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Live help apps and software can instantly improve conversion rate. These software monitor visitor's activity and behavior and some of them even send proactive invite based on some triggers if visitors need any help. Modern applications also offer features such as department transfer, file sharing, automated invites and much more.

Below are some of the leading software available to choose from.



By Zopim Technologies Pte Ltd

Zopim is a live chat solution that aims to provide simple and affordable customer engagement tools that help businesses engage their website visitors. It offers customizable chat invitations, chat analytics, real-time visitor insights like Geo-tracking and Browser-spotting, automatic language translation, simple 1 click setup procedure on most CMS, freemium plan and more.

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By LiveChat, Inc.

LiveChat provides real-time chat analytics and software solutions for e-commerce sales and support agents. It allows for simple communication between website owners and prospective buyers who might be stuck around the fence on their website. Some of its features include canned responses, message sneak-peak, visitor information, mobile chatting, customized agent profiles and more.

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By LogMeIn, Inc.

Boldchat is a simple live chat service that permits smooth and secure engagements with potential customers and provides critical customer information on demand. It comes bundled with some basic marketing and tracking tools. Some of the features it offers are passive browsing sharing, web-based chat reporting, social media management, SMS management, Email Management etc.

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By Provide Support LLC

ProvideSupport is a Website Traffic Monitoring and Live Chat Software company. Their application offers features like monitoring visitors in real time with Geo-location tracking and provides advanced insights like what systems the visitors are using, how they discovered your website and what pages they are viewing. Clients can Track chat window loads, the number of chats and offline messages.

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By Habla, Inc.

Olark Live Chat is a real-time website chat solution that can integrate with Google Hangouts, Jabber, iChat, Adium, Pidgin, Skype and many more Instant Messaging applications. Sales agents can view customers' cart contents in real time, and offer upsells and bonus offers depending on their requirements. Other features of Olark include CRM Helpdesk Integration, Google Analytics Integration, JavaScript API and more.

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By ltd.

Tawk To is a live chat app developed to enhance the customer engagement experience by enabling multiple websites and agents to collaborate in a unified dashboard in real-time along with a live search engine experience. The program is compatible with all modern browsers. Their live chat solution has been designed to meet functional, analytical, technical and graphical requirements of end users.

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Kayako is a digital customer care company that does chat and communications support for businesses around the world. With over 100+ analytics reporting features available for clients, their live chat solutions include Case, Engage, and Fusion. Engage is the live chat solution. Case is the email ticketing solution while Fusion blends Engage and Case into one marketable and scalable platform.

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Comm100 LiveChat

By Comm100 Network Corporation

Comm100 LiveChat is a live support software that enables online businesses to connect with their website’s visitors in real time. Comm100 can be used by sales teams to identify potential customer problems as well as address customers’ concerns on the go. It offers various features like Customizing Live Chat Client, proactively invite visitors to chat, collaborate with other operators, and build post chat surveys and more.

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By Pure Chat Inc

PureChat offers live chat technologies for SMBs by making simple real-time support applications that are Android and iOS friendly. Their customizable profile pages allows visitors on your website to being a private live chat, so they can connect to discuss product queries, set up a meeting and get issues resolved without going through long email procedures or telephone conversations.

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By ClickDesk, Corp.

ClickDesk is multi-channel live chat software that helps businesses connect with their website visitors via common Instant Messaging applications like Skype/Hangouts. They offer a single customer engagement platform, which includes a combination of live chat, browser phone (VoIP) and social toolbar. Customer care agents can answer live chats, calls, tickets and handle offline chats via emails through a comprehensive agent panel or mobile app.

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My LiveChat

By CuteSoft Components Inc.

My LiveChat is a customer support and sales tool for websites. It enables support agents and visitors to communicate with each other through a widget. The My LiveChat solution is available on an ASP (Application Service Provider) basis. It helps companies interact with customers in real-time, monitor website traffic and analyze visitors’ activities through a unified dashboard.

