Platform As A Service

Google App Engine is an online cloud platform through which Google offers web and mobile apps building services. The platform allows users to build scalable web applications and mobile backends with the help of built-in tools and API, including memcache, NoSQL datastore, user authentication API, etc. Google App Engine automatically scales user apps based on traffic so that users have to pay only for the resources they are using.

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Amazon Web Services

By Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an online platform by Amazon through which it provides various web applications and cloud computing services like, desktop virtualization, virtual servers, Amazon WorkMail, content delivery system, Amazon WorkDocs, database, networking, security, and more. The platform also lets user try new software and application for free. AWS platform is powered by a very secure and robust server with the ability to run several web applications and manage millions of visitors.

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Microsoft Azure

By Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Azure is an online service platform by Microsoft through which it offers cloud computing services. Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform allows users to deploy any websites or applications easily on cloud, launch Windows or Linux on virtual servers, create and use SQL database on cloud, host mobile apps, and much more. Microsoft Azure cloud is featured with high security, transparency, privacy and disaster recovery.

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By Heroku, Inc.

Heroku is an online platform as a service (PaaS) that allows users to upload and deploy their applications and websites in the cloud. Heroku platform supports all major web applications and languages, including JavaScript, Ruby, Java, PHP, Phython, Go, Scala, Clojure, and more. It allows users to develop any of their web or mobile applications easily and fast in the cloud based platform with add-ons, Dnynos, data, elements, tools, components and services, integration, and support.

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OpenShift is an open-hybrid cloud service platform by Red Hat that allows users to easily develop, host and manage their apps publicly or privately in the cloud. Users can choose from a public online Paas, private enterprise level Paas or a community-driven PaaS to meet their specific business needs. At OpenShift online platform, users can automate the management and scaling of their applications while focusing on creative development.

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Engine Yard

By Engine Yard, Inc.

Engine Yard is an online cloud platform allowing users to easily deploy, manage and scale their web apps in the cloud. Users can easily access and manipulate their code using various inbuilt applications, tools, databases, and more. The platform supports to all major languages, tools and web applications that can be used to develop and maintain creative applications for users. Other Engine Yard features include full control & customization, robust automation, real-time support, etc.

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Oracle Cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service) is an online cloud solution that works as a scalable hosting platform for new and existing web applications. Oracle Cloud Platform is ideal for developers, businesses and IT professionals looking for an easily accessible, affordable and secure platform to host and manage their IT applications. Some of the services offered by Oracle cloud include application development, integration, content and collaboration, data management, business analytics, and mobile cloud.

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vCloud Air from VMware is a cloud computing platform providing users the ability to create and store their applications in the cloud. With no terms & commitments, vCloud witnesses some of the most powerful cloud applications. Users are given fundamental vCloud Air training to get familiar with the process and the ability to develop and test hundreds of apps and to extend existing ones with inbuilt tools.

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By SAP America, Inc.

SAP HANA is an open platform-as-a-service (PaaS) cloud computing platform that provides in-memory cloud database and application management services to businesses. It allows users to quickly and easily build, extend, and manage mobile and web apps for any business or industry. With the ability to store and provide for hundreds of apps, SAP HANA gives users the power to extend and customize their apps to any limit.

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OutSystems is an online cloud platform that enables users to create, deploy and customize any of their mobile and web apps. It provides the enterprise level Rapid Application Delivery (RAD) platform for quick and easy delivery of applications across multiple devices. OutSystems allows the development and delivery of applications integrated with existing systems, cloud services and databases, and compatible with multiple devices.

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By Jelastic, Inc.

Jelastic provides a Platform as a Service (PaaS) platform for developers to deploy and run their enterprise apps in the cloud. Jelastic cloud platform features private, public and hybrid cloud options to meet the needs of different enterprises. It can support web and mobile applications created in multiple languages and platforms, including Java, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Phython, .Net, and more. Other features include multi-cloud, support to new and old applications, high application availability, automatic scaling, and more.

