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A press release is an official statement or news released by an organization or marketing agency (on behalf of their clients) to announce the launch of a new service or product. Press releases are most widely used as a way to market or promote a specific product or service. A press release service or distribution company offers free or paid submission and distribution of users’ press releases and news content across several news sites, social media, journalists, media outlets, and more. The target is to increase visibility and traffic to clients’ websites.

There are hundreds of PR services out there; some of the best ones have been discussed here.


PR Newswire

By PR Newswire Association LLC

PR Newswire is an online press release distribution and marketing service used by thousands of media organizations as a credible source of news. It is a fine PR solution for businesses, marketing agencies and individuals with reach to local and global market across all media types. It also allows users to track their press releases and measure the performance of campaigns from a single platform.

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Business Wire is a famous press release distribution service that collects news and releases from internet users and businesses, and distributes them to multiple websites, apps and worldwide newsrooms. In addition to PR distribution, Business Wire also supports multimedia and online marketing services for better promotion of news. Its other services include print, broadcast and online newsrooms, global mobile social measurable platforms, multiple newswire services, and more.

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By Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC

PRWeb is an online PR distribution service that allows companies and businesses to increase their reach and brand value by sharing customer-friendly news and releases on the web. It can spread a published PR across multiple search engines, popular websites and blogs for better reach to target audiences. PRWeb gives organizations the opportunity to increase their reach on the web, get found on search engines easily and quickly, and be famous.

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PRLog is a free online press release submission and distribution service for businesses of all sizes. The service is aimed at increasing traffic, visibility, sales and brand value for users’ businesses. PRLog’s PR submission service provides support to HTML links in the body, search engine submission, PDF version, multiple industries, video PR, and spam filtering. PR distribution services include sharing across multiple sites, search engines, RSS feeds, social media integration, real time alerts, and more.

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By Free-Press-Release Inc. is an online PR distribution service to help small, medium size businesses and large enterprises with their online marketing strategies. It allows submission and distribution of official press releases and news on behalf of the organizations of any size and industry. supports multi-channel distribution for maximum reach to the target audience and market. There are available multiple PR distribution plans to suit the needs of different types of users.

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By MyPRGenie, Inc.

MyPRGenie is a cloud-based PR distribution and social marketing service used by many businesses and marketers for better reach and distribution of their news and official releases. With a rich database of global media companies and journalists, MyPRGenie makes it possible for businesses to increase the reach of their press releases to target audiences. It also allows businesses to connect with famous journalists & bloggers from around the world.

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Online PR Media is an SEO enabled press release submission and distribution service for agencies. It offers multiple plans with different features to suit different business needs, including a free plan. Online PR Media accepts all types of press releases and news, and optimizes them with effective SEO, social media, and multimedia strategies to increase reach and visibility. New users are also given instructions and guidance for PR writing and submission.

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Newswire is an online PR agency used by businesses and marketers to create buzz, increase reach and online visibility of their news and press releases, and drive traffic to their websites. It allows users to manage, organize, edit, publish, and track their press releases online from a single interface. It features a strong network of media sites and journalists looking for the latest news and buzz; it helps increasing the reach of your PR to target audiences.

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By PR Worldwide, Inc. is an online news distribution service and directory of businesses. It allows individuals and organizations to submit and share their press releases across multiple platforms on the web. The platform is also helpful for journalists and media looking for news and current event updates. Press release distribution service is offered through multiple plans with different features to suffice different businesses needs and budget.

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By Marketwired L.P.

Marketwired PR and newswire service is used by businesses as a press release distribution and social marketing tool. It makes it easier for organizations to write and distribute high-quality, real-time news for their target audiences. Marketwired Resonate is a very effective tool designed to help agencies and marketers identify and target their right audiences, create customer targeted content, distribute and share, and analyze from a single platform.

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By GlobeNewswire, Inc.

GlobeNewswire is an online news and press release submission and distribution service that allows organizations and marketers to create optimized press releases, publish news on any device or platform across the globe, and analyze the performance, all from one dashboard. It also offers integrated SEO services for optimization of press releases for target audiences and search engines. Different pricing options are available for different types of businesses and user needs.

