Performance Management System

Employee is an integral part of an organization and it is important to manage a healthy employee engagement for overall growth of the company. While some companies run their own programs to keep employees interested and motivated in their work, others have no idea of the process. This is where performance management software can be used. A performance management and appraisal system allows companies to manage employees’ performance, decide appraisals based on performance and design strategies for improving healthy engagement.

Here are some performance management applications you can consider for your organization.

Weekdone is a performance review and management application aimed at improving productivity and satisfaction of managers and employees of a company. The software allows managers to know the current goals, achievements and problems of their teams and give honest feedbacks to employees. Weekdone features an easy-to-use dashboard, weekly employee status reports, a healthy feedback system, each task tracking, reporting & time management blog, etc. Weekdone is a weekly and objectives and key results (OKR) software used for goal setting, team management, and enhancing team communication. Their weekly report system is great for keeping employees and managers on daily updates, weekly tasks, share accomplishments, and more. In Weekdone, you can create, manage, and keep track of your long term goals with the OKR system which includes downloadable reports and dashboards. OKR is the best practice of setting and sharing company’s objectives.

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By Peoplegoal Inc.

PeopleGoal is a people management tool used by companies to manage the performance of their employees. It allows companies to set object-oriented goals, gather 360 degree feedback, review employee performance and much more. PeopleGoal increases employees’ engagement by aligning their goals to the overall growth of the company to let them understand their contribution to the business success. It allows companies to generate feedback forms to gather honest reviews. PeopleGoal is a cloud-based employee performance management service. It connects company objectives to personal goal setting and join everything together with 360-degree feedback and performance reviews. PeopleGoal has a wide range of benefits at every level of your organization from a clear understanding of who adds value to your business to powerful reporting tools and trends analysis. In addition, it has a number of additional people-related modules that you can configure and customize.

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Small Improvements


Small Improvements is performance management and employee reviews software that allows companies to set and analyze private or public objectives, send messages, write notes, and praise employees on their good performance. It is a complete performance reviews and feedbacks management app that enables companies to decide employees’ appraisals based on detailed feedbacks reports. Other features include communication platform, third party integrations, clear ad detailed reporting, and attractive interface.

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Xactly Objectives is a performance management platform designed with the aim to improve employee performance, workforce engagement and company culture by linking appraisals with the performance. The application allows company management to assign tasks, track progress, review the performance and pay accordingly. Xactly Objectives software is very easy to use and set up, and can be managed by any member of the organization irrespective of technical knowledge.

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Cornerstone Performance software helps organizations in improving employee productivity by detailed performance analysis and lucrative awards. The software allows managers to inspire employees, motivate them and praise them on their great work. Cornerstone Performance makes it easy for managers to analyze employee performance, provide meaningful feedback, and to reward them for their outstanding performances. Some features include 360-degree reviews, detail analytics, skills matrix & competencies, social feedback, etc.

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Saba Performance@Work is performance management & review software that increases engagement at work by giving employees the tools they need to understand the business plan and their role in the system. It gives organizations an opportunity to analyze and accelerate employee performance by reviewing and appraising them regularly. Key features include individual goals setup, compatibility with any mobile device or tablet, healthy communication, social impressions, leaderboards and badges, and more.

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Performance Management from PeopleFluent is an application designed with the aim of increasing employee engagement and interest in the company goals. It offers employees the right motivation by connecting the dots between employee performance and organization success. Its features include feedback anytime, anywhere, designed to fit any process, highly-configurable workflows, rating scales, forms, multi-rater controls, detailed talent profiles, cascading & unrestricted goals, and in depth reporting.

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By Applied Training System, Inc.

Reviewsnap performance management software is used by organizations to expand their employees’ talent and to develop their staff. The web-based software helps making the performance reviews an easier and rewarding process. Its dashboard is easy to use and let employees understand the performance based reward-system. Reviewsnap's 360-degree feedback system allows employee to check their work performance over multiple insights. The Learning Content Integration (LCI) module allows companies to define interested learning plans for their employees.

