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Mobile App Testing software or tools are used to run tests to check mobile applications for errors, bugs and crashes. Developers and businesses that deal in the development and marketing of mobile apps need test systems and mobile devices to check their apps during and after the development. Mobile app testing platforms provide these services and tools at minimal costs to allow users to test their mobile applications, identify errors quickly and launch bug-free applications.

There are many mobile app testing products from which, some of them are described here.

Xamarin Test Cloud is a mobile app testing platform that lets developers and individuals test their mobile apps on hundreds of existing and new devices online. Developers can either write their own tests or can use existing tests or can have specific tests created by Xamarin engineers. The software is designed to find bugs by conducting real-time tests on any iOS, Android and other mobile apps.

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By Bit Stadium GMBH

HockeyApp is an online platform that allows mobile app developers to create world class apps by testing them with live users. It provides companies and developers a common platform to distribute beta versions of their mobile apps to be tested by hundreds of users, get live feedback from users and identify bugs and crashes. It is an active community of testers with access and experience on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS and other devices.

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By Circle Internet Services, Inc

CircleCI is an app testing platform for iOS, and Android mobile apps. It implements Continuous Integration to help developers automate the testing and deployment of their mobile applications. CircleCI is aimed at reducing the app review and deployment time and improving the overall app rating by building error-free apps. The platform makes it easy for developers to make changes in their applications with live testing and feedbacks.

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Sauce Labs

By Sauce Labs Inc

Sauce Labs is a cloud based mobile testing platform for all native and hybrid mobile apps with support to all languages. The platform conducts tests on various popular android and iOS mobile devices to test an app for bugs, errors, unexpected crashes, lags, etc. With support to all major languages, it can write tests in any standard language. All tests are run in dedicated and fully-secure virtual machines designed for single-use. Sauce Labs also helps in automated cross browser, mobile testing and manual testing to businesses. It supports JavaScript unit testing across various browsers and selenium testing with more reliability. This software is compatible for testing any programming languages and integrates CI system to make automated build process. All the tests are run in secure environment that has a connection with the firewall controls.

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By Applause App Quality, Inc.

Applause is a complete mobile testing solution that implements a 360° approach to test mobile apps against thousands of devices and multiple operating systems. It features many mobile application quality tools and in-the-wild testing to ensure that your mobile app works perfectly on a range of devices, on real devices, irrespective of device location, and even on outdated OS versions. Applause features a powerful SDK with in-app bug reporting, crash reports, feedback and other services.

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DeviceAnywhere from Keynote is a mobile testing suite for apps and websites. It helps businesses and developers streamline their mobile app testing processes and conduct tests on real devices over live networks. DeviceAnywhere cloud platform features a large collection of real smartphones, tablets, networks, carriers, and browsers and conducts tests across all these simultaneously to test mobile websites and iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone apps.

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Test Studio Mobile is a mobile app testing automation solution used by developers to quickly test their native iOS and Android mobile applications. It allows users to create and run automated tests on real devices with live feedback and test results. Other services include load testing for mobile applications, testing in device cloud, source control integration, USB connection or remote testing, quick test update, and more.

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By Sauce Labs Inc

Appium is open-source mobile app automation software used to design and run automated tests for native, hybrid and web mobile applications. The software features several tools allowing users to write tests on any major programming language and automate mobile apps for any language or test framework. Appium works fine with iOS, Mac OS X, Android and other major platforms. It is easy to use, set up and run tests.

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TestDroid helps developers and app development companies design and develop high quality, user-friendly applications, mobile websites and games by running automated mobile app tests on thousands of Android and iOS devices. It provides manual and automation testing on multiple real devices with continuous integration across multiple platforms, languages and devices. TestDroid ensures that your mobile app is compatible with all device variants and operating systems, and provides great user experience.

