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Localization and translation of websites and software can let businesses reach great heights in the international marketplace. A professional localization agency can help businesses in reaching non-English speaking clients and customers by localization the companies' software, documents, user manuals and mobile & desktop apps. Localization of sites allows businesses to enjoy expert project management, improved customer satisfaction and faster time to market.

Businesses and individuals who need professional software or website localization services can consider the list below:



By Transifex Limited

Transifex, a localization platform helps marketers and developers in publishing digital content across several languages. The cloud platform from Transifex helps companies to accelerate content delivery with continuous localization workflows. It lets clients to make sure that their content is always translation. It also makes sure that each release has the latest translations. This in turn results in better experiences & faster time-to-market for the end users.

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By Crowdin, LLC.

Crowdin is a total solution for making software or websites globally accessible through professional translation. The advanced editor in Crowding helps numerous language experts for working more efficiently and faster. Crowdin’s service works directly with multiple localization formats such as iOS, Android, Gettext, .Net and many more. It allows the translators for working online or let the translators work using it an offline translation tool.

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OneSky, a leading localization platform helps companies in capturing the international market by becoming multilingual. It offers easy and fast solutions for translating and localizing mobile applications and websites at mouse clicks. OneSky provides several translation options such as in-house translators, machine translation, crowd-sourced translation and paid professionals that can translate sites and apps quickly as well as easily. OneSky helps businesses to simplify their localization whilst enhancing the translation quality.

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SDL BeGlobal, a leading translation tool which is built for business, lets companies in translating content within fractions. It increases the content productivity which needs human translation. It also helps businesses in reducing the post-editing costs. In simple, SDL BeGlobal lets companies to translate more at faster speed with afford able costs. SDL BeGlobal also helps businesses in managing timely, accurate translation through a centralized interface.

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By Smartling, Inc.

Smartling offers global content platform which enables business to translate their content as it is created. It changes the way people globalize their content, allowing enterprise-wide integrations from applications and websites to documents & more. Smartling’s translation engine offers brand total control for managing content which will be able to resonate across global markets. It offers real-time transparency, so clients can what is happening with reporting, budgeting and project statuses.

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Infor Local.ly, a leading localization platform changes the way content is consumed and published in enterprises, helping 70, 000 customers from different parts of the world to drive growth and improve operation in business demands. It offers industry-specific suites and apps, engineered to be faster and with a ground-breaking UX design. Infor also offers deployment options which give the choice for running businesses on-premises, in the cloud or both.

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By Atelier Convivialité

WebTranslateIt, a professional software localization agency combines software translation and translation management in a user-friendly platform. It helps businesses by letting them to avoid sending and receiving Excel sheets through Email. It manages all their language documents and assigns expert translators to languages in 1 place. It also allows users to update their translation files whenever they need to. Moreover, WebTranslateIt lets businesses visualize their work progress as it happens.

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Dotsub powers translations & captions as subtitles in multiple languages for any video, so that more viewers can view the videos on mobile screens as well as the internet from across the planet for increasing SEO, video viewership and engagement. It helps businesses in making their videos more valuable, searchable, engaging and global. Dotsub gives enterprises the opportunity for spreading their message in various languages cost effectively and quickly.

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PhraseApp, a reputed software localization platform provider helps organizations by translating their software in a better manner. The translation management solution from PhraseApp for mobile apps and websites, allows users for collaborating with their teams, finding expert translators and staying ahead of the others. It provides an innovative online editor for all most language files & formats that include Gettext, JSON, Android, XLIFF, iOS and many more.

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By Memsource a.s

Memsource, a well-known name in the translation & localization industry is the provider and developer of Memsource Cloud, an API-enable localization environment which includes machine translation, quality assurance, translation memory, translator’s workbench and terminology management. The company provides translation & localization solutions for everyone. Memsource offers great help whether people themselves translate or opt for outsourcing their translation. It caters to a few enterprise translation and large translation agencies.

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By White Interactive Ltd

Loco from localise.biz helps organizations in managing and integrating translation in to their software. Loco offers great help people who face difficulties in terms of emails and spreadsheets which multilingual projects bring them. Loco allows developers for exporting and importing translations in several files formats such iOS, JavaScript, Android, JSON, PHP and many more. It focuses on integration and management challenges faced by users who handle translations on their own.

