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Point on sale software often known as POS Software are used by retailers to make retail transactions. They allow plenty of features including staff accounts, manage orders, integrate with merchant accounts, customer profile, business reports, inventory management and much more. 

Below are some leading software available in market & popular in the retailers. 



By Pospitality, LLC

Breadcrumb is a powerful and simple restaurant and bar management system that allows you to use your iPad to process and manage your sales. It offers many useful features, including real-time reporting, intuitive interface, check processing system, simple staff management, and third-party software integration. It comes with a free setup assistance with Breadbox, which gives you the ideal hardware to use in your store. A free 30-day free trial is available, with four pricing options: Solo, Café, Mid-Size, and Flagship.

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Shopify POS allows you to either sell your products on the go or within your store, without hassle. With a free credit card reader, you can process your sales easily anywhere. It can be used to manage your online and offline stores. It comes with seamless workflow, easy payment processing, quick order management, sales tracking, and simple data management. It is available for iPhone and iPad devices with a 14-day free trial, as well as Basic, Professional, and Unlimited plans.

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Square POS allows you to use a simple point of sale system that is free to download for your iOS and Android devices. You can use this system either online or offline, with the pricing set per swipe and per keyed-in transaction. With this software, you can accept various types of payments, let your customers to tip, send the digital transaction receipt, process online sales, manage your staff, and manage your products in real-time. Square POS is free to download.

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Copper POS is a point of sales software available for Windows and Mac OSX platform, which allows you to process, record, and report your sales. With this program, you are able to record your transactions, print the receipt of your transactions, and control the pricing and discounts for your products. The software is compatible with barcode scanners and touchscreen displays, which helps to process all your sales easily. A single-license purchase is available to unlock all features of the software.

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Vend POS acts as a point of sale software, inventory management program, and payment processing platform that helps to automate your eCommerce and retail transactions. The software offers many useful features, including POS software, payment integration, inventory management, customer loyalty program, real-time reports, online store creation, and price management. The software can be used with iPad, PC, and Mac devices, with a wide-range of compatible hardware. A 30-day free trial is available, with Free, Starter, Advanced, and Multi-Outlet plans.

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Lightspeed POS

By Lightspeed POS Inc

Lightspeed POS is a cloud-based point of sale software that allows you to manage your business from anywhere. This software allows you to manage your inventory, get detailed transaction reports, brand your POS software, create an online version of your retail store, manage multiple stores easily, process your transactions anywhere, and accept various types of payment options. Lightspeed POS offers a 14-day free trial account, as well as three main pricing options: Small, Medium, and Large.

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By ShopKeep.com Inc

ShopKeep is an advanced point of sale software that can be integrated with iPad to perform various sales-related tasks, such as payment processing, business reporting, sales analytics, and customer support. It features inventory management, quick transaction process, staff management, customer marketing, and detailed reports for your business. This software can be used in various types of businesses, including quick service, retail, restaurant, and bar. A free trial account is available, with a fixed monthly pricing plan.

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Clover Station

By Clover Network, Inc

Clover Station offers a complete point of sale system that can be used for your retail store, with hardware details designed to work perfectly with the POS application. The hardware part consists of three main devices: Clover Station, High-Speed Thermal Printer Station, and Cash Drawer. The Clover Station features high-resolution camera, encrypted Swiper, brushed aluminum, pivot arm swivels, touchscreen, wireless connectivity, and USB ports. The hardware is sold by various banks and suppliers around the US.

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Wasp POS

By Wasp Barcode Technologies, Inc.

Wasp POS provides a complete point of sale system that helps to improve your customer experience and improve the efficiency of your checkout system. This point of sale system is targeted to retail businesses, which help them to grow their business, with affordable operational cost. Wasp POS offers various types of products, including QuickStore RapidStart POS Solution, QuickStore Pro POS Solution, QuickStore Multi-Store POS Solution, Complete Point of Sale Hardware Kit, and QuickStore POS Software. A free trial is available.

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By Erply Limited

Erply provides the next generation of point of sale system that features cloud hybrid system, quick product lookup, real-time report, integrated payments, mobile selling, and shipping integration. There are various types of products available from Erply, such as retail software, POS software, inventory software, POS hardware, iPad POS, franchise software, PayPal POS, Quick Service POS, eCommerce platform, and API. A free demo is available, with three different pricing options: Small Retail Business, Medium Retail Chain, and Large Retail Chain.

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By PHP Point Of Sale, LLC

PHP POS feature easy installation, inventory management, data analytics, customizable template, and excellent security. It is a POS software that can be used in multiple locations, which works on any device. The software allows you to process all types of credit cards in the US and Canada, as well as track employee commissions, integrate your point of sale system with MailChimp, and select between various language options. A 14-day free trial is available, with two pricing options: Download and Cloud/Hosted.