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By SnapEngage, LLC

SnapEngage is a live chat solution that can be installed on any website and effortlessly be integrated into any CRM or Help Desk solution. The software enables Sales and Support teams to chat with website visitors while they are browsing and offer guidance in real-time without refreshing the browser. SnapEngage also includes a built in calling feature, which allows support agents and customers to exchange voice calls.

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Zoho SalesIQ

By Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Zoho SalesIQ is a live chat software that helps track and engage website visitors by providing critical information, like geolocation, web path, and referrers. The software enables companies to see where visitors are coming from and monitor visitor activity on the website to engage them without unsettling their browsing experience. SalesIQ CRM data can be used to prioritize visitors in real-time to proactively initiate rule-based chat conversations.

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Velaro Live Chat software is a click-to-chat and click-to-call solution that allows website agents to communicate with visitors in real time. The software supports unlimited websites and can be fully customized to blend into any website UI. It features an Inline/Pop-up Chat Window, which doesn’t get purged by pop-up blockers and comes with other functionalities like Geo & Content Targeting, mobile support and more.

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By Live2Support Pvt. Ltd.

Live2Support is a live chat solution that provides robust customer communication system through a website widget that aims to drive sales, create new markets and establish an ongoing relationship with clients. It comes with real-time traffic monitoring features along with geo-location tagging and traffic sources. Businesses can also assign chat windows to individual departments, for example, customer care, and technical help, sales, and shipping.

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Website Alive

By AYU Technology Solutions, LLC

Website Alive is a customer support and analytics company that provides live chat solutions to businesses to connect with customers in real-time. It has built in click-to-chat and click-to-call features that allow customers to instantly connect with support agents from a mode of their choice. The software also provides visitor analytics along with reporting tools that show valuable metrics like chat trends, site traffic, and surveys.

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By LivePerson, Inc.

LivePerson is a customer engagement solution. It helps companies create long-lasting relationships with clients and measure valuable trends in real-time through a backend dashboard. The backend panel displays other relevant metrics like traffic sources and referrers, visitor website activity, and location. All support agents can access the integrated dashboard to get a better overview that will help them deal with every customer uniquely.

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Livezilla is a Live Support and Help System that connects businesses to website visitors instantly. It offers an included real-time visitor monitoring feature that gives deeper visitor insights like, who is browsing the website, from which country and what pages they are viewing. The software aims to create a more personal relationship between websites and visitors and turn visitors into trusted customers.

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By Nee Software Solutions (P) Ltd

mIOOT live chat software is a provider of live chat service that offers comprehensive customer support solutions. miOOT brings a range of features that aim at improving the efficiency of businesses through live support. It allows operators to track website visitor activity and interact with online customers and resolve their queries in real-time. Apart from traditional one-to-one live chat, the software also offers multi-operator live chat conference functionality.

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By iAdvize SAS

iAdvize is a multi-channel, real-time customer support solution that provides visitors with options like click-to-call and click-to-chat via a website or mobile application. It helps businesses target right visitors and increase conversions by letting operators initiate conversation with customers who are about to abandon their cart. The application further offers advanced performance statistics that can be used to monitor agent's work, customer satisfaction and sales generated through live chat widget.

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By HelpOnClick LLC.

HelponClick is a simple live chat solution that enables businesses to connect with website visitors through a live chat pop-up and provide real-time customer support. The application is mobile responsive and can be seamlessly used from a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile device. Other features include real-time traffic monitoring and communication tracking via simple backend dashboard.

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Subiz is a Live Chat software for e-commerce platforms through which a website owner can carry out multiple sales and support activities from a comprehensive dashboard. Subiz operators can monitor visitor activity on the website and see which pages they are browsing, where they are coming from and invite users to a live one-on-one chat. The live chat pop-up widget is customizable and can be creatively designed to meld with the overall theme of any website.

