual business needs.

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By EarthLink, LLC

EarthLink internet service provider (ISP) specializes in high speed and low cost broadband and dial-up internet services. They have internet plans for both residential and business purposes. EarthLink home internet plans include dial-up, DSL, wireless and high-speed broadband cable internet options with features like, high speed modem, online security, 24/7 support, and many more. Business internet solutions include MPLS networks, hosted voice, and more.

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Time Warner Cable

By Time Warner Cable Enterprises LLC

Time Warner Cable is a cable TV, phone and high speed internet service provider. They specialize in fast internet for live streaming and high definition cable TV services. Internet solutions are available for both residential and business areas with different plans for different needs. TWC home internet features include secure home WiFi, unlimited internet, HD streaming, TWC WiFi hotspots for wireless connection, free calls, and much more.

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Xfinity (Comcast)

By Comcast Corporation

Xfinity Comcast offers high speed internet services at affordable prices to its users. Xfinity specializes in super-fast internet speed that allows users to stream multiple videos at a time. It is ideal for personal and households use with capacity to operate multiple devices. Users, who need more speed and features, can choose from higher speed plans that allow access to millions of hotspots nationwide with ultra-fast internet speed.

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Charter Spectrum

By Charter Communications, Inc.

Charter Spectrum is a complete internet solution for home internet users. With some of the most affordable internet plans, it offers features and services like, fast internet speeds, no data caps, virus detection and online security, multiple devices connectivity, and more. Charter is committed to provide fast internet experience to its users, allowing them to access super fast video streaming, play online games, download data, upload photos, and access over multiple devices without compromising speed.

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By Frontier Communications Corporation

Frontier is a popular internet Service Provider (ISP) that offers various residential, small business and enterprise internet packages. High-Speed Internet is the front aspect of Frontier that involves high internet browsing and downloading speed to allow users to play online games, watch videos, video chat, and stream movies with Wi-Fi access on multiple devices. Other features include live TV, digital security, free voice calls, internet privacy, and many more.

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By CSC Holdings, LLC

Optimum internet services are available for individuals and home users with access to multiple Wi-Fi hotspots in public places. All users get a dedicated web-based email to manage their internet subscriptions and other activities. Some of Optimum internet features include millions of hotspots, internet protection, hotspot finder app, HD video streaming, online router management, always up web hosting, SpamScrub, and more.

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By Suddenlink Communication

Suddenlink offers fast internet services to users in their existing locations or makes it easier to move. It specializes in fast, reliable broadband internet services with internet TV, live streaming, and multiple other options. Suddenlink2GO app allows users to watch TV on the go on any device, including smartphone and tablet. WiFi@Home is a home internet service that allows internet connection in multiple devices wirelessly.

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By Juno Online Services, Inc

Juno is a dial-up internet service provider service that offers multiple internet plans to suit the needs of different customers. It is ideal for home and residential areas that are in the need of fast and reliable internet connection. Dial-up internet provides services like, unlimited internet, 5x faster internet speed, email with spam protection, antivirus, and more. Those, who need even more speed, can choose from DSL/ broadband plans.

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Bright House Networks

By Bright House Networks LLC

Bright House Networks offers high speed home internet services to users in the United States. In addition to home based internet, they also offer on-the-go WiFi internet service to allow internet access using free WiFi hotspots. Lightning fast internet speed enables users to stream video, play online games, video chat, and much more. There are available multiple plans to suit the needs and budget of different users and households.

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Google Fiber is an ultra-fast internet service from Google that offers network connections up to thousands megabytes per second for faster downloads and internet browsing. The ISP is suitable for any home business or domestic use that involves internet surfing, video chatting, online gaming, downloading & uploading, and much more. Other notable features include free cloud storage, wireless & wired connections, and many more.

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Cable ONE

By Cable ONE Inc.

Cable ONE is an internet service provider that offers domestic and business internet services to people all over the country. Some of its benefits include speed reliability for continuous surfing, fast internet, and best value for money. It offers multiple internet plans to suffice the needs and budget of different users. All plans include services like, internet access to multiple devices, video streaming, WiFi, free email accounts, and more.

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By Sts Media, Inc.

FreedomPop offers free Wireless broadband internet services for mobile users to allow unlimited internet access from home or on-the-go. FreedomPop free WiFi network is accessible to all registered users in specific locations. Users can choose from available devices or can use their own device to access the fast, reliable internet service. All devices are featured with specific internet plans and free data with WiFi facility.

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By WideOpenWest

Wow! is an internet service provider company that offers high-speed internet services for homes and businesses. Their services are offered in the Midwest and Southeast areas, covering all major states of the country. Wow! ISP offers multiple internet plans based on the needs for internet speeds, purpose, location, and other features. Wi-Fi connection allows users to connect multiple devices to the internet at one time without compromising speed.

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By Mediacom Cable

Mediacom offers high-speed, reliable internet service for all your personal and household needs. With WiFi and cable connection, it allows multiple users to access the internet simultaneously for searching the web, downloading, and streaming. It is suitable for a family of any number of members or a basic home based business or freelancers. Users can choose from multiple plans with different speeds and data usage for different needs.

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By Windstream Communications

Windstream is an ideal internet service provider for residential, small business and enterprises. Windstream residential internet package includes high speed internet plans with digital TV, phone service, WiFi, security packs, and much more. The plan is suitable for any household and allows internet connectivity for multiple members and devices. Small business and enterprise internet plans are available with multiple options and features to suit different business needs.