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Revel Systems

By Revel Systems Inc

Revel Systems is a POS software that can be used for single location and multi-location. It is available for iPad, which can be used in various types of businesses, such as restaurants, retail shops, grocery stores, and self-service kiosks. With this software, you can build better customer relationship, create better business management, customize the software for your brand, secure all your transactions, and give flexible payment options for customers. A live demo can be requested upon contacting the company directly.

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By Movmento Pte. Ltd

Imonggo provides a free POS software for small retailers with less than 1000 products and less than 1000 sales per month. It features easy checkout process, customized receipts, tax management, branch pricing, e-mail receipts, sales data, and more. This software can be used either offline or online, and you can use it from any device. While Imonggo provides a free service for small retail businesses, it also provides premium service for bigger retail stores, with flat monthly pricing per branch.

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By Kounta Pty Ltd

Kounta is a cloud-based point of sale software that can be used either online or offline, and it works on any device with a lot of features and add-ons available. You can use Kounta for a single store or you can integrate all your stores into a single point of sale system using this software. It provides all the tools that you need to grow a successful business. There are two pricing options available: Lite (Free) and Business.

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By MicroBiz LLC

MicroBiz is a POS software that features real-time inventory for multiple stores, cloud-based software, eCommerce integration, cross-platform transaction monitoring, and order management. The software can be used on various types of retail businesses, such as clothing stores, repair shops, pet stores, and so on. The software is customized for your business type, so that you can use it right away, without any complicated customization procedure. A free 21-day trial is available, with two pricing options: MicroBiz Cloud and MicroBiz Windows.

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By Bindo Labs, Inc

Bindo POS works with your iPad to integrate your retail business, mobile commerce, and e-commerce into one point of sale system. It offers various features, including powerful register, customer management, online storefront, business insights, and remote access. With this software, you can get real-time transaction monitoring, accept various payment options (including credit cards and Apple Pay), and engage more with your customers via loyalty programs or gift cards. A 14-day free trial of the software is available.

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By Harbortouch Payments, LLC

HarborTouch provides a complete point of sale system that offers various features to ease your business transactions, including high quality hardware designed for the HarborTouch software with lifetime warranty, customized software packages, cloud-based reporting and management, and support for multiple payment options. HarborTouch offers on-site installation without any up-front or installation cost. A 30-day free trial is available, with two pricing options: HarborTouch Elite POS and HarborTouch Echo POS. Each plan comes with a flat monthly fee for the service.

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By AccuPOS Point of Sale

AccuPOS is a complete point of sale system targeted for various types of businesses, such as retail stores, counter service, full service, table service, bar, and lounge. The POS software is available for various devices, and it is offered as Touch PC POS, Android POS, Customer Displays, Mobile POS, and AccuCOUNT Mobile. The software can be integrated with accounting software such as QuickBooks, Sage 50, and Sage 100. A free demo of AccuPOS software is available upon contacting the company.

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By SalesVu, Inc

SalesVu offers various features, including complete retail management, restaurant and bar management, beauty/wellness management, professional services management, health club management, and winery management. This point of sale software allows you to manage multiple businesses in one dashboard, create a Facebook store or eCommerce website, get real-time reports for your sales, manage your inventory and employees, as well as automate your email and Facebook marketing. A free 15-day trial is available, with a la carte and discount bundle pricing available.

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By Lavu, Inc

Lavu is an iPad POS system that allows to process the store transactions for various types of businesses, such as food trucks, pizzeria, bar, nightclub, franchise, coffee shops, and so on. You can either install this software for yourself, or ask the local specialist to help you in the installation process. A free trial account is available, with various pricing options: Lavu, Lavu Silver, Lavu Gold, and Lavu Pro. Each plan comes with a license and a monthly service fee.

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By TouchBistro, Inc

TouchBistro is an iPad point of sale system with many variations: Quick Service POS, Restaurant POS, Food Chain POS, Food Truck POS, Bar POS, Coffee Shop POS, Pizza POS, and Stadium POS. It offers useful features that help to run your business smoothly, including quick pay-at-table payment, bill splitting, order customization, print receipt, email receipts, and staff management. A 30-day free trial is available, with four different pricing options: Solo, Dual, Team, and Unlimited.

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By CSS Holdings, Inc

LivePOS is a cloud hybrid point of sale with real-time online dashboard that enables you to use the software for multiple stores and franchises. With this software, you can integrate your business with various third-party software, and automate your business transactions without hassle. It can also be used to process payment for your services and work time. It features multi-store management, eCommerce, and app center. A free trial option is available, with three different pricing options: Small, Established, and Franchise.

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ZingCheckout provides a multi-platform POS system that is complete and easy to use. It works with any device, with digital receipt, social media marketing, no servers, and various theme options. The POS software features multiple tax levels, discounts, product images, barcode scanning, order lookouts, item refunds, cash drawer, and various report types. A free trial of the software is available, with three different pricing options: Entry, Standard, and Pro. It can be integrated with various business software and payment gateways.