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Tidio Chat is a simple and handy live chat solution for websites. The software offers various features, which enable operators to see who visits their website, what country they are from, and which browser they use. Support agents and visitors can initiate a live chat on demand, and the pop-up widget can be adjusted to the website's color scheme.

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Userlike Live Chat is a SaaS solution that can be installed into any website. Website operators can choose to chat with the visitors in real-time through a live chat window, or integrate the application with other Instant Messaging client and interact with visitors from the convenience of their desktop or smartphone. The Userlike Live Chat software supports all European languages along with English (US) and (UK).

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By VideoDesk Inc

VideoDesk is a cloud-based customer engagement platform that helps online businesses communicate with their website visitors, assist them with their queries and encourage transactions in real-time. With its WebRTC video chat feature, VideoDesk aims to humanize online sales by bringing the same level of personal attention and immediacy customers experience in physical stores, online. The product also includes co-browsing, content-sharing as well as the possibility of conducting live video product demonstrations to help engage consumers and fully-personalize their online purchase path.

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By Parker Software Inc.

WhosOn is a comprehensive software solution that encompasses Live Website Statistics, Prospect Detection, Live Web Analytics, Real Time Support, Live Visitor Chat and more. It allows all customer care agents to track visitor activity through a simple backend dashboard. Visitors can request live chat assistance and operators can also invite visitors to chat without hampering their browsing experience.

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By Tetrapod Software Inc.

ChatNox is a live chat software that lets support agents connect with website visitors and interact with them. Operators can resolve customer queries, provide unconditional support and deliver a compact browsing experience. The real-time visitor monitoring feature allows to see who is currently surfing the website, and from which country & browser. ChatNox chat widget can also be customized to blend with any website theme and used to invite specific visitors to a live chat that offers a more personalized experience.

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By, s.r.o.

Smartsupp is a live chat solution for e-commerce websites. It is a SaaS solution, which allows companies to connect with website visitors in real-time to improve their chance of landing a conversion. The software is available in English, German, French, Russian, Polish, Hungarian and Czech. Primary features of the software constitute a simple Dashboard, Server, API and Chatbox widget.

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By JivoSite, Inc.

Jivochat is a live chat solution that helps inquisitive website visitors clear their doubts by initiating a live chat with website operators. The software is simple and offers a beautiful and convenient user interface. The live chat pop-up widget is AJAX enabled and does not refresh on page load. Along with the Website API, a desktop, and mobile app are also available to make customer support a more convenient affair.

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By Dayana Networks Ltd

LiveAdmin is a live chat software that helps website owners connect with visitors and guide them during their stay, to qualify their needs and convert them into customers. The software offers real-time online customer support, customizable visitor interface, a dashboard that gives access to visitor metrics, transferable chat windows, chat take-over, real-time chat monitoring and more.

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PhpLiveSupport enables real-time chat with website visitors. The software aims to improve customer relations, increase website sales, and expand methods of communication between businesses and clients. It is a PHP, and MySQL powered open source chat software. Being fully web based, the software can be integrated into any website or CMS and is compatible with both Windows and MAC computers.

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By Tachyonsoft Ltd

LiveSupporti is live chat service that allows website operators to connect with visitors and helps resolve visitor queries in real-time. The application offers various features like Geolocation tracking, multilingual usage, Proactive Chat Invite, Offline Message functionality, SSL encryption, Sound and Graphic notifications for new messages. The LiveSupporti web widget can be customized to blend seamlessly into any website layout.

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SYNCRO Website Chat

By SYNCRO Website Chat

SYNCRO website chat to text software allows you to chat with your website visitors via your phone's text messaging software. Our website chat software does not require a special phone, and you don't need to download an app to use it. Just place the embed code in your site, and start chatting. Features include, group send (send a chat to multiple people at once), text me tabs for people who want to lead capture on the go, chat intelligence to respond on your behalf if you cannot get to the chat in time. We offer free integration and support, and a 7 day money back guarantee. Proudly made in Canada.

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