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With the spur in globalization, more and more businesses have footprints at multiple locations, reaching out to multiple local markets through local setups. To facilitate the need to connect with teams and stakeholders located in different timezones, various collaboration applications have been developed. These applications also support offshore outsourcing, enabling teams to share ideas, discuss, and have 360-degree view on the project execution.

Below is a list of applications that facilitate real-time sharing and collaboration between multiple users:



By RealtimeBoard Inc.

RealtimeBoard is an online application that allows user to jot-down ideas, create mock-ups, leave notes, or chat, with remote team. The application has found a foothold in multiple fields for creatives, presenters, or online tutors, because of its notable feature of collaboration wherein multiple users participate. It has built-in templates for imagery and files for users’ help. The board can be exported as a presentation or a .pdf file for later use.

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By Conceptboard GmbH

Conceptboard is an online platform for collaboration between remote teams with a focus on visual content. Realtime whiteboard allows multiple users view the read-only file shared by the presenter, or to make edits in real-time. It features a flexible canvas that scales up in size during content addition. User can work with teams, clients as well as external partners situated in different timezones. The application can be integrated with other tools and applications. Its Enterprise version can be availed on a private server, while its on-premise version can be deployed on local network.

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A Web Whiteboard is an easy-to-use online platform for a user to brainstorm, jot down ideas, and collaborate with other team members for a discussion. It features a list of essential controls with user-friendly interface compatible with touch-screen. The application makes collaboration easy, through its built-in features such as text and voice chat, invitation only boards, and user permissions. It also permits reuse of boards for repetitive tasks.

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By Expat Software

Twiddla is a web-based online meeting software with no plugins and installation necessary. It is also a real-time online collaboration tool. Its public interface consists of two web services with a URL format for embedding Twiddla meetings in an IFRAME. It offers three levels of API access to businesses as per their requirement. The application can be used by creatives, or any professionals, to look-up, mark-up, and discuss over websites and images in real-time. Its features include voice and chat. The meeting features includes simultaneous meetings, meeting creation and attendance, image and document sharing, screen capture, voice chat, custom meeting URL, unlimited storage, private meetings with passwords, SSL security, and presenter control. There are five pricing options available: Guest, Pro, Team, Business, and Enterprise.

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By Tactivos, Inc.

Mural is a flexible online canvas supported with multimedia, facilitating brainstorming and sharing with remote teams. The user can have complete control through administrator login, with an ability to see and define user permissions. The application can also be hosted on a private cloud. The application is suitable for technology companies, financial services, and other high demanding enterprises.

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Scribblar is an online collaboration tool focused at online tutoring. A tutor can reach out to multiple students across the globe for a learning session, using virtual whiteboards, audio, video, and text chat. The application can be integrated into an existing website or a learning management system with client branding. Scribblar features can be programmatically assessed through an API.

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FlockDraw is an online whiteboard focused on painting and drawing online. Ten users can draw on same page in real-time, with an unlimited number of audiences. It features advanced tools and options alongwith a unique interface. It also supports live text chat. It also provisions different colors, shapes, and text. Users can witness drawing updates in real-time.

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By Group Technologies Inc

GroupBoard is an online whiteboard and chatting application which can be easily embedded into a website. Its advanced version, Groupboard Designer, provides better features some of which are pan/ zoom, undo/ redo, select/ cut/ paste/ move/ delete. Its advanced version for conferencing, Groupworld, is aimed at online tutoring with facility to set up web conferencing rooms with advanced whiteboard, voice and video conferencing, desktop sharing, and session recording.

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Deekit is an online whiteboard, enabling professionals brainstorm, share, and discuss in real-time. It works as a natural extension to audio or video calls, and is great for drawing mock-ups. When used for online tutoring, the notes and materials can be shared by the presenter with the audience instantaneously. User can manage permission settings for different users to have different access rights.

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Ziteboard is a lightweight online application for collaboration. A user can sketch workflow, prototype, etc. during brainstorming, presentation, tutoring, and training. Users can also use any of the available public boards for further customization. The whiteboard can be shared on user’s social media and can be embedded on the website too. Its intuitive user-interface makes the application user-friendly, with a low learning curve.

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TutorsBox is an online tutoring whiteboard for online learning and training sessions. It’s inbuilt tools enable easy collaboration for science content and provide computational search results. Each session allows attendance of up-to ten students, with a separate board for each student. Other highlights of the application include live audio/video, file sharing, planning, storage, and import/export of personal work for later use.

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By Springbok Solutions Ltd

WhiteboardFox is a virtual whiteboard, enabling users to collaborate in real-time. It has fast and seamless synchronization, and hence the changes to the board are relayed to the participants in few seconds. It also allows administrator to set user-permissions for edits on the board. Its user-friendly dashboard is simple with self-explanatory controls.

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By Trentanove, Inc.

SyncPad enables real-time collaboration between multiple users in a quick and secure manner through password protected whiteboards. It efficiently makes remote meetings interactive, through seamless sharing. In the educational industry, it is a popular tool since it facilitates one-to-one interaction. User permissions can be set for a particular instance, so that students can answer a question any time.

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By Spacedeck GmbH

Spacedeck is an online application for easy sharing of ideas through online collaboration. It is featuring rich, facilitating drag and drop function for images and audio/video files, text input with font control, drawing with built-in library of shapes, zooming presentation, and export of whiteboard as printable .pdf file or zip folder. Its professional version maintains activity history, and also facilitates folder structure.

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