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1888 Press Release is a PR distribution service used by businesses, marketers and individuals worldwide for effective and global distribution of their news and media content. In addition to distribution services, it also provides sample press releases and PR writing tips for new users. It offers various free and paid plans with different features and tools for different budget and needs. Users can also keep track of their PR distribution and performance from their dashboard.

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By Midas Internet Limited

Pressbox is a UK based PR submission and distribution service that works as an effective online hub for press release businesses and journalists. PR professionals can use pressbox to submit and distribute unlimited number of releases to the online newswire and with the online audience. Journalists can use this platform to find the latest, even-driven news. Pressbox can also be used for research purposes through searchable secondary data.

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By Connectus, L.L.C.

NewsBox is an online platform for publishers and readers, allowing them to research and subscribe for interesting news and articles, create new press releases, news and articles and embed rich media items, share and distribute PRs with other people, on social media and online websites, and measure the content performance. NewsBox also has its own mobile app to allow publishers and readers to access services through their mobile phones.

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By PressDoc B.V. is an easy and well-optimized press release service that allows quick publishing and distribution of social media friendly press releases to the targeted list of audiences and contacts. It supports multiple languages, and allows press release creation, distribution and analysis from an all in one newsroom. In addition to various efficient writing tools, it also allows embedding rich media, such as videos, sounds, files for a more engaging story.

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By openPR UG & Co. KG

openPR is a free, professional press release submission and online public relations service used by organizations, online marketers and individuals for audience targeted distribution of their news and PRs. In addition to PR distribution and submission, openPR also offers press release writing services by professional writers. With a rich database of millions of subscribers and PR distribution to multiple websites, it ensures high visibility for all submitted news articles.

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24-7 Press Release

By Dragstrip Designs Marketing Inc.

24-7 Press Release is an online news hub for businesses and marketing agencies, journalists, bloggers and readers. It provides an efficient platform for businesses to write and share their stories and press releases to their audience on the web. It is a media research desk for journalists and bloggers to find news articles and information quickly. They also offer press release writing services for all types of industries.

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By ReleaseWire LLC

SBWire press release distribution services help businesses increase visibility and get noticed by publishing their content on several media sites and social networks. It features a powerful and easy to use PR manager platform that helps users with the press release creation and submission process while allowing them to distribute their articles to audiences in the target market. It also allows professional journalists to use and distribute the news of their choices.

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By PitchEngine, Inc.

PitchEngine is a PR release and distribution platform that makes it easy for users to create and publish beautiful, targeted and mobile friendly stories within minutes. It increases content visibility and reach by making it optimized for mobile, desktop and web. PitchEngine offers an integrated custom news stream for beautiful display and management of press releases. It also provides tools for content performance analysis, measurement and improvement.

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PR Urgent is a press release service used for high quality submission and distribution of press releases for increased visibility in search engines and popular news sites like Google News, Yahoo, MSN, and more. It also provides PR writing services, sample releases, writing tips and support for multiple categories. Users can choose either the free plan or a paid distribution service to suit their specific needs and budget.

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Newswire Today is an online press release and newswire distribution service used by corporations, marketing agencies, writers, PR agencies, journalists, and content providers to publish and distribute their news and releases to multiple networks. It allows press release distribution and automatic sharing across multiple news sites and networks, including Google News, Bing search, USAnewswire, Bing news, Yahoo search, Topsy, and many more.

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The Open Press

By The Open Press, Inc.

The Open Press is an online platform for professional submission and distribution of press releases, book reviews, product launches, news, and more. It allows firms, marketing agencies, and individuals to write and submit their news in all major industries. All PR submissions go through a strict approval process to filter out low quality and unprofessional releases. The Open Press also provides journalism students an opportunity to build their online portfolio through quality submission.

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By Condesa, Inc.

PRLeap is a complete solution for agencies and organizations looking for press release distribution, syndication and analytics services. It features multiple inbuilt templates, photo and video embedding, mobile compatibility, SEO optimization, and targeted distribution across multiple search engines and social networking. Users are also given in depth analysis of the views, searches, visibility, likes and shares, tweets, and syndication of all their PR submissions.

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PRnob is an online press release distribution platform to allow businesses and marketing agencies to submit free and premium news releases and promote their business to millions of users on the web. The platform is suitable for any business of any size and marketing professionals looking for a content distribution platform. It allows targeted distribution of press releases across thousands of media outlets and news websites to increase online visibility.

