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Finding the right information at the right time is not an easy task, especially for new employees and customers of the organization. Knowledge base software is used to help companies create and manage a well-organized information and knowledge base for their customers and staff. The software is widely used by customer care services for instant access to updated and accurate information to help customers with their queries. It can also be used to offer self-service options to customers and business employees.

We have enlisted here some of the most popular Knowledge Base Software applications.

Parature Knowledge CRM software is used to empower employees with the right tools to deliver more efficient and accurate customer service every time. The software allows customer care representatives and executives to access real-time information and answers to fulfill customers’ queries and live up to their expectations. Parature’s knowledge management tool provides efficient and easily accessible content for all types of customer services and service channels.

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By Bloomfire, Inc.

Bloomfire specializes in employee knowledge base tools to help businesses organize their information and content and make it accessible to employees and people as and when they need it. It makes sure that your content is organized and engaged with the employees for smoother process. Bloomfire is an ideal information service for customer care representatives, employee social learning, sales training, and other fields that require organized and up-to-date knowledge.

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By nanorep Technologies LTD

nanorep is knowledge base tool designed to help customers with the right information and guided channel while visiting a website or using an application. The software is aimed at simplifying and improving customers’ experience by helping them at every step of their digital journey. Nanorep is an ideal customer engagement solution for companies wanting to lower their bounce rate, increase AOV, uplift conversion rate, improve agent productivity, reduce contact center volume, etc.

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Knova KM is knowledge management software used by companies to solve customer issues and queries faster and with more accuracy. It offers cost-effective and scalable knowledge base solutions to large customer service organizations. Knova KM specializes in high tech, financial services, telecommunications, IT help desk, and many other services and industries. It provides a powerful and intelligent search system to enable users to search effectively for answers and documents.

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By Blue Mango Learning Systems, LLC

ScreenSteps is a knowledge base system that helps B2B companies build and manage proper suite of customer support documentation that can be easily accessed by visitors, clients and customers. It offers content creation services to enable designing of engaging knowledge base content, how-to-guides and articles. It also features many tools such as inline image replacement and others for easy and hassle-free updating of information and articles.

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By Helpjuice Inc.

Helpjuice knowledge base software is used by companies and businesses to reduce support emails and create more happy customers. The software can be used as a knowledge base both internally and externally in an organization to help customers with instant support and to share useful content and information with employees and teams. The software is suitable for businesses of all sizes looking for internal or external knowledge base system.

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Moxie Knowledgebase

By Moxie Software, Inc.

Moxie Knowledgebase is a complete knowledge management solution for organization employees and customers. It offers a scalable and cost-effective knowledge base application to improve customer service, reduce operational costs and increase business productivity. Moxie features several tools and applications such as Smart Synopsis to provide access to the most relevant and updated content, WYSIWYG HTML editing platform for content creation, Contextual knowledge, and reporting service.

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By Chadha Software Technologies

PHPKB is knowledge software used by companies to create an organized knowledge base to help customers and staff employees with the right information, FAQs, documents and training material at the right time. The software also features a knowledge base statistics tool to offer important decision-making stats and reports to knowledge managers. In addition to that, it provides an intuitive self-help support system for customers and a knowledge sharing platform for company staff.

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Spiceworks Knowledge Base is free IT knowledge base software for companies and individuals. The software can be used to share IT tips, guides, knowledge and content with fellow team members and colleagues. It also allows users and customers to help themselves by accessing useful information using the centralized knowledge base. Organizations can use Spiceworks KB to create a well-organized knowledge base to include all critical info and share it with employees and users.

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By Crowdbase Inc.

Crowdbase is a knowledge management application that allows organizations to create an engaging knowledge base of ideas, information and expertise. Businesses and companies can easily gather content and information that matters and share the same with their teams and staffs, all in one secure platform. It allows users to organize content in categories, easily search everywhere for anything, create any kind of posts and share files anywhere.

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By RightAnswers, Inc.