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Lumesse Performance is complete employee performance management software that focuses not just on measuring employee performance against objectives, but also on increasing employees’ engagement with business results to motivate to perform the best. The software is integrated with several tools to help company employees and managers to stay inspired, measure their performance, and timeline their goals. Other features include pre-configured reports, skills & competencies, 360 degree feedback, HR core, etc.

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By Trakstar, Inc.

Trakstar is a simple employee evaluation and performance review application used by managers and companies. The software performs three major tasks. Feedback system allows real-time feedback, year-round journal for thorough reviews and optional communication system. Reviews system allows companies to create custom review forms, gather 360 degree feedback, and send email reminders for delayed tasks. It also lets manager set goals for employees and align them with objectives.

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Cognology is an employee performance management and learning platform, allowing employees to grow and develop while contributing their best for the organization. Featured with several tools such as, onboarding, competency assessment, 360-degree feedback, learning management, performance management, talent management, and enterprise social, Cognology can manage all your company’s onboarding, review and appraisal systems. Other features include easy configuration, easy interface, and dedicated HR consultant and friendly help desk.

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By EchoSpan, Inc.

Echospan offers simple and professional employee management through online performance reviews, 360 degree feedback and goal management. Its key features include web-based system, no installation required, customizable review forms, unlimited reports, integrated development planner, built-in competency library, and multiple language support. With its easy setup & administration and simple user interface, companies can gather 360-degree feedback, know real-time project status, create customized projects, download on-demand reports, etc.

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By Expert Training Systems plc

ETS 360 degree feedback system has been designed for companies and HR managers to keep track of their employees’ performance, and to create training workshops and programs for performance development. ETS plans effective 360 degree feedback systems, employee surveys and performance management, and allows companies to make decisions based on their results. It also offers training workshops for healthy development in employees’ skills and performance.

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Performance Pro


Performance Pro is a performance management system for HR managers, allowing them to measure employee performance aligned with company goals. The software measures and documents employee performance, simplifies the appraisal process by generating performance reports for managers, and aligns company strategies to individual objectives. In short, Performance Pro links the growth of your company to the performance of your employees to make them feel special.

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By Bridging Insight Ltd.

Spidergap employee assessment tool creates 360 degree feedback to let employees decide and plan their personal growth in the company. A company’s growth is usually associated with the development of its employees and that’s why Spidergap focuses more on the individual growth of the employees. The software collects employees’ feedback from company staff and other people based on which it creates reports that can be used by employees and managers to define suitable actions.

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PerformanceHub by Congendo is online performance review software designed to help companies and managers with employee performance feedback, appraisals and talent retention. The software is user-friendly and easy to set up, and allows company management to focus their workforce for increased productivity. Other features include performance reviews, personal development, feedback, objectives & goals, competency reviews, company mission statement, company goals management, objectives cascade, employee data management, real-time reports, and much more.

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By Asteor Software Private Limited

Synergita is a simple and easy to use modern employee performance management system that allows organizations to manage their talent in the best manner. Some of the functions performed by Synergita include setting goals and periodic appraisals, regular feedback and motivation through awards, increasing engagement through peer recognition, managing performance appraisals, and empowering employees, managers and the company. In depth analytics, inbuilt training and 360 degree feedback are some other features.

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By Corporate Renaissance Group

emPerform is an online employee performance management system helping businesses with talent management and employee development. The software comes bundled with many applications including online appraisals, 360 degree reviews, pay for performance, reporting, year-round feedback, goal management and succession, all aimed at making the performance assessment & talent management process easier and more transparent. Other emPerform features include configurable appraisal forms, goal & competency management, and real-time reporting & analytics.

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Briefly, GroSum, helps companies manage employee performance through continuous Reviews, Feedback & performance Analytics. It supports the traditional end to end lifecycle of Performance Reviews. They also provide a complete 360 Feedback Tool that helps you to seek feedback for employees from employees & customers. Finally, they also offer tools in the hands of employees, in terms of Instant Feedback.

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