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A Rank Tracker Software is basically used by marketers and businesses to keep track of the performance of their business keywords in the search engine results pages of popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. Search Engines contribute a big part of the traffic coming to online businesses and websites and that is why, it is important for websites to rank better in Search Engines if they want good traffic and growth. A Rank Tracker Software allows you to keep track of your website’s rank for common keywords.

Here are some Rank Tracker applications used and recommended by online marketers.



By SERPs, Inc.

SERPs rank tracking software has been designed for daily rank tracking and analytics of websites. This software is completely web-based and users can start tracking their website ranks by creating an account online. Users can also run SEO experiments here to check the performance and results of their SEO efforts. SERPs rank tracking tool automatically updates the search engine ranking of all keywords for your desired campaign.

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SerpBook shows you the output of your SEO efforts in the form of detailed reports. Users can use this tool, not only to track their search engine rankings, but also for complete websites analysis. SerpBook updates search engine ranking for all your keywords on regular basis and also gives you a detailed report showing the decrease and increase in rankings. Online marketers can also prepare rank reports for their clients with the help of this tool.

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Pro Rank Tracker is an online rank tracking tool that gives up-to-date rank reports for all business campaigns of users. Pro Rank Tracker makes sure that the rankings are accurate and updated regularly so that users can stay informed with the current status of their websites and can plan further strategies accordingly. This tool also allows you to track keywords ranking in multiple search engines, local ranking, maps results and mobile results ranks.

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SE Ranking

By SE Ranking Limited

SE Ranking is an online tool used for Search Engine rank tracking. Online businesses and websites use this application to analyze the performance of their keywords in various search engines. SE Ranking is known to track accurate and fast real-time ranks in Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines for any website. The software not only updates ranks automatically, but also prepares customizable reports for your clients.

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Serpfox automatically tracks and updates the rankings of all keywords of customers’ websites on regular basis. The simplicity and fast speed are two of the most powerful features of Serpfox. It takes minutes to track down the ranks of even thousands of keywords with accuracy and prepares attractive reports for presentation. Other features include simple user interface, rank tracking in multiple timeframes, keyword grouping, notifications, etc.

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Moz Rank Tracker is a keyword ranking software that automatically tracks down search engine rankings of all listed keywords and pages, and manages them in proper formats for later use. Moz Rank Tracker supports Google, Yahoo and Bing, and will track keywords’ rankings in these popular search engines. Users can also check the performance of keywords, upcoming traffic from ranking keywords and can compare with competitors.

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By RankWatch , Inc.

RankWatch online marketing software gives a complete analysis of user website along with current search engine rankings of all target keywords. RankWatch rank tracker tool specializes in tracking accurate ranking instantly for even thousands of keywords. Along with current rank, this tool also shows the highest ranks and initial ranks of target keywords so that users can analyze the changes and plan accordingly.

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By AuthorityLabs, LLC

AuthorityLabs allows users to track search engines ranking for their keywords on daily basis. The tool shows accurate and reliable keyword ranks and performance insights automatically. It can also track local rankings as well as ranks for “Not Provided” keywords. Automatic rank tracking saves you from the hectic task of manual rank checking and saves a lot of time that can be used to take actions based on search results.

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SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker is a software used to identify important keywords for a campaign and to check search engine ranks of keywords. Users can download and install rank tracker in their desktop or mobile device, and can start tracking ranks. The tool will automatically research best keywords for your campaign, will update keywords rankings automatically every day and will even prepare ranking progress reports for your clients.

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By Ranksonic.com

RankSonic allows businesses and online marketers to track daily changes in their keywords rankings and to get detailed website analytics. RankSonic allows users to track hundreds or thousands of keywords and phrases daily and gives important notes about pages. Users can make changes in their website as per guidelines and can again track the performance. The tool also gives you a complete website analytics with details about top pages, traffic sources, etc.

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AccuRanker is another keyword tracking platform which doesn’t just track keywords for search engine rankings but also track other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. The service allows custom report as well as team management as well. Higher plan also allows whilelabel reporting and API access for advance usage of the service. Google analytics and webmaster tools can be integrated with the service which can offer a central dashboard to view the stats.

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By CuteRank.net

CuteRank is a keyword rank checker tool available in the downloadable form that can be installed and used in a local computer with the internet access. The tool allows users to add domains and all target keywords easily to the dashboard and then, automatically tracks and updates rankings everyday in all major search engines. It also shows the difference in ranks as compared to previous tracking and generates reports.

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Microsite Masters

By Microsite Masters, LLC

Microsite Masters is a rank tracking software for SEO professionals and online marketers. It allows them to track current ranking for their websites and keywords across multiple search engines. The tool also gives users a detailed analytics of their competitors’ ranks for the same target keywords. Users can track their ranks, update strategies and then, track again to check the performance. They can also keep track of keywords that bring traffic to their website.