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IBM Bluemix

By International Business Machines Corporation

IBM Bluemix is an open cloud app development platform allowing user to build, deploy, and manage apps and services in the cloud. It provides several tools for developers to build powerful apps based on the latest computing technologies and then, a suitable platform to run and deploy these applications. IBM containers allow quick and consistent delivery of user apps across devices without needing to manage an OS.

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Pivotal Cloud Foundry

By Pivotal Software, Inc.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry offers an open, powerful cloud platform for developers and enterprises to build and deliver software easily and rapidly. With the combination of agile development services, Pivotal makes it possible for users to build any kind of application in the easiest way possible with the help of integrated set of big data products. Pivotal Cloud Foundry is an ideal option for enterprises looking to transfer to cloud platform.

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By ShepHertz Technologies Pvt Ltd.

App42 PaaS is an online cloud platform built for the deployment and management of various web and mobile applications. It supports all major languages like, Java, Ruby, Rails, Golang, PHP, etc., web or mobile SDKs, and platforms, and allows users to build, deploy and run applications of any size and for any industry. In addition to that, it also supports scaling and monitoring of applications once they are live.

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By Apprenda Inc.

AppRenda is an enterprise PaaS (Platform as a Service) service built to transform any business infrastructure into a software-driven hybrid cloud platform. AppRenda platform is featured with several tools, inbuilt applications and the latest technologies to enable enterprises to build the best software and applications. Some functions supported by AppRenda include extending existing apps, building new apps, managing apps, managing the infrastructure, modernizing the platform, and more.

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WSO2 App Cloud is a cloud platform (PaaS) designed to provide application development and hosting services to users. It is a complete solution to transit an enterprise’s infrastructure to the cloud with all services, including databases, social team work, IDE, lifecycle management, etc. WSO2 App Cloud provides various tools and services for development and delivery of enterprises applications, such as development tools, open-source, real application lifecycle management, and more.

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Andromo PaaS

By Indigo Rose Software Design Corporation

Andromo is a cloud based android app development platform that allows users to develop interactive android mobile apps without coding. The platform is very easy to use and can be used by anyone with or without technical knowledge. Android is one of the most widely used mobile OS and Andromo gives its users the opportunity to earn money by developing mobile apps for Android users.

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By PythonAnywhere LLP

PythonAnywhere is a cloud based Python development platform allowing developers to build, host and run Python applications and websites in the cloud. With this, users no longer need to install software or manage a dedicated server as they can develop the code or host a website directly in a full Python environment. Since it is cloud based, users can access and build on it anywhere with a browser and an internet connection.

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App Cloud

By, inc.

App Cloud from Salesforce is an online platform that allows users to build, run, manage and optimize engaging apps based on the same technology Salesforce is built on. It gives users and businesses the power to reinvent their business through more interactive and user-friendly apps, and increase user engagement by running promotions, occasion events, product launches, and more. App Cloud is powered with Salesforce’s mobile app development platform (MADP).

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Mendix application Platform as a Service (aPaas) is an online platform used to develop and deploy applications. It is suitable for business & IT development, agile project management, app management, visual app development, and much more. With features like 1-click deployment and app store, it allows developers to showcase and deliver their apps easily to their customers. Other features include instant testing, microflows, UI model, security layer, and much more.

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By Commerce Guys SAS is a fast and reliable PHP cloud hosting platform (PaaS) allowing developers to create, manage and run PHP applications and websites in the cloud. In addition to PHP, it also supports Drupal, Symfony and some other applications with inbuilt support and integration. Key features include Git powered, developer friendly, Github and BitBucket integration, high scalability, CLI for local development, automated hosting, and many more.

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By fortrabbit GmbH

Fortrabbit is a PHP cloud development and hosting platform, suitable for hosting needs of freelancers, startups and digital agencies. With support for Laravel, Symfony, Drupal 8 and Phalcon, it offers a powerful PHP hosting platform for developers to host and deliver their PHP applications and websites easily. Other fortrabbit features include Git deployment, deployment file, SSH & SFTP, cost-effective, composer integration, real world collaboration, and more.

