Predictive Analytics

The sophisticated predictive analysis technology is meant for enabling organization for mining data and building predictive models which can assist them in analyzing future business situations. Predictive modeling and data mining technology is utilized by organizations for making better business decisions. It allows users to identify risks and find new opportunities. On the whole, it lets organizations to stay competitive.

These are a few Predictive Analytics platform developers that several leading global companies prefer:


IBM SPSS Modeler

By International Business Machines Corporation

IBM SPSS Modeler is a widespread predictive analytics software platform which is designed for bringing predictive intelligence to judgments made by enterprises, systems, groups and individuals. By offering a wide range of sophisticated techniques and algorithms which include decision management & optimization, entity analytics and text analytics, SPSS Modelers will be able to help businesses making tactical decisions consistently. It can simply improve the competitive edge of organizations.

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SAP Predictive Analysis helps different types of businesses for anticipating and shaping better business results. Companies will be capable of uncovering patterns and trends from the internet, existing data sources of companies and Big Data with the powerful predictive modeling platform from SAP. It lets businesses to automate the predictive modeling process for building models in no time for gaining extraordinary insights into customers, markets and business.

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SAS Predictive Analytics make use of machine-learning techniques, data and statistical algorithms for identifying the probability of historical data-based future end results. The predictive analysis platform from SAS allows organizations for producing new insights and streamlining decision making which will result in better actions. Also, with SAS Predictive Analytics, businesses will be able to predict behaviors, understand customers, improve the performance of business and identify trends.

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Revolution R

By Revolution Analytics, Inc.

Revolution R is one of the cost-effective and the fastest enterprise-level Big Data analytics platforms that are available today. There is also one open source version available for the product. It supports a wide array of predictive modeling, machine-leaning abilities and Big Data figures. It offers scalable, enterprise-capable and high-performance analytics while supporting tentative data analysis, model deployment and model building. Revolution R offers the assurance which an organization will require for deploying sophisticated analytics within its mission-specific applications.

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FICO Predictive Analytics is from FICO, a global analytics software developer which helps businesses around the world for making better decisions which can drive greater growth levels, customer satisfaction and profitability. The organization’s revolutionary use of mathematical algorithms and Big Data for predicting consumer behavior helps industries to transform. It offers analytics tools and software for various industries for managing risks, building profitable relationships with customers and fighting fraud.

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By RapidMiner, Inc.

RapidMiner is popular predictive analysis software that disrupts the entire industry by allowing organizations to incorporate predictive model in their business process for bridging the gap between action and insights. The effortless solution from RapidMiner can make predictive analytics blazing-fast for the modern analysts today. It decrease the time take for unearthing risks and opportunities. Moreover, RapidMiner offers ground-breaking knowledge from the world’s biggest predictive modeling society.

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GraphLab Create makes complicated machine-learning easy for iterating, using and deploying. It is used every day for delivering millions of predictions, personalized experiences and recommendations by organizations around the world. Starting right from inspiration going all the way to production, it enables engineers and data scientists for building the best-in-class intelligent apps. GraphLab Create is structured for end-to-end developer scale, productivity and the complexity and variety of real-time data.

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By StatSoft Inc.

Statistica, an analytics products suite from StatSoft allows users to empower people, embed analytics anywhere and innovate faster. This powerful tool can make it pretty simple for improving decision making and solving tough business challenges. It integrates predictive analysis, data discovery, text mining and data blending for delivering regulatory recommendations to decision makers and frontline workers. By integrating prescriptive actions into the operational systems, it guides the decision making process.

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H2O is for business analysts and data scientists who require fast and scalable machine learning. H2O, an open source predictive analytics software platform, offers a blend of high-geared parallel processing and extraordinary math with unmatched usability. It also makes it possible for users for easily applying predictive modeling and math for solving the most difficult business problems today. Moreover, H2O intelligently combines exciting features which can’t be found elsewhere.

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KNIME is a contemporary data analytics software platform which will allow users to perform complex data and statistics mining on their data for predicting potential results and analyzing trends. The visual workbench from KNIME combines data transformation, data access, visualization, initial investigation and predictive modeling. It also offers the capability for developing reports based on users’ information. It is demonstrated integration software for tools of different vendors because of its modular and open API.

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By Dataiku SAS

Dataiku provides a high-performance predictive analysis platform for data scientists – where expert data professionals to entry level business analysts can work together. This is an all-in-one software platform can integrate all the abilities need for building end-to-end services which convert raw information into predictions that can impact businesses. it enables users for applying predictive modeling aspects such as predictive behavior or risk-scoring analysis to make sure they are always ahead.

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Salford SPM

By Salford Systems

Salford SPM offers predictive modeling and data mining software as well as consulting services to numerous organizations across the world. Applications in consulting and software span direct marketing, credit scoring, bio-medical research, risk management, quality control, fraud detection and market research. Organizations that use Salford consultation services and software belong to different industries. It serves businesses that want to make long-term, profitable decisions by using predictive analysis tools.

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Predixion Software

By Predixion Software, Inc.

Predixion Software helps users in making a healthier and safer world through its predictive modeling software platform. Its technology facilitates “predict anywhere” option so predictive modeling becomes portable and makes it easy for embedding on any device, in the cloud or at the gateway. It provides users with predictive insights when and where they require them. it focuses on embedding results where the same are very actionable.

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By Angoss Software Corporation

Angoss is a leader in providing predictive analysis to business that are looking for improving performance across sales, risk and marketing. With a complete suite of software solutions, consulting services and Big Data analytics, Angoss offers robust approaches which provide organizations with a full lead by turning their information in to business decisions. Angoss helps numerous organizations in retail, insurance and high tech industry for increasing sales and growing revenue.

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Rapid Insight

By Rapid Insight Inc.

Rapid Insight is professional provider of automatic predictive modeling and business intelligence software. Rapid Insight focuses on efficiency and usability. The products from the company facilitate users for turning their data into information that will be actionable. It simplifies analysis and extraction of data, enabling the clients for making use of their information for making data-driven decisions. It also lets the users for examining the data putting it to work.

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By Medio Systems, Inc

Medio is a global provider that increases the value of lifetime of mobile consumers. The predictive solutions from Medio let businesses for improving lifetime value and retention of customers by offering personalized experiences and predictive insights. It also helps organization in acquiring customers of higher value. With extensive experience in offering operational and mobile experience, Medio delivers best-in-class predictive analysis for established brands and emerging businesses.

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Alpine Data

By Alpine Analytics, Inc.

Alpine Data provides Alpine Chorus, an advanced analytics software platform for Hadoop and Big Data. It helps companies in enabling their employees for building, deploying and consuming analysis insights and applications in a collaborative atmosphere. It allows users for embedding predictive analysis in to their daily routine for delivering results that are analytically driven. It also lets businesses for interacting with complicated machine leaning easily.

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Infogamy is a lead management platform that offers the research of deeper insights, offer recommendations and make predictions,, when you need it. Before your sales team engages with incoming leads, helping you close more deals quickly. Early Analytics also offers you with the details and data you require to take decisions on How, When and What to act and close your inbound sales leads gathered from your website’s forms and pages, or on a various scenarios, assuring maximum effectiveness and revenue.

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