Push Notifications Services

There are different reasons for using push notification in applications and websites and they have multiple benefits when it comes to driving traffic and engaging with customers. However, it is quite important to use push services in such a way that it keeps users connected, rather than exasperated. So, it is essential for marketers, advertisers, brands and enterprises to know how best to use such services.

Some of the well-known push messages services that companies can consider using in their websites and apps:


Amazon SNS

By Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Amazon SNS is a fully managed, fast, flexible pub-sub messaging platform. It can be used a cloud-based mobile application notification service for sending SMS messages, push notifications and email. It can also be used as enterprise-messaging infrastructure. This platform can be used for sending news, updates and promotions to all the users, user segments and individual users. With Amazon SNS, people can deliver messages, while eliminating polling in their applications.

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OneSignal provides push notification services for all web and mobile notification messages which applications send to users. The developer SDKs from OneSignal help marketers and developers in delivering efficient push notifications to the users on smartphone platforms. The stack from the company includes PostgreSQL, Redis, Coffeescript, Rspec, Rails and Ruby. The backend systems from OneSignal send loads of notifications and toms of API requests on a regular basis.

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By Wingify Software Pvt. Ltd.

PushCrew lets users to talk to their subscribers in a delightful and easy manner through push notifications on sites. These notifications are messages that are clickable and they are sent directly to the users' subscribers' internet browsers. They work on multiple devices such mobile phones, desktops and tablets. With PushCrew in place, users can avoid building applications for their businesses. It enables push notifications for different browsers on users’ websites.

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By SendPulse Ltd.

WebPush from SendPulse helps users to send instant push notifications from their sites on their subscribers' desktops. It works as a solution for instant alerts for their customers about special offers, order status, important events and other important news. It is a cross-platform channel, which users can subscribe and get instant notifications to Android phones and desktops. This platform works on most of the devices.

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By Helpshift Inc.

Helpshift offers customer care in users' mobile sites and mobile applications. It works as a CRM for mobile phones and enables customer conversations inside mobile applications. It also integrates with mobile apps for offering businesses an innovative way for communicating and engaging with customers' in-applications, which decreasing customer chum and overhead. It also helps in the process of reducing support ticket volume through an always-on and searchable in-app support section.

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Socket is a JavaScript library which enables bi-directional, real-time communication between server and web applications. It helps users to push messages to their clients, which get represented as real-time logs, counters or charts. It offers the ability for implementing binary streaming, document collaboration, real-time analytics and instant messaging. Some notable users of Socket can include Zendesk, Microsoft Office and Yammer, while it works on multiple devices, browsers and platforms.

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PubNub is a Data Stream Network and an API which helps users in connecting, scaling and managing IoT devices and real-time apps. With more than seventy SDKs for multiple platforms, scalability for tons of devices and 250ms data transfer times, PubNub’s infrastructure can offer user the ability for connecting and operating IoT devices and real-time applications. The company supports more than two thousand global customers touching tons of devices.

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Urban Airship

By Urban Airship, Inc.

Urban Airship, push services provider helps established brands in engaging their mobile users as well as build strong relationships with customers who download an application. A lot of companies and some leaning brands from different industries such as sports, entertainment, retail and media make use of Urban Airship for delivering mobile moments to their clients. It specializes in mobile engagement and digital wallet along with others.

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PushEngage, a platform for browser push message notifications enables push notifications on mobile and desktops while offering campaign management. PushEngage helps users to enable push notifications without the need for implementing HTTPS. It also assists people to reach their subscribers even when they are on their websites. Moreover, it can increase repeat users to websites through internet browser push messages. Also, the product works in multiple platforms and devices.

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By Pushwoosh Inc.

Pushwoosh offers diverse multi-platform push service system which allows app owners, marketers and mobile developers to reach as well as engage with ease. It has altered the standards of mobile marketing with a comprehensive push messages notification service. The organization supports the strategy of working closely with its team for delivering what the clients expect. Pushwoosh specializes in push service, mobile engagement, location targeting and cross-platform development.

