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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software is generally used to automate the product data and development management process and integrate with other business processes. PLM software can help businesses take control over and manage the complete product development lifecycle. These software are commonly used by organizations for the management for complex products and processes. PLM software can improve the overall efficiency of the product lifecycle by improving product quality, reducing production cost and maximizing the speed.

Here you can read about some of the most widely used Product Lifecycle Management software.


Oracle Agile

By Oracle Corporation

Oracle Agile PLM is a complete product lifecycle management solution that optimizes all aspects and areas of the product development cycle with the aim of improving the overall quality of the product. It provides tools for businesses to develop and commercialize more and better products faster than ever. It also optimizes the overall product development and processing cost by maximizing the efficiency of all aspects.

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SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software provides all essential functionalities for the management of all phases of product lifecycle, in addition to fast and cost-effective deployment solutions. It allows businesses and users to have a full view and control over various processes involved in the product development and manufacturing cycle. Users can control operations, enable collaborations, support innovation, analyze, and make decisions, all from one interface.

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By Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.

Teamcenter from Siemens is PLM software used by businesses and enterprises for the development and marketing of complex products with complete control over the process. In addition to offering complete product data management solution, it maximizes productivity by optimizing various business processes involved in the product lifecycle. Other services offered by Teamcenter include design & simulation management, BOM management, document & content management, process execution, etc.

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By Dassault Systemes

ENOVIA is a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) business solution from Dassault Systèmes that is used for innovation and effective data management throughout the product development cycle. The software is easy to learn and work with and can easily manage even the most critical and sensitive data. Some significant capabilities and functions of ENOVIA include product planning and program management, quality and compliance, global product development, IP classification and protection, and more.

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Infor PLM is a data management and productivity tool that is used by businesses to improve the quality and speed of the product development lifecycle. The software can access data from across all development phases and help make better decisions for design, management and development of the product. Infor PLM is designed to optimize the product lifecycle process to create better quality products in less time at a lower cost.

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PTC Windchill is PLM software used by businesses for better management of products and data throughout the product lifecycle. It offers many tools and functionalities for improving the quality and standard of the final product as well as the development phases while keeping the cost at bay. PTC Windchill is aimed at developing higher quality and performance products faster than usual with reduced risk and operating cost.

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Arena PLM

By Arena Solutions, Inc.

Arena PLM is a complete product lifecycle management solution that helps businesses develop and deploy high quality products in less time and on budget. The software can control, manage and optimize all phases of the product development cycle, including change management, document management, item management, BOM, Compliance management, product analytics, demand, collaboration, project management, enterprise integration, etc. It gives you complete control over the quality, speed and cost of the process and the product.

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By Inflectra Corporation

SpiraTeam is a product and application lifecycle management suite from inflectra that can cover and control the entire process, including requirements, tasks, coding, testing, building, tracking, deployment, and more. It is an ideal solution for businesses looking for a complete PLM solution to manage product lifecycle and take control of the cost and quality. SpiraTeam seamlessly works with all standard agile methodologies, including Scrum, Kanban, and others.

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Aras PLM

By Aras Corporation

Aras PLM is a product lifecycle management suite used by organizations to manage the entire process for the development of complex products, from concept to functions to supply chain to the end of product life. The software is designed such that it can work on all latest technologies as well as adapt itself according to new marketing opportunities and changes. Aras PLM offers full collaboration across mechanical, software and other processes.

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By Wizeline, Inc.

Wizeline product management software is designed to manage the product lifecycle process and develop products to suit the needs of the customers. The software features advanced product roadmap tools to control and optimize all phases and disciplines of the development process. It also implements customer intelligence to know and utilize customers’ experience and needs and design the product plan to create happier customers and more engagement.

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By Centric Software, Inc.

Centric is advanced PLM software designed to optimize and improve product lifecycle process for businesses and organizations. The software is suitable for major fashion industries, including consumer goods, luxury, apparel, footwear, and more. Centric features an easy-to-use, we based platform that can be deployed and put in action quickly. The software can be used to manage and control all product development phases, including planning, calendar, materials, quality, technical design, etc.

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By keytech Software GmbH

Keytech is product and data management software suite that can be used to manage all processes of any basic or complex product development project. The software can be used for complete product lifecycle management for improved productivity and rentability. It can easily connect and integrate with major CAD and ERP systems for better management and control of various processes, including workflow, planning, code, development, deployment, and more.

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PLM Vivo is a product deployment and lifecycle management platform for consumer goods and food & beverage products. The software is suitable for retail companies and enterprises looking for innovative ways to deliver high quality and cost-effective products faster to the market. PLM Vivo offers many services, including business & innovation strategy, business intelligence, innovation & change leadership, intellectual property management, new product development, product reporting, and more.

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PLM 360 from Autodesk is a popular cloud-based product lifecycle management solution designed to help businesses make product development process faster, more efficient and cost-effective. The software features a powerful suite of tools and functions to help develop more high quality products faster and reduce production cost. PLM 360 is mobile compatible that makes it accessible on any platform or device from anywhere.

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CENIT PLM software is designed to manage various product lifecycle processes for optimization, cost reduction, in-time delivery, time reduction, improved quality, increased productivity, and more. The software helps businesses from all leading industries with the optimization of various business processes, including product development, production and marketing. It is aimed to reduce the operating and production cost of the process with faster product delivery to the market.

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Omnify PLM

By Omnify Software Inc

Omnify product lifecycle management software allows users to manage and control all phases of the product lifecycle, including concept, development, production, marketing, and more from one secure platform. It is an easy-to-use, cost-effective platform providing direct interface to various business disciplines and systems. The software can be used with all major manufacturing industries, such as aerospace, defense, medical device, electronics, telecommunications, and many more.

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