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By GroupWeb Media LLC

EmailWire is a press release distribution and newswire service that allows quality submission and distribution of SEO optimized press releases to thousands of journalists, trade magazines, newsrooms, online news sites, and search engines. It also provides syndication and feed services for online news readers and journalists. Other services offered by EmailWire include company profiles, RSS & Email subscription, and news placement on user websites, podcasts, and more.

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By Realwire Limited

RealWire is a social media news release and content distribution service that allows online publishing and worldwide distribution of professional press releases. It also offers tools for optimization of PR content, targeted and relevant distribution of stories, social media sharing, and tracking and analysis of submitted content. It is aimed at increasing social media and search engine visibility of all user press releases.

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By GeekSuit, LLC

prMac offers press release writing, distribution and broadcasting services for Apple devices. It provides an efficient medium for businesses and agencies to reach and communicate with the media for relevant distribution of their news and PRs. It features a simple-to-use and guided platform to create, format and publish professional news and releases. In addition to that, it also supports extended distribution, video press releases, and content writing.

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PRFire is a UK based content distribution and press release service that offers submission and distribution of news content and releases for all major categories, including business, agriculture, engineering, design, and many more. PRFire free plan allows free online submission and publishing of press releases. The paid version offers targeted distribution of content, social media promotion, RSS distribution, and much more, and is suitable for businesses and marketing agencies.

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By MEK Enterprises LLC

eReleases press release distribution service allows US based businesses and agencies to publish and distribute their news articles and press releases to many major media outlets. It also provides PR writing and editing services by real, professional editors not salespeople. eReleases enables distribution of press releases to thousands of journalists, bloggers, reporters, television, and media outlets through subscription, online sharing and feeds.

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PressExposure is a free PR distribution and public relations service that allows marketing professionals, businesses and individuals to distribute their releases and news to their target audience on the web. Though PressExposure is a free PR submission service, all submissions go through a rigorous process to ensure quality and authenticity. It offers efficient PR reach through media/press outlets, journalists, email alerts, RSS feeds, social sharing, and more.

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By PressKing SAS

PressKing is a complete online press release management and distribution solution. It features a dedicated press room for companies and clients that provides all business information about the company, such as press releases, logos, profile, and more. The interface is quite easy and beautiful that allows creating stunning press releases within minutes. PressKing also features a rich database of thousands of journalists for quick and relevant distribution of releases.

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By Burrelle's Information Services

BurrellesLuce is a PR agency and media monitoring company that helps businesses improve the way they outreach media and public. It offers various media outreach services, including unlimited PR distribution, list-building, etc. to target and engage with media companies. It also provides an online platform to manage and monitor online, print, social and broadcast media. Media reporting services include analysis and measuring of marketing efforts.

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PR Underground

By Madison Square Ventures LLC

PR Underground is a fast, affordable PR service that specializes in SEO optimized press release distribution across multiple media websites and outlets, including Google News, social media, and many more. It also allows better content promotion and reach through syndication and RSS feeds for online readers and journalists. PR Underground is an ideal content distribution service for businesses, SEO agencies and individuals, who want to increase website traffic and visibility.

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By Atmedia Ltd

Pressat is a UK based press release distribution service that provides PR writing and delivery services to companies in the UK and all over the world. Common media outlets and distribution platforms used by Pressat include online blogs, magazines, newspapers, social media, journalists, key influencers, and more. In addition to PR distribution, Pressat also offers translation services, disclosure services, copywriting, online editing, and global outreach.

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Send2Press provides press release writing & distribution and media relationships services to companies all over the world. Send2Press PR writing services include writing and editing by professional editors with writing projects examples for users. Press release distribution service is powered with a rich media database of social media networks, daily media, magazines, state newswires, syndicators, and more. They offer multiple pricing options to suit the needs of different types of businesses.

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IBWIRE offers affordable and effective online press release distribution services for businesses and individuals. Distribution channels used by IBWIRE include social media sites, Google News, Bing News, investors & partners, journalists, potential clients, newspapers, and many more. It specializes in SEO friendly content publishing and massive PR distribution across multiple platforms. IBWIRE supports PR submission and distribution in all major categories, including arts, business, media, marketing, etc.

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