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By Pusher Ltd.

Pusher is a hosted push notification service provider which offers open source libraries, APIs and developer tools which integrates real-time functionality in to mobile and web applications. It automatically scales when needed, helping users to cut on cost as well as maintain a real-time, secure infrastructure. Pusher is used by a lot of developers as well companies such as the Financial Times, MailChimp, GitHub and many more.

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By Appboy, Inc.

Appboy helps to solve your app abandonment problem by automating your marketing process. It provides segmentation, multi-channel delivery, messaging campaigns, and real-time big data. It features multivariate testing, intelligent delivery, user segmentation, installs attribution, polygon location targeting, analytics, user permission, conversion tracking, re-targeting campaigns, action-based delivery, connected content, and personalization. Appboy also is a push service provider which helps mobile marketers in building relationships with their clients. It helps clients to connect with their customers, while driving engagement as well as ROI. The sophisticated multiple channel messaging and audience segmentation let brands to make use of the information from user profiles for creating and automating marketing campaigns and building dialogues with the audience across channels and devices at scale.

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Jeapie, a platform for Android, Windows and iOS push notifications helps clients in holding and engaging mobile customers, mobile automation and CRM. It also offers segmentation tools such as geo-targeting, tags & statistics and three kinds of push notification services. Jeapie makes all the functionalities to be available both as single and multiple platforms. It also broadcasts tons of push notifications for users from various time zones.

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Roost Bell

By Notice Software, Inc

Roost Bell is a push notifications platform organizes notifications for the users of its clients with the help of a console. It offers a comprehensive control to users so that they can customize their subscriptions. With Roost Bell in place, the audience will get complete control on push notifications. It works on different internet browsers like Firefox & Opera and devices like mobile & desktops, while offering iOS push notification services.

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By Datability Solutions Private Limited

iZooto is a push service platform which empowers sites for interacting with users providing a high personalization level. It takes an intelligent approach taking affinity, patters and user behavior to various segments into consideration when interacting with the users. it is supported by an information management platform that acts as a reliable data source, helping clients in making informed choices when it comes to interaction.

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By Superblock, LLC

Pushover, a push service provider offers notification app which makes it simple for getting real-time push notifications on multiple platforms. The Pushover API can be easily integrated by system administrators, developers and even common people with a little technical knowledge. With Pushover integrated with shell script, network monitor and web applications, companies can send push messages to users. It can also receive broadcasting messages from participating organizations and websites.

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By Accengage S.A.

Accengage, a comprehensive push service solution helps advertisers and publishers with tools that can monitor their customers’ value, boost the sales and speed up mobile engagement. It enables companies to create sophisticated mobile engagement circumstances, by broadcasting automated, targeted and customized in-app messages and push notifications to users. Accengage is now a well-known mobile engagement tool which powers about 130 million applications across the world.

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Pushpad offers an easy way for adding push messages to web applications and websites. With Pushpad, organizations and marketers can let their users receive push messaged even if they are on their websites at the moment. Moreover, there is no need for installation of any plug-ins or applications, as it makes used the built-in functionalities of internet browsers. It also allows users to send both manual and automated notifications.

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By Iterable, Inc.

Iterable is a push messages service provider which empowers advertisers and marketers for creating user engagement drives across various channels, and throughout the lifecycle. It helps marketers to test strategies, automate touch-points and build workflows without the need for engineering support. Also, marketers can build high-performance campaigns with Iterable. It gives marketers a comprehensive of the customers through a data model which accepts all data points.

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By Leanplum, Inc.

Leanplum is a complete mobile engagement platform which is designed for providing intelligent action. The integrated solution from Leanplum delivers engagement across in-app and messaging experience. It offers personalization, push messaging, A/B testing, Analytics, app editing and automation. Leading brands like Lyft trust, Expedia and Tesco trust this platform for creating relationships with their customers. The company specializes in mobile messaging, Android and iOS push notifications.

