Project Portfolio Management Software

Project and portfolio management software is software responsible to manages team staffs and creates several phases like planning, executing, billing and implementing the projects. It is possible to produce comprehensive solutions for various functions within an organization. This software is able to delivers functional design and array of project support. It supports efficiency in the consolidate project and delivers strategic alignment, income, planning, billing and planned budgets. It enables organizations and individuals to partially cover a few areas of the project like resources and time as per needs.

Deltek helps organizations in various project solutions. It gives a great forecast, consistent success and execution of a project for industrious success. It gives an integrated program management that supports planning, scheduling and effective cost. It manages project analytics to identify the cost and value. Deltek builds project plans to generate cost effective designed and reliable system that manages less risk exposure. Deltek gives solutions to government projectors and private agencies seeking solutions to ANSI and EVM.

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By Targetprocess Inc.

Provides visual project management software that allows you to visually manage complex projects and focus on the most important things. It features project hierarchy, backlog management, graphical report, progress tracking, activity tracking, timelines, customization, and more. The software can be used by program managers, product owner, support engineer, developer, QA engineer, and IT manager. TargetProcess also helps in customizing processes and supplies the business requirements to industries. It manages complex processes and gives a visible and transparent need within your organization. It supplies a cross department a centralized location that allows an efficient benefits over the working process. It manages multiple team backlogs that prioritize the multiple working teams accordingly.

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By Daptiv Solutions, LLC

Daptiv provides project portfolio management software services to the organizations seeking project solutions. It supports leading PPM functionality to change the processes suitable for the tools. This software is flexible and configured comfortably that has powerful PPM capabilities. Daptiv includes fully integrated business intelligence to develop a project design for industries that gives an unprecedented signs. Daptiv offers its service into IT governance, Project management offices, professional service automation and new product development.

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By Celoxis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Provides all-in-one online project management software that allows you to manage your projects, resources, and business processes. It features Gantt charts, project tracking, resource management, time and expense management, financial management, project portfolio management, risk management, and more. The software can be used as a cloud-based solution or it can be installed on premise. Celoxis is complete project management software integrates and collaborates the various requested tasks within an organizations. It entertains web based platform to manage resource, business processes and projects. Celoxis promises cloud based delivery available with SaaS and on premises. It advances organizations and functions in excels planning, collaborating, tracking and reporting with the latest agile technology. It allows maximizing the portfolio and projecting management fir a betterment of an organization.

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By Innotas, Inc.

Innotas is cloud based emerging software helps in IT management, PMO’s and in agile development to many organizations. It services in project portfolio, application portfolio, and predictive portfolio analysis and in resource management. It made a comprehensive understating with the projects and provides a better reporting for a focused solution. Innotas solutions included the component including the portfolio, request and resource management in form of demand planned and agile development for a detailed report.

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By Pathbrite Inc.

Pathbrite provides showing creations, development of digital gallery, making job applications, and portfolio based services to various organizations and online entrepreneurs. It helps student in development of a successful portfolio to boost their success and increase the intuitive teaching and learning ability to ingrowths. It supplies the software that enables the drag drop features to add/remove images, videos and media to create precise portfolio. Pathbrite offers pre designed featured theme where one can add the digital items that is compatible on various devices.

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ITM Platform

By IT Governance and Management, S.L.

ITM Platform is project management software based on cloud system helps in project, programs and portfolio development to various organizations, individuals and online entrepreneur. It provides managing complete organizations with all running projects and it has a vivid web based working environment. For a targeted business it structured the project services and develops an organized manner portfolio. ITM Platform ensures the task completion with the reports of managing authorities, departments and the task manager within an organization.

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By Oracle Corporation

Instantis is Oracle’s enterprises tool that helps organizations and individuals improving the financial performance and execution. This approaches a top down model to provide solutions for end to end functions. This software manages tracking, resources, processes and the enterprise strategies. It works on a central based system to execute portfolio centrally and manages the demand and source across the project portfolios. It provides the metrics, statics and the complete reports for an IT based function and the project.

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By Stand By Soft Ltd.

