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Payroll is the details of the sum of the salaries of organization's employees, including their wages, bonuses and deductions. A company may take the help of professional payroll services to handle payroll processing on company's behalf. The process includes calculating employees' gross pay, deductions and net pay, writing payroll checks, making payroll reports for the company, and preparing payroll tax returns. Mostly, small and medium sized businesses that do not have their own accounting division, hire payroll services to let professionals take care of the task.

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ADP Payroll is a professional payroll service provider that manages all your company payroll services including calculating and paying salary to employees and preparing payroll reports for you. ADP generates detailed payroll reports with useful insights, tax payroll details, etc. ADP Payroll handles complete human capital management process for the client company with various benefits including, lower risk of health care reform, time and money saved on payroll administration, and more.

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By Paychex, Inc.

Paychex handles payroll services for businesses of any size ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. Payroll can simplify the payroll processing, handles complete payroll taxation, and helps HR and company management with detailed payroll reporting. PayChex assigns a dedicated payroll specialist to each of its clients. The cloud based platform can be accessed anywhere, anytime and is also available on mobiles through PayChex mobile app.

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Intuit Payroll offers payroll services to businesses to allow them to easily manage employees’ salaries and file taxation. It is usually recommended for small businesses. Intuit Payroll handles payroll processing, tax filing, employee paychecks, and other related tasks while clients can completely focus on the growth of their businesses. It saves a lot of time, energy and money usually spent by small businesses in payroll administration and tax penalties.

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Paylocity is a complete online solution for businesses that want to automate their payroll processing system. It provides an online payroll portal, through which clients can manage their complete payroll processes including, employee paycheck, payroll taxation and filling payroll tax forms. The online cloud based payroll system can be accessed anywhere, anytime by company staff, HR and management to check and manage payroll reports.

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By ZenPayroll, Inc.

ZenPayroll is a payroll service provider designed specifically for small businesses. Payroll processing can be a tedious task, especially for people who are not very much aware of it. ZenPayroll professionals take care of your company’s payroll processing tasks completely on your behalf. With an easy-to-use web based platform, ZenPayroll gives its clients complete access to their payroll system where they can manage and control all payroll processing details.

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Paycor is an online payroll & human resource management service providing complete payroll, HR, tax filing and other related services to its clients. Paycor’s Perform is an online web based payroll management system that manages HR, runs payroll, calculates time and employee wages, and keeps the business in compliance. The web based and mobile system is featured with several tools to simplify the process and enhance the functionality and profitability of the company.

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SurePayroll online payroll management services are designed for businesses looking for an easy to manage and automatic payroll system. SurePayroll calculates employee wages, prepares checks for employees and keeps track of clients’ payroll taxes. It is an ideal solution for small businesses to calculate and pay payroll taxes regularly without delay. Online payroll can be accessed anywhere, anytime and is also available in the form of mobile app.

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By Paycom Software, Inc.

Paycom handles the most important payroll tasks for every company that is, paying payroll taxes and employees’ salaries on time with accuracy. Paycom web based application allows business to automate their complete payroll system where their payroll taxes are calculated and paid automatically without errors. It also assigns a dedicated executive for each client for any help, anytime. The online application is accessible on web or mobile so that users can easily check their payroll processing anywhere.

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Ascentis Payroll is a web-based payroll management system that allows companies to manage and process their payroll in real-time while avoiding errors and saving a lot of time. Features like time and attendance system and Ascentis HR allow companies to manage their employees’ attendance and salary and other HR processes easily in less time. The online software calculates payroll taxes and creates employees’ salary checks with accuracy.

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Wagepoint is a simple, fast and reliable payroll processing solution for small businesses. It allows businesses to automate the tax calculation, tax filing and employee payment processes with high accuracy. Other operations performed by Wagepoint online software include direct deposit, payroll calculations, federal, state& local taxes, wage reports, 1099’s, W2’s & W3’s, new hire reporting, payment to contractors, additional deductions, additional incomes, etc. The online platform is interactive and user-friendly.

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PaymentEvolution Payroll

By PaymentEvolution Corporation

PaymentEvolution Payroll is an online cloud based payroll and payments service for small businesses in Canada. The software performs bulk of tasks including tracking employee records, vacations, deductions, benefits and calculating gross salary, direct deposit via electronic payment, calculating payroll taxes, etc. The web based platform is very easy to use and can be accessed anywhere, any time and on any device, and supports all basic and advanced payroll functions.

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BenefitMall online payroll system is designed to provide cost-effective tax compliance and payroll services to small businesses. Businesses can choose from multiple payroll options to suit their business needs. BenefitMall takes care of all payroll processes and tasks, tax filing and other related administrative services for clients’ businesses. It makes sure that all your taxes are filed on time and your employees are paid accurately and on time.

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By Interlogic Outsourcing, Inc.

IOI is an online payroll and human resource management service offering scalable and reliable payroll services for businesses of all sizes. In addition to handling simple and complex payrolls and taxation, it also handles complete HR and employee tasks for clients’ businesses. The software can also be accessed via mobile application to check important payroll information anytime, anywhere. It offers separate log-ins for employees and employers with access to different information.

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By GTM Payroll Services Inc.

GTM payroll services provide effective payroll management solutions to businesses and households. It is an ideal solution for businesses that need a reliable and fast payroll processing system to calculate their employees’ gross salary, payroll, tax and insurance, time & labor management, human resources, etc. Households and families can use GTM payroll solutions to handle household payroll & nanny taxes, health insurance, employee benefits plans, etc.

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AmCheck is a complete payroll solution for small, medium and large businesses. With an easy web based payroll system, it manages various tasks such as, tax management, on-boarding, online benefits enrollment, time & attendance management, scheduling, business intelligence reporting, tax regulations, payroll management, etc. Other features include fast & easy setup, online & phone access, live support, affordable, payroll and HR integration, flexibility, and many more.

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By Automatic Payroll Systems, Inc.

APS is a fully configurable online payroll management system for small and midsize businesses. It handles all business payroll services, HR, and employee time & attendance in a very efficient manner. Core HR solutions include employee enrollment, management and performance tracking. Online payroll service calculates and pays employees accurately and on time. Time & attendance system is there to reduce labor costs and decrease compliance risks with regular tax filing.

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By Payroll Center Inc.

OnPay online payroll platform is designed for small businesses to provide them an easy and affordable payroll processing solution. With the blend of latest internet technologies and an interactive user interface, OnPay software can handle all payroll services including, unlimited payroll runs, creating checks or direct deposits into back accounts, automatic tax calculation, filings and payments, etc. Other features include transparent pricing, access to payroll history, employee information management, and much more.

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MyPayrollHR is a cloud-based payroll and human resource management system, suitable for small and midsize businesses. It provides on-demand managed payroll services through its easy and intuitive online platform. The software calculates and files all payroll taxes automatically on time to avoid IRS late penalties. It is also a complete HR software solution with direct access to human resource experts at affordable prices. Other services include direct deposit, new hire reporting, W2 processing, and more.

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