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By Code Whale Inc.

POEditor, a reliable localization platform is suitable for crowdsourced and collaborative translation projects. It is known for making the software localization process an easy one, by providing localization teams with the freedom for deciding who will do the workflow automation and translation with great features. POEditor never stops evolving and growing while continuing to provide solutions for localizing apps, games, sites and other software programs.

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By Cloudwords, Inc.

Cloudwords is a leading translation automation platform which speeds localization of content, marketing campaigns and assets at affordable prices. It has proven for deploying marketing campaigns eight percent faster at forty percent lesser cost. Cloudwords integrates flawlessly with existing content and marketing systems. Moreover, it speeds and simplifies translation as well as automatically makes content deployment-ready. It focuses on accelerating workflow, project management and collaboration for reducing risks and costs.

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By Bablic Ltd.

Bablic, a reputed localization platform provider believes that languages should never hinder the business performance in terms online content access. It makes website localization a quick and simple task without the need for programming. It lets users to paste a snippet of its code in to their pages for getting their sites translated professionally in multiple languages within a short time by manual translation, machine translation or outsourced translation.

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By lingohub GmbH

LingoHub provides a single platform for translators and product owners for building successful business relationships across the planet. It smoothly integrates the localization process in to software development, whilst acting as a payment platform and translation marketplace. Also, LingoHub helps its clients in delivering their apps worldwide through its on-demand, hassle-free localization platform. Moreover, it also allows translators for enjoying a context-aware, intuitive work environment.

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By Localize Corporation

Localize, a globalization platform make it quite easy for translating websites. It allows people to copy a line of code and paste the same on their sites for launching translated versions of their web applications or sites. It helps users in eliminating the excessive time taken for backend development which is needed for localizing sites. It also makes is very easy for editing and managing translations.

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By Rex Partners Oy

Multilizer is a software organization that specializes in innovative localization and translation technologies. It helps business by developing high-quality products for providing exceptional localization services. In addition to localization tools, it also develops and offers products which make machine translation very useful in the daily translation work. The localization tools from Multilizer make it easy for creating and managing multilingual editions of software, web pages and documents.

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Get Localization

By Get Localization Ltd.

Get Localization provides people with the smartest and easiest way for translating their documents, websites and applications. It offers reliable human translation & crowdsourcing for consumers, businesses and developers. Get localization presently serves plenty of clients from Fortune 500 organizations to small development firms. It offers Workspace for teams which build exciting global products and helps thousands of users in managing localization and translation efforts.

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By Kilgray Translation Technologies

MemoQ is one among the most innovative, popular and feature translation tools. It is committed to offering sophisticated translation technology, while focusing on innovation, customer satisfaction and quality. MemoQ saves people the manual work, whilst increasing the quality of their translations. Other than these, it offers project tracking, workflow management, advanced reports and quality checks. Moreover, the server at MemoQ speeds up the localization process, while providing a stable atmosphere.

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By Transfluent Ltd.

Transfluent’s localization and translation platform makes it achievable for flawless transactions for any kind of translation requirements. With a team of language experts, it strives for creating a world that has no language barriers. Transfluent spends a huge amount of time to come up with tools which will enable businesses for connecting with their global users. Transfluent has a community of translators who can tackle it clients’ content specific requirements.

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By Across Systems GmbH

Across.net offers the Across Language Server, a high-performance translation management platform that integrates various factors of the linguistics supply chain. It focuses in developing innovative and comprehensive technology which allows organizations for working with translators or choosing an LSP. Across helps businesses in cutting in money, time and efforts with its automated and simplified localization services. Also, it offers a terminology database and translation memory for different types of industries.

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Localizer is an ecommerce localization and Website CMS tool which enables business owners, developers and marketers for creating multilingual websites within minutes with 3 simple steps by connecting people with its localization partners. With a network of more than fifteen thousand translators, Localizers allows business development and growth team for growing their existing infrastructure and business quickly by making content instantly available and search friendly to users around the world.

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By Venga Corp.

Venga acts as a localization partner for businesses from different industries. It is a website localization and translation firm that is committed to on-time delivery and quality. It helps organizations by translating their web apps, software and websites for accelerating their entry in to the global markets. It offers cost-effective solutions by following proven and known processes which have evolved for making the final solutions consistent and efficient.

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