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A story or idea can be best explained in the visual form or in the form of pictures and graphics. A presentation is a graphical way to represent a story or idea using pictures, videos, clip arts, and other tools. Presentation software and tools allow users to easily create interactive and beautiful presentations easily. A presentation can be based on a story, process, steps, or idea. There are available hundreds of presentation software both online and in downloadable forms.

Here are some of the most recommended presentation tools and applications.

Prezi is online presentation software integrated with several special features, tools and effects to help users build professional presentations on their ideas. Its key features include visual storytelling, conversational presentation, zoom & pan, easy to navigate and present, library of customizable templates, media import and embedding, support to all popular file types, compatibility with all devices, cloud storage, desktop apps for offline access, online collaboration, advanced image editing, and much more.

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Keynote is a presentation tool for Mac that allows users to create stunning presentations with the help of integrated tools, effects and applications. It also allows online sharing and embedding of presentations direct from the software. It is compatible with MS PowerPoint and also supports integration and collaboration with other iOS devices. Its key features include data pop up, custom color mixer, trace animation, and many more.

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By Microsoft Corporation

PowerPoint from Microsoft is one of the most widely used presentation software out there. The online software allows users to create and edit beautiful presentations within minutes with the help of inbuilt tools. There are also available PowerPoint mobile apps for android, iOS and Windows mobile devices to allow users to review and edit documents anytime, anywhere. Other features include easy sharing, speaker notes, voice and files embedding, and more.

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Google Slides is a free online presentation platform from Google that allows users to create and edit presentations in collaboration with other users online. It is also compatible with MS PowerPoint and thus, allows editing of ppt slides. Google Slides desktop application works fine even without an internet connection. Key features include online sharing and embedding, multiple themes & templates, hundreds of fonts, embedding video, voice & animation, and much more.

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Impress from LibreOffice is a presentation tool used to create effective multimedia presentations. The tool features different editing and viewing modes, including normal, outline, notes, handout, and slide sorter for flexible edition and creation. Impress allows creating and embedding slide show animations, effects, drawing, diagrams, 2D and 3D images, etc. to the presentation for better effects. Other features include rich content, 3D scenes, slide show mode, multiple monitors support, and many more.

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By PowToon limited

PowToon is a free online tool to create presentations and animated videos. The tool is featured with several presentation templates, animations, designs, arts, and tools to help users create beautiful professional presentations. PowToon is an ideal presentation solution for businesses & startups, marketing professionals, trainers & educators, and many other users. Other important PowToon feature is that it is very easy to use, even for beginners.

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GoAnimate is an online animation and presentation software mainly used to create professional animated videos. Since it is a web based platform, no installation or set up is required to be able to use it. Even a novice user can use GoAnimate to create business presentations and videos with the help of easy-to-use tools. Its features include unlimited video downloads and shares, powerful tools, inbuilt themes and designs, drag and drop based interface, and more.

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Articulate Studio

By Articulate Global, Inc.

Articulate Studio is mainly used by educators and learning websites to create online, presentation based training courses. In addition to online learning material and presentations, it can also create interactive quizzes, surveys, assessments, and other interactive content for effective learning. Articulate Studio works fine with PowerPoint and offers advanced set of tools with features like, easy authoring, media & interactions, player & navigation, online publishing, etc.

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By Visual Software Systems Ltd.

emaze is online presentation software featured with several tools for users to create beautiful presentations to amaze everyone. The software is loaded with several beautiful templates that can be easily picked and edited to transform into amazing visual presentations to target any audience. Its notable features and functions include HTML5 presentation maker, video presentations, 3D presentations, slideshows, 3D zoom and video background templates, cloud-based, multi-device access, and a lot more.

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Slides is web based presentation software that allows creating, editing and sharing beautiful presentations. It works right from the browser and therefore, no software installation is needed. It allows importing and embedding content from other applications like Vimeo. Other important features include cloud based platform, accessible anywhere, anytime, mobile phone remote access, easy-to-work layout, media library, downloadable presentations, and many more.

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Haiku Deck

By Giant Thinkwell, Inc.

