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IT (Information Technology) is a very important part of an organization and usually the most expensive, complex and time consuming one for the management. Many small and big organizations like to outsource their IT department to a more expert team or company that can manage and control all technology operations on behalf of the client company. This way, Client Company has to pay only to IT Service Company while all resources, people and time are spent by the tech service provider.

Looking for a qualified Managed Services company? Here are some suggestions.



By mindSHIFT Technologies, Inc

mindSHIFT is a complete IT management solution for organizations and businesses of any size. It can easily manage company’s complete Information Technology infrastructure, including computers, servers, networks, etc. in its own data center. mindSHIFT is a nice option for companies looking for a tech expert service to take their IT off to a more managed team of experts. It allows companies to choose a plan now and then, change it later as their needs grow.

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By Presidio, Inc.

Presidio Managed IT services are designed to fulfill all daily Information Technology management needs of companies so that the internal tech staff of the organization can focus on strategic aspects. Presidio offers all basic and complex IT service including, network and security management, data center services, workplace service, security incident & event management, collaboration services, and service management. Their technology expert team focuses on the specific needs of the client company’s infrastructure.

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Peak 10

By Peak 10, Inc.

Peak 10 allows companies to hand over their Information Technology services to be managed by the more sophisticated infrastructure and a well qualified team of technology experts from Peak 10. It provides all daily ongoing services needed by the IT department of a company, such as network handling, desktop management, etc. Peak 10 tech support engineers and teams are always there to manage and help with all technology aspects & challenges of the company.

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All Covered

By Konica Minolta Business Solutions, U.S.A., Inc

All Covered is a complete managed IT support solution for organizations to make sure that important technology services are always there to support the business in need. It allows companies to replace their costly and inefficient tech staff with a much more efficient and technical team of experts while reducing the operating cost. All Covered team monitors and manages client company’s IT infrastructure including, serves, network and desktops both remotely and locally 24/7.

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ePlus managed IT services are useful for companies that want to replace their existing Information Technology department with a more efficient but less costlier option. ePlus allows companies to hand over most of their IT infrastructure and day-to-day technology tasks to a team of experts. It can handle the tech services specific to a company’s daily operations while keeping the total cost of operation as low as possible.

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By OneNeck IT Solutions LLC

OneNeck is a perfect solution for companies looking for an Information Technology partner to manage day-to-day IT tasks and operations. This enables the internal tech staff of the company to focus on other initiatives of the business while being assured to have their IT infrastructure backed by a fully managed and professional technology expert team. OneNeck’s data centers are equipped with all the latest technology infrastructure and technical experts to fulfill the specific needs of a business.

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By Logicalis Group Limited

Logicalis provides complete IT solutions and managed Information technology services to the companies worldwide. Various technology services provided by Logicalis include data center, networking, mobility, communication & collaboration, data storage services, virtualization, big data, security services, IT asset management, ITSM, service desk, cloud solutions, and much more. Logicalis services are designed to replace a company’s tech staff with a more efficient but less costlier alternative.

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IBM Managed Services

By International Business Machines Corporation

IBM Managed Services are there to help organizations with their Information Technology issues and problems. IBM offers the tools, the proficiency and a global IT framework to provide integrated and secure technology solutions to companies. In addition to managing complete tech services for the client company, IBM Managed Services are aimed at reducing the IT infrastructure costs, increasing staff productivity and avoiding unplanned network failures and other technical issues.

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By CenturyLink, Inc.

CenturyLink Managed Services provide technology and communication solutions to companies that are unable to handle these things on their own. It removes the extra pressure from the company’s internal IT staff so that it can focus on more important initiatives. With its powerful infrastructure and the team of tech experts, CenturyLink can handle all your day-to-day Information Technology tasks such as, internet, hardware, networking, email, data security and backup, and much more.

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By Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson

Ericsson offers managed IT services and solutions to companies looking for a cost effective and more efficient alternative to replace their current tech staff. There are only a number of tasks the internal technical staff of a company can handle, but an expert tech service provider like Ericsson can manage any kind of Information Technology task or issue. Ericsson managed IT services are designed to be able to handle specific needs of different businesses.

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By Avanade Inc.

Avanade is a complete managed IT service solution for companies that want to outsource their information technology tasks to be able to focus more on core business issues. It helps companies drive growth, reduce the cost of operations and improve agility of the organization by getting all technology operations and tasks handled by a team of tech experts with the latest technologies. Avanade makes sure that the client company’s IT infrastructure is always up and running.

