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Clinic management software can allow doctors and small dispensaries to effectively manage their patients with these applications mostly available with features such as appointments, booking, various reports, wait lists and much more to efficiently manage practice. Below is a list of some leading clinic management products.



By Red Guava Pty. Ltd.

Cliniko is a complete health care managements system for the medical professionals including Osteopaths, chiropractors, Podiatrists, Physicians and naturopaths. It has a web based interface enabling the users to access the patient information irrespective of their locations. The software assists the doctors in keeping track of the patient history and optimizes their work efficiency. With daily appointment updates, you can focus on the well being of the individuals. Installing the application makes it easier for the staff to control the operation of multiple clinics.

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PointClickCare is a cloud based application designed to streamline the elderly care and assist the medical professionals to enhance their business. Installation of the system simplifies the complex procedures related to the medical regulatory compliances. It improves the collaboration among the work force so that they can improve the standards of medical services offered to the seniors. The application is equipped with the capability to offer customized solutions to diverse range of professionals managing the core clinical, administrative and business services.

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Sunrise EMR

By Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc.

The application integrates all the aspects of the health care using a single interface. It maintains the patient records belonging to different categories. In addition, Sunrise EMR also offers complete business and analytics solution to the health care organizations. The system ensures the optimization of clinical decision support system to make the patient care more efficient. Small clinics as well as big hospitals can benefit from EMR application as they help in enhancing the clinical and the business operations.

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By ADP AdvancedMD Software, Inc

AdvancedMD provides all-in-one medical software designed for private practices, which helps you to engage more with your patients and work anywhere. It features autofill charge slip, speech and transcription, role-based views and preferences, user-definable folders, customizable medical plans, automatic patient alert, and more. It offers third-party integrations, including Campaign Manager, ChartLogic, EMA Dermatology, and digiChart.

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CureMD offers clinical data analytics to the medical consultants for identifying high risk patients among the section of the population. It helps to optimize the health care services by making them more efficient. Mobile version of CureMD provides complete health care management system on the tablet or smart phones to the medical professionals while they are on the move. CureMD provides one stop solution to the patients for easy registration and receiving of the test reports electronically without standing in queues for treatment.

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By Astute Data Systems Limited

PracticePal is a complete web based solution for the clinics and hospitals. You do not need to install the application but it is remotely hosted to be accessed from any device. The clinical information shared on the system is encrypted to ward of the attacks from the hackers. PracticePal is instrumental in enhancing the core efficiencies of the medical organizations ranging from patients registration to the quality of the treatment. It also assists in improving the business aspects of the clinic and hospital.

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By Practicesuite Inc.

PracticeSuite is a holistic medical management system with primary focus on optimizing the patient care and the billing processes of the organization. It incorporates ICD-10 module to comply with the billing codes set by the authorities. The application provides one stop solution for the doctors to enhance the business revenues and for tracking the profile of the patients. PracticeSuite professionals conduct training for the clients so that they can make full use of its powerful features.

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By Attune Technologies Pt Ltd

ClinicKernel offers comprehensive solution to the clinics by improving the business prospects. The application focuses on effective patient, medicine and billing management system of the organization. Integration of the business processes streamlines the patient treatment procedure making them more effective. The clients do not need to pay for the entire application but only the modules they are using for the business. Customized solution with cost effectiveness is the unique selling point of the supplication.

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By AllegianceMD software, inc.

AllegianceMD application incorporates multiple features to track the patient treatment procedures along with the streamlining of the financial functions of the clinic. One of the most important and innovative attribute is the claim scrubbing facility in the software. Claims track management system module in the application works automatically to rectify the claim issues. AllegianceMD strictly adheres to the American insurance portability and accountancy act to maintain privacy and confidentiality of the patient data.

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Clinic Sense

By Rocket Thought Marketing Inc.

Apart from providing complete clinical solutions to the medical consultants, the application incorporates the facility of email marketing to target the patients with discounts on treatment. It also helps the hospital to strike rapport with the clients. In addition , you can also promote and sell gift certificates to the patients via Clinic Sense system.

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Vertikal Systems

By Vertikal Systems SRL

Vertikal Systems can be customized according to the needs of the clients be they are solo medical professionals, clinics or large hospitals. Integration of the patient, front desk and billing department on a single platform optimizes the efficiency of the health care organization. Different security levels protect the information from unwanted intruders. You can even upload images and reports into the application for future references.

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By e-dataware Limited

eClinic application manages the functions of a health care organization from the ground up. Patient registration, tracking, billing and communication are the part and parcels of the system. It not only assists in marketing medical products to the targeted patients but sends periodical reminders about the impending appointments. One of the most important attributes of software is that it is easily compatible with third party applications.

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By Technolarity Private Limited

Clinicea incorporates a single platform for the health care group to integrate the functions of its multiple clinics spread across different geographical locations. The application assists in data mining of the clinical data to make the patient treatment effective. Flexibility is the core attribute of the Clinicea software as it allows the clients to handle different payment modes. The USP of the application is the imaging on the cloud facility for the users. Graphical reports of the patients are updated and edited in cloud.

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Softclinic Software

By JVS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Softclinic Software application not only optimizes the patient care but also makes the billing and accounting functions transparent. It is regularly backups the data with the facility of quick restoration in case of breakdown. The software can be managed by multiple users in an intranet environment. File management is one of the most vital features of the Softclinic because it is imbibed with two way synchronization.

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Clinic Master

By Les Systemes ADDA Tech Inc.

Clinic Master imbibes different features including the compensation calculation facility for the therapists. Unlike the other applications, it also provides automated form filling options to the users. PR management system module of the software plays an important role in enhancing the customer based of the medical care organization. Premium value added services transform the application into a perfect marketing platform for the expansion of the business in the future.

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American Medical EMR

By W. David Scott, Inc.

American Medical EMR application is known for its optimized patient tracking system. It is equipped with the capability to analyze patient demography and target groups particularly prone to certain diseases. The software is certified with ONC HIT certification; therefore it can be particularly useful for the stage 1 and stage 2 providers. Unlike the cloud based applications that are rented, American medical EMR is PC based system wholly owned by the users.

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Practice Admin

By PracticeAdmin, LLC

The Practice Admin medical management system practically covers all aspects of the hospital business. It is a customized solution rather than being a bundle based application package. Therefore, you pay for the facilities that you use. Billing module perfectly synchronizes the insurance billing system without any error. Apart from the availability of complete solutions for the hospital, it also contains ICD-10 cross walk tool for future compliance.

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