Haiku Deck is an online presentation tool designed to allow users to tell their stories in the form of fun, simple and beautiful presentations. If you have an idea or an amazing story to tell, Haiku Deck can help you to tell that story in the most beautiful way possible. With a wide collection of galleries, features, topics, images, and much more, it is very easy to create a meaningful and attractive presentation, even for a novice user.

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Zoho ShowTime

By Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

ShowTime from Zoho is a powerful presentation tool that allows users to create new presentations or work on existing ppt files to create more awesome ones. It lets you access and navigate the presentation remotely from mobile phone so that you can properly interact and engage with the audience. It brings out the actual value of a presentation and the skills of a presenter in the best possible way.

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By Easy WebContent, Inc.

Visme presentation software lets users create interactive presentations, infographics, visual ads, and much more from a simple yet very powerful interface. The software is ideal for everyone including individuals, trainers, executives, marketers, companies, and more, for every presentation task, and for every industry. In addition to meaningful presentations & infographs, Visme also supports work reports, product demos, web banners, and anything else that need visual handling.

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Moovly specializes in the creation of animated videos, presentations, and other multimedia content. Inbuilt library objects and free templates make it super easy to create presentations while giving users the ability to add their own video clips, images and sounds to their presentations. Users are allowed to manage, edit or customize their files, share them online anywhere with anyone, publish on YouTube or social sites, and download for offline use.

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By SlideRocket, Inc.

SlideRocket presentation software allows users to create and share presentations for business and personal uses. Compatibility with PowerPoint and Google Slides enables SlideRocket users to import their presentations and reinvent them. SlideRocket's desktop and mobile applications make it easy to access, edit and share files from anywhere, anytime even without the internet. Its online interface is bundled with several professional design tools to allow creating awesome presentations always.

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Express Points

By NCH Software, Inc.

Express Points is free presentation software for Mac and Windows platforms. It allows users to create professional presentations and business slides to present their ideas and arguments to the audience in the most convenient form. Some of its notable features include intuitive user interface, multiple presentation templates, easy customization and editing, audio, music and media integration, multiple slide transitions, PowerPoint (.pptx) compatibility, visual arguments with audience, and much more.

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By Slidebean, Inc.

Slidebean is an advanced presentation platform that automatically builds beautiful presentations based on the content inserted and design chosen by the user. It saves a lot of user time by creating professional presentations in minutes. Slidebean’s built-in photo stock allows users to access and import from thousands of professional photographs. It also allows downloading presentations for offline use and sharing with others or social media.

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By Bunkr, Inc.

Bunkr is an online presentation tool that allows creating elegant presentations based on any web content. The tool is suitable for marketers, speakers, designers, developers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, business professionals, and everyone else looking for an easy to use, but powerful online platform to present their website or application content in a creative manner. Bunkr supports multiple content types, including text, images, videos, social, chat, code, audio, and many more.

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CustomShow is a business presentation tool for iPad, Mac and desktop devices that allows companies to develop highly professional presentations for marketing and sales. Its features include iPad dedicated app, PowerPoint import, library management, presentation ROI, customization control, branding, portability, reliable and versatile, and more. It combines a design optimized builder with a powerful library management system and delivery options for multiple devices and platforms.

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SlideDog is free presentation software and multimedia tool that allows users to embed their favorite multimedia files to create a powerful and professional presentation. SlideDog is available for Windows, Mac and other platforms. It supports integration with multiple files types, including PowerPoint slides, PDFs, and many more. Users can create a seamless playlist of any of their media files on one easy interface without needing to switch between applications.

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By KnowledgeVision Systems, Inc.

KnowledgeVision is a presentation solution suitable for marketing & sales, e-learning & human resources, communications, and any other business or personal use. It lets users convert their ideas or stories into meaningful presentations with the help of powerful inbuilt tools and applications. Users can create presentation-based learning & training programs, marketing information shows, media briefings, and company profiles in a more presentable way with KnowledgeVision.

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By Focusky Software Co., Ltd.

Focusky offers various online tools for users to create animated videos and presentations for an improved visual experience for their audience. It is full of features like, unlimited zoom and pan effect, dynamic characters, build-in animation, pre-designed templates and themes, 3D zoom and video backgrounds, YouTube sharing, cloud based, automated translation tool, rich media, animation editor, free online hosting, Windows & Mac compatibility, and tons more.

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