Native Advertising Platforms



By Taboola, Inc.

Taboola is a discovery program which serves billions of recommendations to millions of unique visitors on several online publisher websites that include Business Insider, USA TODAY and Chicago Tribune. Marketers, agencies and publishers make use of this platform for retaining users on websites, distributing their content, and monetizing their online traffic for driving audiences. Taboola specializes in native advertising, content recommendations, personalization, and publisher monetization



By Outbrain Inc.

Outbrain is a leading content discovery program which brings relevant, personalized video, online and mobile content to different types of audiences. It also helps publishers to understand their audience with their data. It serves a lot of customized content recommendations on a monthly basis while reaching plenty of visitors from around the world. Outbrain is used by several top-tier publications such as The Guardian, CNN, Le Monde and many others.



By MGID Inc.

MGID is one among the world's 1st native advertising firms. It services numerous publishers with loads of news stories on a daily basis. It delivers marketing solutions for publishers and marketers who key in to customer interests without interrupting their web experience. The performance-driven approach of MGID ensures genuinely interested, relevant and engaged visitors to consumers’ sites, increasing revenue and online traffic by sustaining the quality.



By Beaconspark Ltd.

Engageya, one of the native advertising platforms offers semantic and personalized recommendations which empower networks with native advertising & content solution. Its native advertisement solution helps media houses and networks in improving user engagement, creating monetizing opportunities and increasing viewed web pages. With Engageya platform, users can enjoy several advantages across their mobile and web assets, while it maintains unanimous feel & look and brand awareness.



By Shareaholic, Inc.

Shareaholic is one among the content discovery platforms which help users grow their site traffic, monetization, engagement and conversions. It enables publishers to customize how web content gets consumed, shared, discovered and engaged with. Specific to advertisers, this platform enhances native advertisement performance by strapping up the power of web influencers, evangelists and enthusiasts. For website owners, it builds products which can assist them to grow and engage their audiences.



By Revcontent, LLC

Revcontent is a popular content discovery platform which power billions of content recommendations every month. It is a fully personalized, native advertising solution which can improve user experience on websites. Moreover, the machine learning and technology algorithms formulate intelligent recommendations which optimize revenue. The best part is that Revcontent is designed around the users’ websites. It specializes in content marketing, targeting, consumer engagement and advertising.


By Broadspring, Inc., a native advertisement platform distributes content which doesn’t feel like advertising, while delivering engaged audiences to websites. This platform matches promoted content and publishers for generating high conversion rates and revenue. It serves loads of content recommendations a month, across loads of publisher sites which include specialty sites and large publications. It helps publishers to earn good revenue while displaying pre-screened, high-quality, and promoted content from across the internet.



By Congoo LLC

Adblade is an advertisement network in the USA and the 3rd biggest in the world. It helps publishers and advertisers succeed in a competitive marketplace. Brands find Adblade’s network as an exclusive vehicle for delivering valuable content to audiences. Premium publishers find this platform to be a trusted partner that enables them to deliver substantial and consistent advertising revenue. Adblade specializes in PPC, ad retargeting, content marketing and monetization.



By Sharethrough, Inc.

Sharethrough is native advertising platform which helps the web evolve beyond disturbing advertisements. It helps publishers in managing their native advertisement strategy right from the selling point to measurement and delivery. It is all-in-one content discovery software for app developers, advertisers and publishers. This platform can be used for native monetization, video advertising, advertising automation, mobile advertising, mobile monetization, content distribution, native advertising and many more things.


Native Ads

By Native Ads, Inc.

Native Ads is a native advertising and content discovery platform which facilitates native advertisement selling and buying process for advertisers and publishers at scale across apps, websites and mobile web. The organization has developed an easy-to-use, scalable, self-serve system for advertisers and publishers with an uncomplicated user interface. With Native ads, users can generate widgets and campaigns within a few minutes for earning or spending.



