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Intranet Software is an online application or platform used by companies to enable their employees to connect, communicate, access and share documents and information, and use productivity tools. The aim is to enhance the productivity and performance of company staff by implementing healthy engagement and communication. Intranet Software is used to create on-premise intranet that can only be accessed by internal employees of the organization with restricted access.

Read here about some of the most widely popular Intranet software applications.

Confluence is intranet software used by team members to collaborate online to create and organize work with each other. The software offers a centralized solution to capture the knowledge and access and use it easily. It also allows teams to organize their information and space with customized permissions, themes and page hierarchy. Confluence supports full-scale development with multiple types of applications, including files, meeting notes, blog posts, products, and more.

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By Liferay Inc.

Liferay intranet software provides a modern interface for people and systems to connect online to share and collaborate for a specific task. It allows users to access easily anytime, share ideas & information, create content, and make informative decisions. Liferay gives employees secure and dedicated access to organizations’ ERP, financial, marketing and other important systems. It features many tools like forums, blogs and knowledge base for effective sharing.

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By Jive Software, Inc.

Jive-n is a social intranet software that helps to increase your business productivity and unite your workplace. It features people profile, social search, Jive mobile apps, blogs, news streams, spaces, activity streams, groups, discussions, documents, structured outcomes, integration, news stream analytics, community manager reports, and themes. It offers three pricing options: Essentials, Essentials+, and Enterprise.

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Bloomfire social intranet platform allows businesses to create a common interface for internal communications and employee connections. In addition to that, it also works as a social knowledgeable platform to provide employees with the information they need to run their tasks smoothly. Bloomfire allows users to securely access the online platform from anywhere, anytime and share ideas and information with anyone in the world.

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By Front & Main, Inc.

Honey is a social intranet platform for companies and teams. It allows employees and teams to connect, share information and resources, support workflows, and simplify internal communications. Honey is designed to make internal communications simple through an easily accessible and intuitive intranet platform. The software is suitable for businesses of any size and allows full customization of the platform to fit particular company profile.

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Papyrs intranet and Wiki software can be used by companies to easily organize, manage, and share important business information across all teams and employees. It allows users to easily create their own customized online intranet within seconds and give secure access to specific people. Papyrs intranet and wiki platform is generally used for online collaboration, file sharing and collection, online discussions, forms and notes creation, personal communications, and much more.

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By MangoApps Inc.

Mangoapps is an intranet platform that facilitates online collaboration and internal social networking for enterprises and corporations. It provides many advanced team collaboration and messaging tools to allow employees and teams to access any information anytime from one interface. Mangoapps offers multiple deployment options, including shared cloud, private cloud hosting and on-premise installation. It is a perfect tool for healthy communications between teams and company employees over a secure and reliable network.

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eXo Platform

By eXo Platform SAS

ExoPlatform is an enterprise social platform that helps to collaborate your employees into one internal social networking platform for your company. It provides various features, including social networking, employee collaboration, content management, data sharing, productivity boosts, localization, mobile-ready template, third-party integration, extensibility, enterprise portal, and more. There are two pricing options available: Enterprise and Cloud.

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Appirio Social Intranet is an internal social networking and intranet tool that makes use of cloud, social and mobile technologies to enable secure access to business applications, services and critical information. Social Intranet makes it easy for users to collaborate online and access organizational information, tools and knowledge anytime, anywhere. In addition to that, it also provides enterprise-grade security, customization tools, user profiles, social collaboration, and more.

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By Igloo Inc.

Igloo is a modern intranet platform that makes it easy for people to collect and manage all their content and conversations from one interface and work in collaboration with other people. It is also well-managed and hosted and supports all major tools and applications for easy sharing. Igloo enables people to share and communicate and work on a common project even with people who are not in physical reach.

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Axero Communifire

By Axero Solutions, LLC.

Axero Communifire provides an enterprise social networking software that allows you to increase business productivity, boost employee engagement, and build customer loyalty. It features social networking platform, team collaboration, social intranet, customer service, knowledge management, online communities, social business, document management, and developer platform. There are four pricing options available: Basic, Pro, Plus, and Max.