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By RCN Corporation

RCN provides fiber-based high-speed internet services to domestic and residential users. Their internet plans are suitable for online streaming, watching online tv, online gaming, home business or freelancing, WiFi, and more. Some important features include same day installation, 24/7 customer support, US based customer service, WiFi and cable internet, secure connection, and more. Wireless function allows internet connectivity to multiple devices simultaneously without compromising performance.

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By EarthLink, LLC

PeoplePC expertise in low-cost dial-up internet services with fast and reliable networks. Its main features and services include, accelerator technology for faster surfing, unlimited internet access, smart dialer for more reliability, anti-virus & anti-spam for online protection, and more. They also offer broadband internet services for users who need even faster net speed. The service offers affordable plans with lightning-fast network speed and no busy signals.

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Armstrong Zoom Internet is suitable for all basic and household internet uses, including work from home, downloads, music sharing, social networking, photo uploads, online tv, gaming, or basic net surfing. All Zoom plans are featured with high-speed, reliable internet, free 24/7 support, and free premium virus protection. Other features include multiple internet plans with different speeds, Zoom share for wireless connectivity, Zoom WiFi locations, and much more.

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Cincinnati Bell

By Cincinnati Bell Inc.

Cincinnati Bell is an internet service provider for households and businesses in the Cincinnati area. They specialize in high-speed internet, Wireless, TV and phone services for all home, family and individual needs. Residential network packages include various high-speed internet plans to suit different needs of home workers, freelancers, basic net users, and WiFi users. Connect Cincinnati apps provides access to free WiFi hotspots to its users.

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MegaPath DSL

By MegaPath Cloud Company, LLC

MegaPath offers fast and affordable DSL internet services to small and medium-sized businesses or home offices. With optimum speed and high performance, MegaPath DSL ensures high scalability and reliability to fit every business need. In addition to DSL broadband, it also offers Ethernet, managed WiFi, T3 lines, and other services. Different business internet plans and solutions are available based on different business sizes, industries and needs.

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Wave ISP

By WaveDivision Holdings, LLC

Wave is a local internet service provider (ISP) service in the northwest area that specializes in high-speed internet bundles with free TV and phone calls. Wave ISP is suitable for both home and business network requirements. Home business packages include multiple high-speed internet plans and home networking services powered with Wave G Fiber. Other key features include reliable connection, 24 hour technical support, package switching facility, and more.

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DSL Extreme specializes in high-speed internet service that suits the needs and budget of everyone. They have multiple internet plans with different speeds and prices. Users can try internet plans and choose the most suitable and affordable ones. In addition to broadband connection for home based businesses, individuals and basic users, DSL Extreme provides internet connectivity to small and large businesses with dedicated DSL, T1 & Ethernet connections.

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By Midcontinent Communications

Midcontinent offers fast, reliable broadband internet connections for households and domestic users. Their internet service Midco Xstream is famous for flawless streaming, fast download and smoother gaming experience. It is available in different plans with different upload/download speeds for different user needs and budgets. Other features and services offered by Midcontinent include Email/ webspace, network device, security, technical assistance, speed test, cloud storage, and more.

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By, Inc.

Sonic internet service provider offers high speed gigabit fiber internet services with free nationwide phone calls with their fixed monthly plans. Users can choose a suitable network plan and enjoy super-fast internet speed of up to 1Gbps with Sonic. Their network services are feasible both for home and business purposes. Home internet plans are designed to be fast, reliable and affordable to suit the needs and budgets of common men.

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By FairPoint Communications, Inc.

FairPoint specializes in internet and internet phone & TV services for residential and business areas. They are suitable for individuals, home workers, home uses, small & medium size businesses, and enterprises. Users can choose from available plans for their area from variety of internet speeds and data limits. The seasonal suspend program allows users to put their phone or internet services on hold while they are away.

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Rise Broadband is a fast, reliable wireless broadband internet solution for homes, business and residential areas. Their super fast networks make it easier for users to watch HD movies online, play HD games with no buffering, surf the internet, chat on Skype, or download anything in less time. Rise Broadband internet connections are available for all your devices and in multiple states in the country.

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33.63 offers US based nationwide dial-up, DSL and wireless network services for residential and business internet needs. Users can choose from cable internet, high-speed DSL, mobile hotspot or dial-up services to suit their specific speed and accessibility needs. Some of these plans are available nationwide while others are location-based. All network plans guarantee high-speed, uninterrupted internet, great for online gaming, Netflix, video streaming, YouTube, chat, and more.

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By Grande Communications Networks LLC

Grande is an ISP that offers high-speed internet services to communities, residential, and businesses in the Texas area. Users are given multiple bundled and internet specific plans to choose from to suit different needs of upload & download speeds. All plans are equipped with free email accounts that can be accessed through Grande’s web interface. Users can anytime call Grande customer service to ask any technical questions about their desired plans.

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Atlantic Broadband

By Atlantic Broadband Finance, LLC

Atlantic Broadband network service is a suitable ISP for home and business internet needs. They offer affordable yet fast and powerful internet plans along with phone & cable TV services for residential areas in the US states. High speed internet allows users to watch live TV online, surf the internet, video chat, download or upload anything, and much more. Wireless home networking provides internet access to multiple devices simultaneously.

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42.25 is a broadband internet service provider that offers dial-up and high speed DSL network access to its users in multiple locations across the country. With a very affordable standard dial-up plan, users can enjoy high-speed internet with uninterrupted web surfing. For more speed, users can choose high speed dial-up or DSL extreme plans that specialize in ultra-fast, always on connection with no busy signals, suitable for all home and office needs.

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