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Plagiarism checking tools support individual, website owner and institution in order to produce grammatical and spelling error free documents. These tools ensures that your document is original and not copied from any other source. This software supports documents, thesis, assignments, dissertation or any other writing tasks.

They offers a easy platform where you can paste your documents, attach it or even just upload it to go through the checking process. You can check your website’s entire content just by putting its URL that produces a full detailed report after the process is done.

Below is a list of leading plagiarism testing software.



By Indigo Stream Technologies, Ltd.

Copyscape is plagiarism checking online tool that helps industry and individuals to check whether the contents of their website is original or not. It is a great tool that can help fighting with the duplicate contents available on the World Wide Web. It can discover a single content or an entire website if they have any content that is not original. This tool work great since most search engines does not accept the sites with duplicate content.

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By Turnitin, LLC.

Turnitln is an online tool offers originality checking, peer checking and online grading operations to institutions, industries and individuals. It supports students to achieve their writing operations with a critical eye. It empowers students to build up good ideas, excessive thinking skills and institutional success. It ensures the student success by an integrated program to visualize the growth of students. It gives a proper result in the progress of the institutional success and improves transparency.

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PaperRater offers free online spelling, grammar and proofreading tool that encourage individuals and institutional success. It helps finding pesky mistakes within your written assignments and corrects them with an ease with robust grammar tool. It detects a sentence or entire assignment for plagiarism. It can go massive with over 10 billion searches at a time. Paper Rater allows proofreading that gives opportunity for writes to improve their writing skills.

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By PlagScan GmbH

Plagscan is an online plagiarism checking and grammar checking tool that helps organizations and institution for a complete success over the writing tasks. It scans for your entire or piece of documents and enables to identify for any fraudulent activity with your document. It supports a copyright and privacy policy for each piece of work carried out by your organization or institution. It offers to you either upload the documents yourself or check it through manual process.

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Plagtracker claims to be the most accurate plagiarism checking service provider. It gives grammar checking operations with the spelling and assignment checking tool that gives you a better environment to work with your all writing tasks. This plagiarism checking tool is made for students, teachers, publishers and website owners for to verify their document with an ease before they submit their all types of writing work. It helps manuscripts the entire document and check for whether it is original or not.

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Grammarly Plagiarism Checker allows every individual to check their documents for plagiarism and spelling mistakes. It helps individuals, institutional and organization to use error free document and that is safe to use. It says to be more accurate than the word processor and produces an error free document in no time. It helps also in citation and grammar checking for all individuals that is able to generate essential and perfect writing work.

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PlagSpotter provides support for the plagiarism checking and monitoring tools for contents. It helps discovering the copies of your website content over the World Wide Web. It allows you to interact with the matched content of your websites to a percentage basis available on the internet. It checks for the originality of the content and provide a full report that detects your entire content sentence by sentence for a better result.

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By Turnitin, LLC.

WriteCheck tutoring, grammar checking and plagiarism checking tool that check your paper or an entire document to detect for any copied content. This tool allows an individual for instant analysis for similar content and citations. It helps checking the grammar of your documents and provide an instant result that help improving your writing skills. It gives a complete professional tutoring that improves individual’s success. It gives a detailed report and the explanations after the checking process.

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iThenticate is online plagiarism detection software that helps preventing plagiarism in publishing works. It ensures writing integrity for admission offices, scientific works, government organizations and research organizations. It helps checking the entire document or a piece of sentence whether it is copied from web or not. It also encourages writing skills by providing a complete guidelines over the detailed report. This tool checks for grammatical error and spelling mistakes and avoids any duplicate content on the website.

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By All Answers Limited

ScanMyEssay is a viper plagiarism scanner that scans for entire document or paper to detect if the content is original or not. It also supports proofreading, grammar correction and spelling check for your documents that gives you an ease to deal with your business. It also ensures that your document has any chances of accidental plagiarism or copyright issues. It gives you full support over the essays published on the internet and highlighted full report for a betterment achieving your goals.

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Plagiarism Software

By Plagiarism Software

It offers grammar checking and plagiarism checking tool that help individuals and organizations to improve their writing tasks. This is software that benefits to people by searching statement by statement over the billion index pages. It provides you a great environment that gives you a better chance to upload, paste or attach your documents to get an enhanced rich grammatical and plagiarism checked documents. It supports detailed report and gives parallel information to enhance your writing tasks better.

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By IT Axioma, Ltd.

UnPlag provides a plagiarism checking and grammar checking software that helps ensuring that your contents are all good. It offers a real time plagiarism detection tool that supports uploading, pasting or attaching of your original documents. This software helps you knowing that your content is unique and grammatical error free. It can be very effective tool for the academic papers, school and universities writing work to provide a precise transparent result.

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This software ensures that your documents remained all original and make sure it is protected from copyright infringements. Copyleaks creates a great environment where you can check your documents or paper in real time by just uploading, attaching or just by pasting the documents in the search bar. This ensures that no grammatical error or spelling error should remain with your original documents. Copyleaks supports a full detailed report and information about the full assignment of your writing task.

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PlagirismDetect is a plagiarism service provider that helps individuals, institutions and organization fighting against the plagiarism. This software enhances the writing work carried out to be free from grammatical errors and spelling errors. It checks for originality of the documents by its large indexing tools that are able to detect and provide you full detailed information in no time. It also offers API developed plagiarism detection with few languages support. You can use this software by either just pasting your document or by attaching the document to a specified area.

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Scribbr is a thesis checking tool offer its services to students of college and school level. It gives a full supports to institutions and organizations in order to ensure their documents are grammar and spelling error free. Scribbr allows those students are not allowed much guidance completing their thesis, they can join to enjoy professional English editing services. It does not matter you are native or non-native speaker, Scribbr can help you checking your thesis for proofreading to ensure it is safe from grammatical and spelling errors.

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