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Socialtext is a social intranet solution that allows companies to create and manage a powerful social communication hub to share information easily across the company, receive real-time updates from employees and colleagues, and more. It allows organization employees to always stay up to date with the latest news, events and information through a common social interface. Other Socialtext services include enterprise collaboration, people and events showcase, etc.

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By OpenRoad Communications Ltd.

ThoughtFarmer offers social intranet software for businesses to make it simple to facilitate internal communications among employees and staff. It helps companies create a single accurate, secure and up-to-date source for information and connection for people. It supports real-time communication with easy sending and receiving of messages, ideas and information sharing, online collaboration on files and more. ThoughtFarmer allows easy access across the company or around the world.

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By Telligent, Inc.

Telligent specializes in social networking platform to help businesses create customer and employee communities. It is commercial social community builder that includes many tools, social applications like forums, blogs, wiki, etc. and other services like ratings, reviews, etc. to allow businesses to create more engaging communities for their customers. Telligent community software and applications can be accessed through their native platform or the RESTful APIs.

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By Pancentric Digital

The Hub is an intelligent intranet software and client portal providing big businesses with a secure platform to collaborate and share information in one digital workspace. It provide an easy-to-use, secure platform for global brands to communicate vital information and resources, streamline client management processes, and collaborate effortlessly in one space. Share document, create events, polls, news articles and empower more engaging communications with your employees and clients through a beautifully branded intranet portal, with fully customisable features to suit the needs of your business. The Hub integrates effortlessly with your IT, meaning a fast setup with no downloads. receive free updates of all new features, free technical support, secure Google-hosting and training by our award-winning London agency.

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Interact Intranet

By Odyssey Interactive Limited

Interact Intranet software is designed to empower organization employees with better information and more productive tools for engagement and communication. It delivers a powerful collaboration platform to allow information storage and sharing, connections between people and knowledge, and enhanced productivity with integrated tools. Interact Intranet ensures that people know everything they should know about the business and use this information for the growth of the company.

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HighQ Collaborate

By HighQ Solutions Limited

HighQ Collaborate is intranet software that helps businesses improve the efficiency and performance of teams and individuals by delivering a secure platform for better internal and external collaboration. The platform is designed such that it can be accessed anytime, from anywhere and from any device. It gives employees secure and restricted access to critical information, tools, and applications and allows document management, file sharing, and more.

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Intranet Connections

By SQBox Solutions Ltd.

Intranet Connections is simple yet powerful intranet software being used by many leading organizations for effective creation, connection and collaboration between work processes and employees. The software allows companies to automate their business processes and increase employee engagement by implementing a powerful platform for employees to communicate, share and collaborate. Intranet Connections integrates hundreds of built-in tools and applications to helps users in every way possible.

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Intranet DASHBOARD is a complete enterprise intranet solution that offers an integrated content management system for businesses to create their own centralized platform to easily build and deploy an intranet. The software comes bundled with several content tools and social and business apps like Search, CMS, Forms, Workflow, Mobile, etc. and an API to build customized apps. It includes all the features of a standard intranet platform suitable for any business.

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By Claromentis Limited

Claromentis intranet software offers beautifully designed intranet applications for all types of digital businesses and organizations. It features a powerful intranet platform bundled with many social business applications for information management, sharing and online collaboration. Claromentis intranet platform can easily integrate with their learning platform, BPM module, project management system, and many third-party applications to provide extended capabilities to company staff and employees.

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Cartella Intranet Edition from Ingeniux is a social intranet and collaboration platform used to manage employees and drive productivity. The software features some of the best social and business apps for easy and instant information sharing and enhanced employee participation in business activities. Intranet Edition works seamlessly with existing business applications and is easy to use and manage. It can be used for management and up-to-date delivery of employee information, work groups and libraries.

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Vialect Noodle is enterprise intranet software used by companies for effective social interactions, connectivity and information management. It gives organization’s employees the ability to connect, access information, share ideas, socialize, post documents, and collaborate with other team members and colleagues. It features a complete suite of powerful business applications like activity stream, customizable portals, employee profiles, theme editor, people directory, chat, and many more.

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