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Personal finance software can help to keep track of income, expense and in general manage money more effectively. Some of these software helps to manage a budget with tips and also provide beautiful charts and reports. Below is a list of the leading software in this category.



By Intuit Mint Bills, Inc.

Mint offers all-in-one personal finance management solution that allows you to pay bills on time, budget your money, and get free credit score. The features included within the software are easy budget solution, money-saving tips, notifications and alerts, and tips on improving your credit score. Mint has an intuitive user interface, secured with 128-bit encryption and bank-level physical security. You can use this software from your web browsers and mobile devices. Mint is available for free.

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You Need A Budget provides an easy budgeting tool that you can follow to control and manage your money more effectively. The software comes with its own budgeting rules, which you should follow in order to gain real benefits from using the software. It is available for both Windows and Mac OSX platforms, with companion apps available for Android and iOS platforms. A 34-day free trial is available to download, with a single license fee to use the software fully.

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By Intuit, Inc.

Quicken is a money management software that allows you to organize your money in a simple way. It offers a complete financial solution, with bank-level security to ensure maximum security for your data. The Portfolio X-Ray feature allows you to measure the strengths and weaknesses of your portfolio. This software is available for Windows and Mac, as well as for mobile devices, so that you can access it from anywhere. Three pricing options are available: Starter Edition, Deluxe, and Premier.

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ClearCheckbook is a cloud-based money management software that allows you to do various money-related tasks for your personal finance, such as creating budgets, managing your spending, tracking your bill, and more. You can see all your financial transactions within the account dashboard. Other features include balancing your checkbook, scheduling reminders and recurring transactions, and monitoring your overall saving and spending. ClearCheckbook is a free money management service. A premium membership option is available, with flexible payment options.

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Toshl allows you to understand about your finances, so that you can manage your money properly. It features expense reminders, fun visualizations, budget creation, and bill reminders. This software can be used with any currency, and it is powered by a secure and private cloud platform that ensures the safety of your financial data. You can also export the data in Toshl into various formats, including CSV, PDF, and Google Docs formats. Toshl is available free for various platforms.

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By NCH Software Pty Ltd

MoneyLine is a free personal finance software provided by NCH Software, which can be used on Windows and Mac OSX platforms. This software helps to track your spending, see the balance in your bank account, and create categories for your transactions. It also comes with an easy budgeting tool that allows you to manage your money more effectively. With this software, you can manage all your personal accounts in one place. A professional version is available, with single installation license.

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Buxfer is a personal finance web application that allows you to manage your money more wisely by putting them all in one place. Buxfer allows you to understand your own cash flow, reduce unnecessary spending, and set a future saving goal. The features included in this software are insightful and detailed reports, custom tagging, real-time alerts, budgeting, forecasting, and secure automatic sync. It has bank-level security with secure encryption and daily scans and audit. A free account is available with basic features and unlimited transaction allowance.

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By The GnuCash Project

GnuCash is an open-source money management software that you can install on Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX platforms. It features financial calculations, graphic reports, mutual fund accounts, double-entry accounting, transaction matching, scheduled transactions, and small-business accounting. It supports multiple currencies and complete localization to 21 languages. GnuCash is available as a free download. The Android version of the software is available in Google Play Store. It supports data exchange between the mobile and desktop version of the software.

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By Money Dashboard Limited.

MoneyDashboard allows you to manage your money so that you can make better decisions for it. With this software, you can quickly and securely sign up into your account, have instant access to all of your accounts, monitor your finances in an easy-to-understand visuals, see your expenses in details, and set your financial goals. It is protected with the best security encryption. MoneyDashboard is provided as a free service, which is available on the web, Android, and iOS platforms.

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By PocketSmith Ltd.

PocketSmith provides a complete personal finance software that allows you to forecast your finances, so that you can expect what is coming in the future. It comes with various useful features, such as live bank feed, weekly budgeting, what-if scenarios, financial forecasting, detailed account summary, and calendar view. PocketSmith is available in three different pricing options: Basic, Premium, and Super. The Basic plan is available for free of charge, which allows you to create 12 budgets and 2 accounts.

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By BankTree Software Limited

BankTree offers various money-management features that allow you to simplify your personal finance, connect with your bank, budget your spending, save your receipts, track your investment, and manage small business finances. There are three main categories within the software: Accounts, Investments, and Reports, which allow you to manage your finances more effectively. BankTree is available for Windows, Android, and iOS platforms, with a free 30-day trial and one-time license fee to install and use the software indefinitely.

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By BudgetSimple, Inc.

BudgetSimple allows you to track your finances, manage your money, eliminate your debts, and build your wealth. This software helps you to optimize your budget and provides recommendations on how to cut your spending and increase your saving. A free basic plan offers budget creation and detailed reports without the ability to download the mobile version of the software and link your finances to your bank account. The premium plan offers a monthly payment option with full features.

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By IGG Software, Inc.

iBank is a personal finance software created by IGG Software, which allows you to create budgets, control your spending, analyze your investments, increase your saving, and set goals for your future finances. The software offers 33% savings if you want to switch from Quicken and use this software. It features automate categories, automate budget, automate reports, simple organization, reminders, scheduled payments, and smooth syncing between devices. The software is available for the Mac OSX operating system, with 30-day free trial.

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By SilverWiz Ltd.

MoneyWiz helps you to simplify your money management tasks, which allows you to forecast your finances and get out of debt more quickly. It offers various useful features, including online banking, budgets, reports, bills, dashboard, accounts, transaction entry, protection, data import, and international currency. MoneyWiz is available for iOS, Mac OSX, Android, and Windows desktop platforms. It can also be installed in Apple Watch device. There is no free trial download available for the software.

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By The Infinite Kind

MoneyDance is a multi-platform personal finance software that helps to control your cash flow and do various financial tasks easily. It features online banking, summary, graphs and reports, account registers, reminders, and investments. A free trial download for MoneyDance is available, along with a 90-day money back guarantee for your software purchase. The software is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. The mobile version of the software is free, which you can download for Android and iOS platforms.

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By SplashData Inc

SplashMoney enables you to manage your money in a more flexible way, whenever you are. It helps you to create your budget, analyze your spending, and do various money management tasks easily. It allows automatic sync of your financial data across various devices and platforms. The software is available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile, Windows desktop, and Mac OSX platforms. A free 30-day trial of the software is available, with one-time purchase to use the software indefinitely.

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MoneyStrands allows you to manage all aspects of your personal finance and perform common financial tasks that allows you to have better control of your money. You can start your budget and control your spending easily with this software. It features easy personal budgeting, all account access, spending reports, upcoming bills calendar, multi-currency, and multi-language. The software is easy to set up and use, without any complicated installation. It is available free of charge on the web and iOS platforms.

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By MechCAD Software LLC

AceMoney is a good alternative to Quicken or Microsoft Money, which allows you to track your spending and do some online banking activities. It offers various useful features that help you to manage your money quickly and effectively, including automatic balance update, multiple account support, budget management, investment tracking, multi-currency support, income and spending categories, and bill reminders. The software is available for Windows and Mac OSX. A free trial version is available, with one-time purchase for the full version.

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BudgetPulse is a cloud-based personal finance management software that allows you to organize your finances in one place. It features better budgeting method, money tracking, simple all-in-one money management, a strong security encryption, global usage, and savings goal. This software is free to use, and you can use this software on any web browser. With this software, you can import and export your data easily in various formats.

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