Intranet Connections

By: SQBox Solutions Ltd.

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Intranet Connections is simple yet powerful intranet software being used by many leading organizations for effective creation, connection and collaboration between work processes and employees. The software allows companies to automate their business processes and increase employee engagement by implementing a powerful platform for employees to communicate, share and collaborate. Intranet Connections integrates hundreds of built-in tools and applications to helps users in every way possible.

Top Features

  • Managing & Reviewing Documents
  • Documents Comments & Ratings
  • Tagging Content
  • Documents Versioning
  • Automated Archiving & Clean-Up
  • Full-Text Document Indexing
  • People Directory
  • Online Forms
  • Formulas & Triggers
  • Embedded Spreadsheets
  • Exporting Reports
  • PDF & Excel Exporting
  • Sharing Calendars
  • Event Calendars
  • Online Training & Onboarding
  • Multi-Session Course Scheduling
  • Department Sites Creation
  • Department Site Delegation
  • Building Communities Sites
  • Search Security
  • Advanced Searching
  • Search Filters & Auto-suggestion
  • Filtering Searches
  • Team Collaboration
  • Tracking Discussions
  • Online Interactive Tutorials
  • Mobile Access
  • Online Surveys Management
  • Broadcasting News


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Company Information

Company Name: SQBox Solutions Ltd.

Founded In: 1999

Address: 1000 West 14th St Suite #202, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Intranet Connections

By: SQBox Solutions Ltd.

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