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Library Management Software is an application that allows automation of libraries and book databases. The software is commonly used by libraries and librarians to be able to manage and access their library resources through a single, computer-based platform. Such applications make it easy for library staff to manage books and records. Self-service or web-based library management applications allow users to efficiently search online libraries for desired book or material and read it online. As a librarian, library management system can become your best friend.

Looking for a library management system? Here are some valuable suggestions.



By Innovative Interfaces Inc.

Polaris Integrated Library System (ILS) is a robust and scalable library software solution integrated with several useful tools to offer an intuitive experience to the staff and visitors. Based on a Microsoft SQL server database platform, Polaris transforms a physical library into a digital record of books and visitors. The software automates staff workflow providing them access to relevant information and students’ data to help patrons easily and confidently.

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By Auto-Graphics, Inc.

VERSO ILC is library automation software designed to offer libraries an easy medium to manage their resources while serving patrons with easily accessible information. VERSO is able to manage the library system of any size and composition. Built on a module structure, VERSON can customize itself to fit the needs of any library. Its modules include core system modules, custom modules, standard modules, user experience content & third party options and bibliographic services.

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Apollo ILS library automation software is designed by expert librarians as an automation platform for public libraries. With all library data available online and automatic processes, it gets easy for library staff to accomplish more tasks and to deliver more to patrons. Apollo ILS is compatible to work on any device and platform and can be integrated with any library. Its features include easy-to-use interface, easily searchable database, time-saver and more.

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Library World

By LibraryWorld, Inc.

Library World is an online cloud based library automation service suitable for any library of books, movies, games, songs, etc. Library World allows anyone to create a library website to build and manage their collection online. The application is featured with several library modules and services including catalog for the creation and updating of records, circulation module for handling patron services, patrons modules for patron records and data, and many more.

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By Koha Library Software

Koha is a free, open source, fully featured and scalable library management application designed and developed by libraries, volunteers and experts to provide a complete library automation solution. Its features include different modules for different task, support to all sizes, multi-branch libraries, multilingual and translatable, built on library standards and protocols, full text searching, web-based interface, open source licensed, no vendor lock-in and compatibility to multiple platforms.

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By EOS International

EOS.Web is an Integrated Library System designed to be used in libraries across all industries for library automation and information management. The most noticeable features of EOS.Web include cost-effective library systems, simple user interface, support to any-size databases, integrated disaster recovery and data backup, extensive flexibility, built on state-of-the-art technology, and 24/7/365 live support. It is ideal for any library including academic, corporate, digital, association, legal, medical, government, museum and others.

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Follett Destiny Library Manager is a school library management system designed to improve the efficiency of libraries and to simplify access to educational resources for better learning and teacher-student collaboration. Follett’s library manager allows library staff to keep real-time track of inventory and to update the database regularly, while allowing students to use a fun digital medium of discovery and learning. Other features include SIF compatibility, free mobile apps, and more.

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By Insight Informatics Pty Ltd

LIBERO is a library management application suitable for any types of libraries including mobile library, cloud based, consortia, public libraries, special library, academic and school library. LIBERO is featured with Uno Discovery Cloud enabling single search for all library content. LIBERO Widget is a mobile application that allows libraries to provide a smartphone-friendly interface to its users, which is compatible with multiple platforms and accessible in mobile phones.

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LibLime Koha is a cost effective, advanced open source library management system designed for librarians. It is a very powerful ILS system based on Zebra indexing engine for advanced search. Its features include support for industry standards, web based platform, no software installation, quick access to data, easy upgrades & backups, etc. LibLime Koha is featured to offer easy-to-use circulation policies, simple navigation, and general permissions for staff accounts.

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By COMPanion Corporation

Alexandria library automation software solution is designed to fit the needs of libraries of any-size and desired configuration. Alexandria is a complete library management solution with functions including circulation, patron records management, item reporting, and catalog building. Mobile compatibility feature allows you users to access the library anywhere anytime. Other features include visually enhanced, easy-to-use interface, advanced search, social sharing, and a very efficient 24/7/365 customer service.

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Book Collector


Book Collector from Collectorz is book database software designed to catalog any book collection or libraries. The software comes in downloadable form and can be easily installed in Windows or Mac OS. Book Collector supports automatic fetching of book information based on ISBNs, advanced sorting and searching of the database, and easy exporting book database to the mobile app. Its interface is very attractive and easy-to-use, and supports multiple views and layouts.

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By Bibliotheca LLC

Bibliotheca is a self-service library management solution that can transform your physical library into a web based platform. Some of the services and features offered by Bibliotheca include self-service libraries, return & collection of books, smartlocker, various staff tools, inventory management, security gates, mobile application, and central management interface. Bibliotheca library management system is designed to fit the needs of library staff and users.

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Mandarin M5

By Mandarin Library Automation, Inc.

Mandarin M5 is a web-based, accessible and customizable library management system that allows users to access library resources from anywhere. Mandarin M5 coverts your library into a web-based software solution that can be easily managed by your library staff and resources can be easily accessed by general public. The simple interface allows users to easily access and search for books, and the modules allow libraries to customize the system to meet their needs.

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Eloquent Library

By Eloquent Systems Inc

Eloquent Library is an Integrated Library System (ILS) that allows libraries to enable online public access for all library resources, easy circulation control of books and items, serials subscriptions processing, acquisitions and budgeting, and much more. Eloquent Library characterizes the concept of virtual library efficiently by enabling unlimited integration with resources, supporting website catalogs, and providing users a fun medium for searching and reading content online.

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By Book Systems, Inc.

Concourse is Windows library automation software used by thousands of librarians worldwide to manage their system online. Concourse is a complete, fully-featured and easy-to-use library application suitable for all types of libraries. Its features include automation of all library tasks such as, cataloging, circulation, inventory and searching, built in spell check, searching items by title, item id, author and subject, configuration of reports, batch deleting, import/export of MARC records, etc.

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