RightAnswers is an enterprise knowledge hub designed to provide all information and content at a single place to avoid searching too many sources for knowledge. The application can easily integrate with enterprise CRM and other software. It allows organizations to offer a cloud-based knowledge base and self-service platform to deliver outstanding customer experience. RightAnswers knowledge system helps agents deliver accurate answers and employees find their own answers.

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By Silly Moose Software, LLC

KnowledgeOwl is fully customizable and powerful online knowledge base software used to share information with employees and customers. The software can easily create user manuals, handbooks, help forums and sites, portals, documentation, and much more in a well-organized and manageable form. KnowledgeOwl can create internal knowledge bases to be used by organization employees and external KBs to offer self-help and efficient service to customers.

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ProProfs Knowledge is online software used to easily create online user guides, FAQs and other support documentation for effective customer service. The software also allows organizations to store and manage their documents and information on a centralized knowledge base and easily share it with employees and/or customers. Since it is a web based platform, it can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device & browser.

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By Corporation

Magentrix specializes in building self-service portals and websites that can provide helpful information and guide to users and customers of the organization. Magentrix software can easily create an internal platform for company employees to share information and work in collaboration. It can also be used to create globally accessible sites and forums to connect with and help users and customers with the right information, material, FAQs, and more.

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By Safeharbor Knowledge Solutions

Safeharbor is a powerful, SaaS based knowledge software platform used for effective knowledge management and sharing. The software comes bundled with tools and applications to easily create community forums and support sites with full customization. Safeharbor allows companies to manage and control their knowledge base from one interface with multiple options, including optimization of existing articles, creating new content, re-use knowledge, and more.

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Helppier is a simple knowledge management system that can be used to create step-by-step user manuals, tutorials and guides for any website or web application. It allows users to easily access the guides without having to leave the website or application. Helppier specializes in creating interactive user guides and how-to-do tutorials through a centralized knowledge base with restricted access to organization employees, users and customers.

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By Double Jade LLC

KBPublisher is a knowledge based platform that allows organizations to share critical and meaningful information with their employees, partners and customers. The software is widely used by customer support services that need a centralized database of information, articles, FAQs and other content to offer instant help to customers. It can also be used to create self-service documents for users. KBPublisher is designed to reduce operating time and increase staff productivity.

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Guides from UserDesk is a fully customizable knowledge base for websites and web applications. The software is available in the widget form that can be easily integrated into any website and can be used to answer questions for customers. Guides can seamlessly inherit with the existing website layout and design and provides tools for editing and writing content. It features a simple-to-use WYSIWYG editor and drag-and-drop based article editor that requires no technical knowledge.

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Support Hero is a knowledge base system mainly used to offer self-help and customer support to app users. The software can help reduce the number of incoming queries and support tickets by providing effective and knowledge-rich help center right within the app. Users and customers can seek the knowledge base for any kind of information, FAQs and tutorials. It also keeps track and generates reports on user activity and experience with the knowledge base.

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Self Service Center from PhaseWare is a complete knowledge management and customer help solution that offers a number of services, including incident and ticket submission, FAQs, forums and information, knowledge base, and notification system. The software allows customers to search the solutions, emails, articles, forums, FAQs, incidents and notices for any kind of information and resolve their own issues. It saves organizations’ time and reduces the need to have a dedicated support system.

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Novo Knowledge Base Software is an affordable, web based knowledge management solution that allows businesses to quickly capture and gather information from multiple sources, store it on a single platform, and easily share it with users. The software provides a central platform that can be used for effective storage and management of both in-house and external applications and information related to customer support, Intranet, employee training and more.

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Leafdock is a knowledge management app for teams. It is a place where you capture and organize your knowledge to help your team work efficiently. The true power of Leafdock comes with advanced search which allows you to find your content in cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, etc. In opposite to existing enterprise wiki products, you don't need to migrate any existing content just leave it where the team is used to have it. The tool increases team productivity even more by organizing your content using tags. You don't have to create complex folder structure, you just use tags or nested tags to keep you content organized. The future is in smart tagging and advanced search not in huge unmaintainable folder structures nobody can walk thought.

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