RationalPlan is project management software designed to serve organizations, teams and an individual’s for a consistent project planning and management. It allots resources, creates plans, analyzed and tracks the progress report of project. RationalPlan gives end users to manage and shares the resources and bring attention over the critical issues. This gives significant tracking of the project progress and evolves in time and cost management. With RationalPlan it is an easy task to break down the projects in different schedules and allocate resources.

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By Planview, Inc.

Planview is portfolio based software enables to manage resources within organizations and individuals. This managing software gives an optimum solution to your portfolio and resources. Planview supports collaboration with the project and task and enhance the workflow of the traditional projects. It delivers the platform for resources enterprises task and portfolio in the cloud. It maximizes the opportunities and determines the opportunity to focus the result. It improves agile and collaboration whereas execute plans and integrates the strategy.

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Genius Project offers software tool to make the business performance visible and resources are perfectly managed. It works in GUI based system as an add-on to perform an overall solution for the organization. This software adapts organization or an individual requirement to delivers a comprehensive enterprise solution. It supports various sectors and produces optimum solutions for visibly across project management. Genius Project let the team staffs to be connected in the overall functional process and let them perform and response with precision.

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By Sciforma Corporation

Sciforma offers a project and portfolio management service that adapts unique nature of company. It uses the advanced technologies to provide a solution to approach project and portfolio management. The powerful tools offered by Sciforma, the extensions; is a ready to use tool for any project. This software has an easy to install app facility that updates automatically and are compatible and configurable. Ranking, portfolio control, investment analysis and capacity planning are the key feature of this software.

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By ProModel Corporation

Promodel is technology enabled predictive analytics service software offers to various individuals and organizations. It adapts all types of organizations to help executing them PPM solution. This software generally project execution software works mostly on live systems which needed by organizations project manager on daily or weekly basis. It supports Project Portfolio Planning to bring a scenario experimented effectively mix of programs and projects. It provides solution to new and existing, both the industries. Aeronautics, government bodies and manufacturing are key industries where Promodel serves.

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By EcoSys Management LLC.

Ecosys is an enterprises project controls and PPM software helps in a full life cycle controls over the software programs. It is a web based platform helps organizations to manage projects and portfolios. It enables the project with the performance report and control over the project costs. It has an EPC feature to implement the complete life cycle of project control. It manages the workforce planning, value management, estimation process, budgets and the detailed reporting with this agile software.

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By Synquis Pty. Ltd.

Synquis is simplified software developed to helps organizations and individuals in project operations management and portfolio management. It is cloud based software that supports in the critical tasks and to empower staff members. Synquis executes the projects to achieve the targets having a quick access to critical info. It enables the team member to organize and work in sync to get the project done efficiently. It track records and make them up to date to provide an agile and intelligent solutions.

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Decision Lens

By Decision Lens, Inc.

Decision Lens welcomes organizations to provide solution for resource investment by identifying, analyzing and quickly react to that. It involves R&D process and latest technical aspects in identifying and analyzing the outcome. It is being used in government sectors, private sectors and in aviations fields. It gives a transparent and visible benefit within a project so that it equips the organization with the data to defend your investment.

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By KeyedIn Solutions, Inc

Keyedin improves the project management with the software that is capable of project selection, profitability and the resource deployment. It supports cloud based projects and managed portfolio to give a flexible solution to mange projects, programs and the portfolios. It is rather fast to implement and provides a completely different approaches for execution of the projects and process. It helps eliminating complexity of the projects and makes the easy visibility and transparency for project management procedure.

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Eclipse PPM

By Upland Software, Inc.

It helps you to manage and measure your project entirely to its lifecycle without any change in your work pattern. It is PPM solutions providing software that solve the problems of an organization or an individual uniquely as per needs of the business. Eclipse is inbuilt software to manage functional team to provide a right solution every time. It is providing services to PMO’s, It solutions and in healthcare services.

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By Planisware, Inc.

This is enterprise software for new program management, building enterprises portfolios and new product development. This PPM software supports integrate strategy to execute and accelerate to make the most of an organization resource. It is completely based on organizations best practices to help products to develop, manage various programs and maximum efficiency with the resources. Portfolio, resource management, project execution and strategic planning are the key feature of Planisware.

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