By plista GmbH

Plista is one among the first innovative solutions for content distribution and native advertising in quality environments. This data-driven platform delivers advertising and content which matches users’ interests across all devices and channels. A lot of premium publishers work successfully with this content discovery platform. App and website owners benefit from boosted stickiness, additional monetization and sustainable online traffic growth. With Plista, publishers can pursue performance marketing and branding goals.



By AOL Inc.

Gravity, a well-known content discovery platform has users’ interests as its foundation. It generates interest graphs & applies the same for customization throughout its growing association of apps and sites. The platform is designed for creating personalized experiences for users across the internet. Gravity specializes in advertising, content recommendations, native advertising, sponsored content, and personalization. Leading news sites and publishers like Forbes and The Huffington Post are using Gravity.



By Triple Lift, Inc.

TripleLift, a native advertising platform makes the native programmatic effective, simple and scalable. It effortlessly changes content like video and image into engaging native advertisements which match feel and look of publishers’ sites. It also assists marketers in reaching millions of customers across various channels and devices. TripleLift delivers significant results for a few biggest brands across the world, while specializing in native advertising, programmatic advertising and in-feed advertising.



By Nativo, Inc.

Nativo is a native advertising platform which serves brand content to publishers and marketers for matching the feel and look of their publications. It offers these solutions fully consumed and integrated in publishers’ websites. With Nativo in place, marketers can get good engagement rates, while publishers can expect higher monetization. The best part is that all these things are done without disturbing the customer experiences.



By Bullseye Ventures LTD

Ayboll is a content discovery platform which offers effective native advertising strategies to publishers and marketers. It makes it look and feel like content while resulting in good earnings. It allows users to monetize their website though its native advertisement widget. Also, Ayboll enables brands, publishers and bloggers to get higher value from their web content without wrapping it in inappropriate banners, while delivering engaging content to the audience.



AdsNative is a contemporary advertisement pile for publishers. This end-to-end monetization platform allows developers and publishers to sell advertisement formats which flow easily into content. The pioneering technology of AdsNative provides flexible and open APIs that integrate ad-serving into publishers’ CMS. With this platform, marketers will be able to traffic content-driven ads across plenty of publishers through a programmatic exchange. Its specialties can include content marketing, revenue optimization and more.



By Adyoulike SA

Adyoulike is one of the leading native advertising platforms, which specializes in exciting advertisement units, in-feed native advertisements that bring engagement across numerous devices in a simple way. This platform allows all forms of content such as image, editorial, offer, and video to be personalized and distributed easily at numerous devices such as desktop, mobile and tablet. To be simple, it makes native advertising scalable, simple and effective.



By Nurd Pty Ltd

Earnify is a native advertising platform which offers widgets that works on all devices for guaranteeing optimal conversion and performance. This platform lets the users to take great control in terms in customizing the widget. Also, Earnify helps marketers and publishers in increasing the revenue. With this platform, users will be able to get real-time reports. Moreover, this is the first CPA native ad program in the world.



By PubNative GmbH

PubNative, leading mobile publisher software serves flexible and scalable native ads through APIs for mobile web and applications. It focuses on particular need of publishers across different verticals for creating non-intrusive, high performance and seamless ad integrations. This platform understands the needs of apps in terms of business objectives and user experience. It also enables sustainable growth in revenue for the publishers. It offers better fill rates to users.



By Virurl, Inc

Revenue is one of the leading native advertising platforms that offer easily customizable, in-stream advertising for the internet. It lets the users to broadcast their music, articles and videos to new audiences on a regular basis. The content recognition technology of this platform does all the hard work, getting users’ advertisements ready for the audiences. Also, users can get detailed reports on their campaigns’ reach.



By Hexagram Advertising Exchange Inc

Hexagram is native advertising platform which helps plenty of leading publishers in monetizing audiences through high quality content recommendations from brands and publishers. It helps users in monetizing their websites and apps with native advertisements. With Hexagram, publishers, marketers, agencies and brands can get their content distributed across the internet through various channels. Agencies can increase the reach of their branch via this platform’s native advertising exchange.

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