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Shelly Cloud

By Shelly Cloud Sp. z o. o.

Shelly Cloud is a cloud platform (PaaS) used by developers to develop and host Ruby and Ruby on Rails applications. Being optimized for Ruby, Shelly Cloud works seamlessly with any supported framework including Rails, Sinatra, Lotus, or others. Developers are given a complete set of modern apps and tools, such as MRI Ruby, JRuby, MySQL, MongoDB, Delayed Job, Websockets, Thin, Puma, etc. for complete development options.

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By AppHarbor Inc.

AppHarbor is a .NET Platform as a Service (PaaS) that can be used to build, deploy, host and scale any .NET applications in the cloud. The platform is suitable for developers, individuals and businesses looking for a hosting service provider to host their personal blogs, websites or web applications. AppHarbor allows users to host and scale their .NET applications and install add-ons easily using inbuilt tools and apps.

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Clever Cloud

By Clever Cloud SAS

Clever Cloud is an online cloud platform designed to be used by developers to deploy and run their apps and websites. It supports many old and modern apps to offer high quality app development and deployment. Key features of Clever Cloud include bulletproof infrastructure, Git and FTP integration, automatic scaling to handle any situation, automatic backups, reasonable pricing, DNS management, SSL security, and support to many languages and platforms.

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By Appfog, Inc.

Appfog is a public cloud platform (PaaS) for Java, Ruby, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Node, PHP, Mongo, and other applications. Automatic scaling makes it easier for users to move their apps to a more sophisticated platform to handle more traffic. Appfog’s easy to use interface gives user access to multiple cloud infrastructures, including AWS and CenturyLink Cloud. It is featured with several inbuilt tools to help with the development of apps based on standard languages and platforms.

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By cloudControl, Inc.

dotCloud is a developer cloud platform (PaaS) that allows developers to build, deploy and scale apps without having to build the infrastructure. It features powerful IT infrastructures and servers to handle the traffic and backend, allowing developers to focus completely on building the application. Other features include zero downtime, scaling to meet the changes, and inbuilt add-ons support for faster and easier development and management of apps.

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By Fubra Limited

CatN is a cloud hosting platform providing private cloud hosting services to enterprises in the UK. It is ideal for any company that wants to move their development platform and infrastructure to the cloud. CatN team of experts builds clouds for businesses of any size, industry and needs. Integration of Agile & DevOps allows the development and delivery of high quality, productive software and web applications.

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By Brightbox Systems Ltd

Brightbox cloud hosting platform is designed to help UK based businesses with their cloud hosting needs. Built with high quality hardware, software and network applications, Brightbox cloud hosting servers can be customized to provide on-demand services to meet specific needs of the user. Other features include mappable cloud IP addresses, multiple datacenters, access to server images, EC2 compatible metadata, cloud firewall security, load balancers, and more.

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Tsuru is an open-source Platform as a Service (PaaS) used to deploy and run applications in the cloud. It uses Docker to make app deployment faster and easier, and allows running the apps created in any language or platform. Tsuru allows fast, easy and safe deployment with no special tool requirement. It also allows the scaling and dynamic allocation of resources as the application and user needs grow.

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By Scalingo SAS

Scalingo online platform enables users to build, run, deliver and scale their apps easily in the cloud with all management and backend tasks handled by Scalingo experts. With the power of datacenters and dedicated servers, you need no longer to worry about the unwanted issues, downtime, and errors, and can complete focus on the development part. Developers can use inbuilt tools to develop the application, and can deliver it to their customers using Docker containers.

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By AppScale Systems, Inc.

AppScale is an open-source Platform as a Service (PaaS) for web and mobile applications. It is supported by Google and powered by a community of developers and contributors giving users the freedom to run any application, anytime, anywhere. Users can deploy their apps on any cloud to ensure global accessibility. It provides all the features and performance of Google App Engine while keeping the cost at bay.

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