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GoPago, now called Verifone Cloud POS, is a flexible POS system that can be scaled according to your business needs. It comes with the best POS hardware, along with easy and secure payment processing, cloud-based software, customizable POS system, loyalty program, and mobile app. The software provides real-time reporting tool that gives a complete insight about your business. GoPago offers flexible upfront cost, with free automatic updates. The hardware options include mPOS Bundle, Line Buster Bundle, and Complete Bundle.

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iConnectPOS is available in various platforms: iPad, Windows, iPhone, and Web. It is targeted especially for large businesses, such as enterprises, corporations, and franchises. It supports various types of businesses, such as mobile business, non-profit, education, franchise, salon, spa, quick serve restaurant, and so on. The software can be used in multiple locations, with EMV technology, loyalty program, and dedicated POS consultant. A 15-day free trial account is available, with four different packages: Small, Medium, Large, and Enterprise.

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By American Bancard, LLC

TouchSuite provides various business tools for small businesses, including point of sale systems, merchant card services, and merchant cash advance. It provides useful features that help small to large businesses grow their sales, including chip technology, QuickBooks solutions, world-class support, flexible pricing options, the best technology in hardware and software, and competitive pricing. It is best to be used in retail, salon, spa, and restaurant businesses. A software demo can be scheduled upon contacting the company directly.

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By Pose POS Ltd

Pose is a web-based POS software that is easy to set up and simple to use. It is best to be used for retail stores, booths, stands, fairs, service shops, repair shops, and cafes. With this software, you can engage more with your customers, organize your products, create loyalty programs, manage your employees, and get complete reports for your business. It works with any device on any platform. A 30-day free trial is available, with one simple monthly pricing plan.

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Maitre’D POS is a point of sale software for restaurants that allows you to manage employees, manage floor plan, manage cash and deposits, manage inventory, manage accounts receivable, create loyalty program, and manage payments. The software works with various types of hardware, and it can store any information related to your business. Maitre’D POS offers various types of products: POS Solutions and Back-Office, Mobile Apps, Enterprise Solutions, and CVM Kitchen Video Display System. Free trial and demo are available.

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By StoreHub Sdn Bhd

StoreHub offers enterprise features for any type of business, including real-time reports, smart inventory management, customer relationship management, and offline protection. It works with all types of businesses, including retail franchise, quick serve restaurant, food truck, service, and boutique. A free 14-day trial is available, with three different pricing options: Small, Medium, and Large. StoreHub also offers essential hardware for the POS system, including iPad stand, receipt printer, cash drawer, wireless router, and barcode scanner. This software works with iPad.

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By CAM Commerce Solutions Inc

CamCommerce offers a complete point of sale system that features integrated eCommerce, customer management, purchasing management, inventory management, business reporting, loyalty program, merchandise planning, and more. It offers various software solutions, including Retail STAR, Retail STAR Open to Buy (OTB), Pharmacy POS, Paint POS, Integrated E-commerce Software, and Integrated Payment Processing. Aside from offering POS software, CamCommerce also offers a hardware solution to use with the software, with HP All-in-One POS Solution. An online demo of the software is available.

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By Springboard Retail

Springboard Retail offers retail point of sale solution that allows you to manage your business from anywhere, and take your point of sale software to your mobile device. The cloud-based platform allows you to store your business data safely and get updates for your business transactions in real-time. It features dashboard and reporting, purchasing and receiving, inventory management, customer orders, and customer management. It is offered in three different pricing options: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise.

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By BitMethod LLC

Change is an iPad point of sale system designed for restaurants, cafes, and bars. The software is easy to set up, and you can always customize it according to your business needs. It can be used even when there is no internet connection available. Within the Change Dashboard, you can see various important data related to your business, so that you can monitor your business growth in real-time. A free 14-day trial is available, with monthly and yearly pricing options.

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By Posterita Inc

Posterita allows you to manage your retail business and process all the transactions with one simple point of sale software. It gives simplicity, mobility, and control for your business. It is an iPad POS software that features multiple-store management, secure and reliable platform, flexible hardware compatibility, cloud-based system, and total control for various aspects of your business. A free 30-day trial is available, with three pricing options: Cash Register, Retail, and Enterprise.

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NCR Counterpoint offers a complete retail management solution, including point of sale and inventory management software. It allows you to manage your business by integrating your email marketing tool, building eCommerce solution for your business, creating mobile POS system, and keeping track of your business activities through alerts and email notifications. The software is built for various types of retail businesses. A demo is available upon request. You can also request a quote by contacting the company directly.

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By Cegid Group

Cegid is a point of sale and retail management software that enables you to simplify your retail business and deliver great ROI for your business. The software is easy to set up and use, which can be configured to match your business type, with many integration options available. It offers real-time report, which allows you to monitor your business on multiple channels. It is mobile, fully scalable, and support international transactions. You can contact the company directly for pricing inquiries.

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