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An Online Academy Platform is an online website or application that allows users to create, manage and sell online courses to students globally. It a perfect solution for teachers, e-learning entrepreneurs, schools, institutions and businesses looking for an all-in-one platform to store and sell courses, study material and training courses. Many of these platforms allow users to create their own branded stores and customized schools online to sell their unique content to students and learners with personal touch.

Here you can read about some of the most popular Online Academy Platforms.

WizIQ is an online academy and eLearning platform that allows people to build their own online academy. The application features a comprehensive online academy builder with integrated live classes, cloud storage, course management, test & assessments, videos streaming, mobile learning, analytics and much more. Users can easily build a mobile friendly online academy with the help of integrated tools & plugins and support to multiple languages.

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By Teachable Inc.

Teachable is an online platform that allows businesses, teachers, schools, universities and individuals to create and sell academic courses online through their own websites. The software gives people a chance to sell their unique talents in the form of interactive courses and tutorials online. It features several design tools to allow users to easily design their online academy even without any previous experience and coding knowledge.

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By Open Learning Global Pty Ltd.

OpenLearning is an online community of teachers and learners that allows anyone to create and teach academic courses online. The platform is suitable for individuals, businesses and universities & institutions that want to create Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) for community or their own online academy portals for online courses. OpenLearning’s integrated tools make it easy for anyone to create and deploy wonderful courses easily and without any technical knowledge.

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Mindflash LMS

By Mindflash Technologies Inc.

Mindflash is an online learning management system and training platform used by businesses to train their employees, customers, partners and others through online courses. It features an easy-to-use web based platform that allows users to create amazing courses with the help of integrated tools. Trainees can be invited by email, direct link sharing or any other method. It also allows businesses to track the progress and effectiveness of their training courses.

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Digital Chalk is online training software used by companies to create training courses online for their employees. It can also be used as an online academy platform to create and sell courses from dedicated eCommerce stores. Digital Chalk allows creating multimedia presentations, questions & tests, video courses, and other material. It also supports flexible test options, multiple file attachments, communication, import & upload, easy migration, and customized certificates for employees.

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Zippy Courses

By DHJW Software LLC

Zippy Courses makes it easy for users to create and sell online learning courses without technical knowledge. It features a very easy-to-use platform that allows users to create their online courses in minutes in a few simple steps. The platform is suitable for anyone who wants to create their own online academy courses without having to deal with complex technology aspects. In addition to course creation, Zippy Courses allows users to sell their courses online.

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By Thinkific Inc.

Thinkific is online learning software that allows users to create their own online academy and host courses online on their own customized websites. It works as a hosting platform for online learning courses and academies. The platform features several applications and tools to allow users to quickly create, manage and sell amazing courses from their own brand optimized websites. In addition to that, it also offers automatic payment processing, analytics and other services.

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By Versal Group, Inc.

Versal is an online learning platform for businesses and institutions. The platform allows teachers to create interactive lessons and courses for students and business to create online training courses for employees. It integrates many gadgets with course-ready content allowing users to create fun learning material and courses in easy steps. It supports integration with many third-party tools and allows direct sharing and embedding of courses to blogs, websites and major LMS platforms.

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Eliademy is an online learning management system that allows users to create their online classroom and courses for free. It features a powerful visual editor that gives a rich look to all online courses. It lets users create and edit courses, forums, homework, quizzes, share files and embed multimedia content easily into the course. The platform and eStores are compatible with all major devices and systems, accessible anytime, from anywhere.

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Pathwright is an online platform for teachers who want to create their own online school or academy and businesses that want to create online training courses for their employees. Pathwright allows users to easily create and launch their own branded academy with interactive online courses and study material for students around the world. It is also a suitable platform for businesses to create an online platform to train new employees and new technologies.

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Academy of Mine

By Treft Systems Inc

Academy of Mine is an online platform that allows users to set up their own eCourse company or online learning management system to create and sell courses online. The platform is suitable for E-learning enthusiasts who want to start their own online academy to teach, sell & market courses and study material to students globally. Academy of Mine gives users their own branded websites with unique domains or subdomains, LMS platform, and much more.

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By DigitalOfficePro, Inc.

Zenler online learning platform allows users to teach and sell courses online through their own online schools and branded websites. The platform is suitable for anyone who wants to make money by selling unique study material and courses online through their own dedicated platform. Zenler offers many tools and features for users to easily create interactive courses, embed videos and other media, customize the website, and sell content online.

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CourseCraft is an online platform for individuals who want to earn money by creating and selling their own e-courses and online classes. CourseCraft provides a suitable and user-friendly platform for users to easily create classes and courses of any type and subject. The platform also provides integrated hosting for all user courses and material. Users can add photos, files, clips, videos, and other content to their lessons and tutorials.

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By Skilljar Inc.

Skilljar is a customer training platform used by businesses to provide basic or intensive training to their customers, employees and clients through online courses, videos, and tutorials. Skilljar allows companies to easily create training courses aimed at specific training levels. It also supports sharing and distribution of courses to web and mobile devices, and tracking results. It is a suitable tool to onboard, engage and maintain business customers.

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Teachery online academy platform lets users create and sell stunning online courses through their own customized online platforms. The platform enables users to add interactive features, such as promo codes, videos, payments, photos, and more to their courses. The online platform is very easy-to-use even for any beginner without technical knowledge. Almost anyone can build online courses using Teachery with its easy and user-friendly tools.

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By BrainCert, Inc.

BrainCert is an online learning platform for learners and teachers. The platform allows teachers to create and share or sell their unique courses online. It features many tools, including online testing platform, course platform, virtual classroom, content management, and more to allow easy creation of interactive e-learning courses. BrainCert also allows teachers and students to collaborate online with other users and conduct online meetings.

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SchoolKeep online learning platform is commonly used by businesses to prepare training courses to provide online training to their employees, customers, partners, and other business personnel. The application features several tools for business branding, reporting, course creation, distribution and sharing, mobile learning, team management, etc. Some common course types include product & service training, business processes, operations, sales techniques, new technologies, and much more.

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By Learnyst Insight Pvt Ltd

Learnyst is an online education platform used by teachers and institutions to sell online courses, quizzes, mock tests, study material, preparation guides, etc. It allows users to create customized websites to sell all types of study courses and content online. Learnyst comes integrated with many user-friendly tools, such as prebuilt templates and website builder, file and multimedia uploader with support to multiple file types, and eStore to sell courses online.

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By Minerva Lehr- und Lernmittel GmbH

Patience is an E-learning website that provides tools for users to create their online schools and educational websites to sell online courses and teach online. The platform also helps users create their own unique learning courses and study material based on raw data. It also allows users to sell these courses online through a beautiful E-commerce platform at their own price and terms. Building an education website with Patience is easy even for beginners.

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By LearnWorlds Ltd

LearnWorlds is a web-based e-learning and online academy platform that offers various tools for teachers and professional trainers to create and sell online courses. The platform also allows users to create their own, branded schools and eStores to showcase and sell courses and books online. In addition to website builder and online store, it offers hosting and dedicated domains to users’ schools and websites with complete customization options.

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