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Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of devices and services connected with the ability to communicate with each other. IoT is the future of the business world revolving around products and services. An IoT platform enables companies and users to easily build, manage and deliver IoT applications without compromising the quality. These platforms are usually helpful for businesses that deal in connected products, apps, machines, and services. IoT software makes it easier for businesses to understand and effectively manage their networks of devices.

Here you can read about some of the most widely used IoT platforms.

Axeda is a cloud-based software service used to manage connected devices, products and machines, and for the implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) Applications. Axeda is a complete IoT solution that specializes in connecting and managing devices at low cost and complexity and remotely servicing the machines on behalf of client companies. ATC Axeda can also be used to convert raw machine data into meaningful business insights.

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WSO2 IOT (Internet Of Things) is an open platform for devices and machines that are part of the IoT. It offers a highly scalable architecture to effectively manage the needs of various IoT devices. It offers the flexibility to easily add and remove features and devices as well as the support required by specific devices. In addition to that, WSO2 also features components useful for the device layer. Another great advantage is that it can manage multiple organizations’ instances on a single platform.

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By LogMeIn, Inc.

Xively by LogMeIn is a well-managed IoT management solution for enterprises dealing in connected devices and machines. The software is designed to facilitate communication between the connected products by uniting customer, product and the company on one platform. It features many tools and applications such as identity manager for connected businesses. Xively makes it easier for companies to manage unlimited IoT data and engage effectively with customers.

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By The MathWorks, Inc.

ThingSpeak is a popular open data platform for the Internet of Things that specializes in the management of connected devices, services, and companies. The software facilitates real-time sensor data collection on the cloud, analysis and visualization of the data, alerts, online scheduling, inter-device communication, and triggering the data action. ThingSpeak is suitable for the management of IoT devices and machines of any size and from any industry.

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Telit IoT

By Telit Communications S.p.A.

Telit IoT portal makes it easy for businesses and individuals to seamlessly connect their devices, assets, remote sensors, and services to their websites and apps in the cloud. The platform features several enterprise-grade applications and tools to enable effective management of a few to thousands of IoT devices. Telit IoT platform is suitable for companies that deal in connected devices and services and want to reduce the risk, cost and complexity associated with their management.

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By Jasper Technologies, Inc.

Jasper Internet of Things (IoT) service platform is designed to help businesses and individuals launch and manage their connected devices, products and services. Jasper platform enables companies to move from one product business to offering services of connected products with effective management and the capability to launch and manage IoT services globally. Jasper IoT is designed to serve the platform needs of industry-leading businesses and enterprises of any size.

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Allseen Alliance

By AllSeen Alliance, Inc.

Allseen Alliance is an IoT management tool that enables inter-communication and operability among devices, products, and services connected through the Internet of Things. The platform features integrated resources and system to help businesses create powerful, connected services for growth. The platform can be used by developers to create and maintain communication between devices and apps. Allseen Alliance gives consumers the ability to create their customized product experiences with the IoT.

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ThingWorx is a complete IoT solution for delivering and managing Internet of Things (IoT) applications. ThingWorx platform provides businesses with the technology and tools to speed up the application building and deployment process and deliver highly-optimized products in less time. It offers services and support to a wide range of businesses and markets. ThingWorx implements the latest technology, attractive design, and easy-to-use platform for complete management of enterprise IoT applications.

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By Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

ARTIK from Samsung is an IoT solution designed to help businesses develop interactive IoT applications and products more effectively, faster, and at lower cost. ARTIK features a suite of modules, from easy small design to the most advanced complex design and featured with built-in connectivity to fulfill the needs of businesses and projects of any size. The software is aimed at handling complex IoT management tasks to allow businesses and developers to focus on the development part.

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By ZOHO Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

WebNMS IoT (Internet of Things) platform is designed to provide the environment for building and delivering M2M (Machine to Machine)/ IoT applications for real-time management of millions of connected devices and applications. It offers solutions and tools for enterprises to develop and deploy IoT devices faster by reducing the development and marketing time. The software is suitable for building a wide range of applications such as remote monitoring, security, and more.

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By Carriots S.L.

Carriots is a PaaS platform designed for handling of Internet of Things projects and applications. The software allows developers to collect data from multiple objects, store them in one platform, and build powerful connected apps. Carriots is designed to understand and fit the specific needs of businesses of all sized and types. It allows companies to connect all their devices to the platform, collect and manage data, build applications for objects, and run them online.

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By CyberVision, Inc.

Kaa is an open-source IoT platform that works as a middleware to provide required support to businesses for the creation of Internet of Things devices and applications. Kaa provides a strong, reliable base for the development of connected product and services. It features tools to implement important functions and patterns for the IoT, link applications to business hardware, build device inventory and gather specs, analyze real-time data, and more.

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Ayla Networks

By Ayla Networks, Inc.

Ayla Networks is a cloud-based IoT platform that provides online connectivity solutions for businesses dealing in connected devices and Internet of Things. It enables businesses and marketers to easily and more securely build and deploy connected products and services to the market. Ayla Networks’s Agile based IoT platform and integrated tools enable organizations to accelerate the development, management and deployment of connected products.

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ARM mbed IoT platform provides a sustained environment and tools for businesses to create and deploy professional IoT solutions and applications. It features required cloud services, operating systems, software, ecosystem, and developer tools for easy, faster and cost-effective creation and management of connected applications. ARM mbed is suitable for all kinds of businesses from all major industries and all sizes.

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By Exosite LLC

Exosite is a cloud-based, enterprise-grade IoT platform that allows businesses to accelerate the development of IoT devices and applications. It provides several tools and integrations, including visual analytics, remote monitoring, and more for effective management and deployment of connected applications. Exosite features a custom on-demand platform to build connected products and services with high security and scalability, less cost, less time, and more market revenue.

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By Arrayent, Inc.

Arrayent IoT platform is a cloud based SaaS solution to enable low cost and scalable development of connected products and services. The platform is used by major brands and enterprises for management and implementation of the Internet of Things. Arrayent platform provides an enterprise-grade, low cost solution for all IoT connected products needs and support for a wide range of internet-connected products.

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By Next Big Thing Labs, S.L

thethings.iO manages the connectivity and networking tasks for companies so that they can focus on the development of awesome connected things and applications. It is an Internet of Things cloud solution for businesses that want to improve the functionality of their development teams while reducing the cost and time of the process. Some of its services include device management, monitoring and analytics, real-time data storage, internal communication between things, real-time connectivity, and more.

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By Autodesk, Inc.

SeeControl is an enterprise-grade IoT/ M2M software platform designed for businesses to invent and monetize connected products. The platform allow users to easily embed physical things, connect devices and applications, collect and analyze data, and derive meaningful business insights and opportunities. SeeControl can also be used to implement product-as-a-service, optimize supply chain with real-time suggestions, reduce customer downtime, measure and analyze operating performance, and much more.

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