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By Ranorex GmbH

Ranorex is a mobile app testing automation tool that runs automated mobile application tests across multiple real devices and latest operating systems. It offers seamless integration with any technology, language and platform. Users can automate testing of their iOS, Android and Windows 8 Apps across all types of devices and OS to easily find bugs and errors. It allows users to record tests on any device and run them on multiple devices and languages. Ranorex also offers automated testing management software helps businesses in testing desktop, web and mobile applications. It supports robust text automation, script free testing, seamless integration and click and goes for the outcome of the test reports. It encourages customers to participates into the webinar and understand the software program. This software can test any programming languages and use market leading GUI object recognition software.

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By Neotys USA, Inc.

NeoLoad is an online testing platform for mobile and web apps. It tests the performance and quality of applications under load and critical conditions. It features multiple tools and tests to analyze user activity and infrastructure behavior for applications. NeoLoad testing platform is very easy to use and allows users to run tests quickly, frequently, more efficiently and identify the issues or bugs immediately for any app.

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Perfecto Mobile

By Perfecto Mobile Ltd.

Perfecto Mobile online platform enables businesses and developers to test and analyze their mobile applications across real devices with real end-users and conditions to identify bugs and improve user experiences. It is a complete app testing and optimization solution that offers integration with all development tools, allows mobile apps testing on real devices and scenarios, supports automation testing, and monitors and optimizes overall digital experience.

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By TestObject GmbH

TestObject is a cloud mobile app testing platform that features hundreds of real Android and iOS devices for manual and automated testing of mobile applications in the cloud. It runs several tests to ensure that the application is compatible with all latest devices, operating systems, environments, conditions, and everything else. TestObject allows users to identify and remove bugs immediately and release error-free apps right away.

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Silk Mobile

By Borland Software Corporation

Silk Mobile offers automated mobile app testing for android, iOS and other mobile applications. It analyzes and replicates end-user experience to ensure that the application works with all users. It offers several tools to lets users test their applications on real devices and mobile emulators with easy drag and drop, script, zoom and multi-touch features. Silk Mobile supports all languages and all types of recognition, including native and dynamic object recognition.

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By Ubertesters Inc.

Ubertesters is a mobile app testing platform that provides users with the tools to test their mobile applications across real devices, under live conditions with the help of hundreds of testers globally. The platform features many services, including in-app bug reporting, bug tracking, team management, OTA build construction, and more. Ubertesters allows users to take help of professional testers and smartphone users to test their apps in real-time conditions. Ubertesters is a testing SDK with an award-winning and revolutionary cloud platform for streamlining mobile application testing for offshore and in-house testing teams. It offers access on-demand to a network of certified and professional testers from different parts of the planet when people need them. With Ubertesters in place, testing becomes simpler, affordable and convenient than ever. Ubertesters offers people the services and tools they need for launching well-tested applications.

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By Xamarin Inc.

Calabash is a free, open-source tool that specializes in automated acceptance testing of mobile applications. It enables developers, businesses and users to run automated functional tests on various Android and iOS devices and simulators. Calabash features several low-level libraries and tools to allow developers to write tests in any language to suit their business concepts and automate these tests to check the vulnerability of their mobile apps.

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By LogiGear Corporation

TestArchitect is a mobile testing tool that runs automated mobile applications test for Android, iOS phones, tablets and devices running the latest operating systems. The tool also allows users to runs tests for Android and iOS devices as well applications to check the end-user experience in real-life conditions. Users can create a test and run it on any device and platform. Common services and functionalities include object and image recognition, keypoint image detection, and more.

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By QualityLogic Inc.

MATS (Mobile Application Test System) provides cost-effective testing solutions to mobile app developers and businesses. It allows users to create variety of tests to examine their mobile applications against latest and upcoming mobile technologies with the help of various inbuilt tools, technologies, test systems and devices. MATS testing systems involves various processes, such as QA assessment, automation test IDE, quick-start, device access/management, test engineering, and many more.

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By Smart Software Testing Solutions Inc

pCloudy is the most powerful cloud-based App Testing Platform. It has the most comprehensive set of Mobile Devices and Tools to Improve Quality of your App. pCloudy provides single click access to 500+ Android and IOS devices directly from your browser. You can use these real Mobile Devices to click-and-perform Manual Testing and Automation Testing for your App. You can also Integrate pCloudy with CI for continuous Automation.

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