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By Dataprise, Inc.

Dataprise IT management and Infrastructure services are there to provide remote and local technical support to companies that are unable to manage their information technology operations on their own. Dataprise services make sure that your company’s infrastructure is always equipped with the latest trends and technologies while all tech operations run smoothly. It assigns a dedicate team of tech experts to each of its clients to provide 24/7 IT support.

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Corporate Technologies

By Corporate Technologies LLC

Corporate Technologies provides efficient IT managed services and support to its clients, handling all technical issues as soon as they arise so that the client can focus on the core business part. Corporate Technologies information technology solutions are ideal for businesses of all sizes and offer complete tech services including, remote monitoring, support, maintenance, data storage and backup, cloud solutions, hosting, and much more. Reduced cost and improved efficiency are some of its benefits.

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Thrive Networks Managed IT is a nice option for businesses that spend a lot of money every year on their information technology infrastructure while still not getting the desired performance. Thrive Networks solutions are designed to replace the internal tech staff of a company with a more efficient and managed one, while offering various technology resources and services, including network security, up time, availability, and high performance.

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By The Support Group, Inc.

Buchanan IT managed services are designed to suit the information technology needs and environment for organizations in every industry. Buchanan is committed to improving the quality of day-to-day technology operations of the client companies while reducing the overall IT cost. It can handle all technical tasks and operations of an organization, including management, monitoring, network security, data centers monitoring, and much more, and provides active 24x7x365 expert tech support.

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Apparatus specializes in reliable managed IT solutions that can adapt and evolve based on different needs of different industries and with time. Apparatus managed information technology serves businesses and companies as a steady tech backbone in the background of the business. It can perform all basic and complex IT operations and tasks while keeping the overall cost at bay. Apparatus is an ideal managed info technology service for businesses of any size and industry.

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TekLinks information technology solutions are designed to help clients with the power of a well managed and expertly implemented IT infrastructure to support all technical tasks in the workplace. TekLinks infrastructure and solutions are designed based upon the hardware and networks from leading technology providers, including Cisco, Microsoft, Citrix, etc. to be able to handle any complex or core IT operations. Other services include cloud solutions, hosted email, virtual desktops, and many more.

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By Quest Media & Supplies, Inc.

Quest Managed IT support involves real-time security, intelligence, information technology monitoring and reporting for computing, mobility, video, VoIP, network, servers, databases, and other enterprise level services and applications. Other functions performed by Quest tech staff include managed security services, email migration, managed messaging, managed applications, online data backups, network monitoring, network management, and more. High level firewall security is another important feature of Quest Managed IT services.

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By Synoptek, Inc.

Synoptek offers IT infrastructure as a service to companies looking for an easier yet more efficient method for handling their information technology operations. Featured with the best tech experts, latest technologies and tools, hardware and software, Synoptek is an ideal solution for all technology infrastructure problems of organizations from all industries. Other features include cloud hosting support, multiple backups and disaster recovery solutions.

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Imagine IT

By Imagine IT, Inc.

Imagine IT services are mainly used by small and midsize businesses to fulfill the needs of a healthy and efficient information technology system in the company. Imagine reduces the enterprise tech cost by replacing the costly yet inefficient technology infrastructure with its highly optimized and powerful managed IT services. It is committed to providing the world class tech solutions to its clients while managing all day-to-day technical operations of the client companies.

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By ComputerSupport

ComputerSupport help business leaders get the best out of their technology investment, both on-premise as well as in the cloud. The company's flagship products such as ITAnyWhere Managed, Cloud and Pro products and services have helped many businesses to stay competitive with their use of technology. The company also provides tech focused and valuable educational content for business leaders and executives worldwide.

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Taylored Systems is an all-in-one Indiana-based technology and IT-services company headquartered in Noblesville. We have a reputation for combining leading edge technology with unparalleled customer support and have the honor of calling companies like Toshiba and Zultys strategic partners. Taylored TeamOur Registered Communication Distribution Designers (RCDD) and our technical staff are trained by BICSI. Taylored Systems utilizes our manufacturers to ensure the highest quality installation. By providing customized solutions and building long term relationships, we’ve grown to currently serve more than 2,500 customers throughout Indiana.

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