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WonderPush recharges mobile marketing with targeted push messages; while it lets the users create personalized push messages such as sign-in invitations, thank you and welcome messages and satisfaction surveys. With WonderPush, users can target as well as send broadcast their messages, or target their audience with the help of in-app behavior obtained from various events. This cross-platform app lets marketers to send their messages to anywhere in the world.

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Batch is a suite modern communication and engagement tools available for mobile developers. It lets user to set retention on autopilot mode and cut down on their SaaS fees. It also allows users to schedule campaigns while it batch takes care of the rest. Moreover, it offers statistics such as Geo breakdown, starts, new installs and DAUs to the users. Batch also provides clients with Android and iOS notification apps.

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Countly is a mobile analytics platform that allows you to get deeper insights about your mobile marketing performance. It features real-time dashboard, mobile app and game analytics, SDKs, plugins, user profile information, event timeline, track funnels progress, user categorization, session durations, white label, and more. There are three pricing options available: Professional, Business, and Enterprise. Countly also offers a push notification service that helps its users to retain users, increase loyalty and satisfy subscribers with push messages. It also lets their users re-engage with their users anytime, anytime with push services. The tightly integrated analytics features of Countly give the clients a complete view of app behavior when users receive push notifications. It also offers services for well-known mobile platforms such as iOS and Android.

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By Outbound Solutions, Inc.

Outbound, a leading push notifications service provider organizes the notifications that are sent by its users to their customers. It allows product people and non-technical marketers to set up automated voice messages, SMS, email and push notifications when its clients need their users to take actions. Outbound then test how all the messages work. Email, user activation, event-based messaging and user retention are some of the specialties of Outbound.

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By Carnival, Inc.

Carnival, a push service firm provides agencies and brands with mobile marketing platform for engaging their mobile application audience through creative, highly-targeted messaging. With in-app messages, Carnival alters applications into owned, ongoing marketing channels. It lets brands and agencies to automate notifications depending on geo-location, demography and behavior to make sure users get relevant notifications at the right time. Moreover, it works some of the leading brands in the brand.

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By Warply Inc.

Warply is mobile marketing platform which powers up engagement, monetization and loyalty through push notification services. The platform lets brands to take control over the communication channel and directly get in touch with their customers by driving marketing campaigns to smartphones. Using push messages, brands let their users to buy services and goods from their mobile phones. It also allows personalization and precise targeting using location and social data.

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By Dealsta Pty Ltd

StreetHawk is a push notification service platform that supports multiple devices and platforms. It helps brands and marketers to get their users back in to the application through real-time personalized messages, email, push notifications and sms. It also lets the clients know about high value and churning user segments. StreetHawk specializes in increasing application user management, customer optimization, reducing churn of application users and geo-location.

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By Catapush S.r.l.

Catapush is a reliable, scalable and simple delivery API meant for transactional push messages for applications and websites. It helps brands to send data-driven notifications as well as personalized and targeted e-commerce messages. It also provides companies with real-time status reports and delivery confirmation. The product empowers companies and developers who already have active user base and mobile applications to send cost effective, reliable and traceable in-app messages and push notifications.

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Xtremepush, a push service provider helps numerous leading brands across the planet. With a broad range of comprehensive features, this one-stop solution is designed specifically for leading enterprises, offering effective marketing automation and mobile application analytics. It provides the flexibility required for powering relevant experiences, driving ROI across different channels and building strong relationships. Moreover, Xtremepush is used by global financial institutions for risk and compliance.

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By Zaius Inc.

Zaius, a leading push notifications platform makes behavioral marketing simple. By acquiring customer information from actions through different devices and channels, it helps marketers to comprehend customers' intention on individual levels. It then lets them take actions throughout different channels without the need for IT support. Zaius makes it simple for business-to-customer marketers and advertisers for recognizing key moments and driving behavior by customer-focused campaigns.

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