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Rankinity is a website rank tracking tool that checks your website’s real-time positions for target keywords in popular search engines. The software allows users to track the ranks of hundreds of keywords instantly in local and global search engines as well as identify competitors. It also analyzes website weaknesses and prepares detailed reports with current statistics, growth rates and useful suggestions for better promotion.

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Accurate Monitor for Search Engines is a tracking tool used to track the rankings of target keywords in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other popular search engines. The tool automatically tracks rankings as scheduled by users and generates reports in PDF, RTF, HTML and other formats. It also lets them keep track of their AdWords ads by allowing rank tracking for organic (free) and paid listings. Accurate Monitor supports multiple languages, shows snippets and suggests keywords.

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Rank Ranger

By Rank Ranger, LLC

Rank Ranger is a powerful SEO tool mainly used for tracking the ranks of websites and keywords. The tool displays various details about website ranking including, current ranks, weekly and monthly changes, social performance, etc. Rank Ranger automatically tracks website ranking daily in Google, Google Maps, Yahoo & Bing and other Search Engines. The software can also track mobile search ranks as well as YouTube rank for target website.

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By SERPWoo.com

SERPWoo is not just a rank checking tool, but a complete SERP (Search Engine Result Page) analysis tool that checks the performance of user website as well as competitors for target keywords. Find out which website is moving up or down for which keyword and identify the changes you need to make in your own website. SERPWoo allows users to set alerts for important keywords to get notified when there is any change.

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RankTrackr is a SEO rank tracker tool used to determine the changes in rankings of target keywords for target website or campaign. Accuracy, speed and simplicity are some of the strongest aspects of this software that ensure the best real-time results. RankTrackr dashboard gives users a complete overview of their website’s performance including average position in search engines, keyword positions in top 10 or 100, last changes, etc.

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SEO Rank Monitor

By SEORankMonitor.com

SEO Rank Monitor is a rank tracking tool that lets users track the ranks of their target keywords and compare them with their competitors. It is a fast, reliable and accurate rank checking tool that comes packed with several features. The software allows you to track mobile ranking, save time on data analysis, check ranking for specific keywords, find out ranking difference between any two dates and check local rankings.

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Rank Tracker is a software by swissmademarketing.com that allows users to keep track of all their rankings in multiple languages and locations. The software automatically updates rankings on daily basis whether you open it or not. Other features include rank tracking up to 500 positions in search results, automatic daily updates, cloud based platform, unlimited domains and keywords, rankings by city for local businesses, etc.

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By SerpYou.com

SerpYou is a keyword rank tracker tool for Google, Bing and Yahoo engines. SerpYou provides daily reports and insights on search engine rankings of user websites and keywords. The tool can be accessed across any device with an internet connection. SerpYou not only tracks the current positions of keywords, but also compares them with the old ones to identify the progress and prepare reports in PDF, Excel and CSV formats.

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Rank Reporter

By Inspyder Software Inc.

Rank Reporter is an automatic search rank tracking tool for Google, Yahoo and Bing. Rank Reporter eases the rank checking process by automating it. The software keeps track of target website’s search ranking and updates its daily. Users need to enter their URL and target keywords, and the software will automatically track down real time ranks of all keywords in all major search engines. You can also schedule tracking and track competitors.

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SerpCloud tracks target website’s rankings for target keywords in Google,Yahoo and Bing Search Engines. It is a web based tool that simplifies the rank tracking process. It also allows users to monitor daily changes in ranks, measure keyword performance, and decide further strategies based on data provided. The tool also lets you track Social and SEO metrics of your website. Other features include instant notifications, rank sharing, remote access, etc.

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Tiny Rocket Lab is an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool, mainly used for tracking search engine ranks. Users can add as many keywords for as many websites as they want and can keep track of changes in keyword rankings on daily basis. The software also provides users with local results, competitors’ ranks, search volume for target keywords, on page optimization reports and suggestions and much more.

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Rank Tracker is a simple web based keyword rank tracking application. Rank Tracker dashboard allows users to keep track of many things such as, daily website rankings, average positions of keywords, number of keywords in top 10 or 100, last change, competition for keywords, and keywords rank history. Other features include visual overview, automatic daily rank tracking, competitor analysis, top 100 results, global and local results and mobile tracking.

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SerpSuite keyword rank tracker tool not only tracks rankings for user target keywords, but also suggests other relevant keywords for the website. SerpSuite software is compatible with any desktop and mobile platform and the interface is simple to use. Users can add their website URL and keywords in the tool and it automatically tracks rankings on daily basis with the facility to email reports straight to client’s inbox.

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Norrth is a rank tracking software that gives users access to a powerful dashboard to allow managing their keyword rankings, social signals and competition across Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Engines. The software automatically updates keyword ranking results every day so that users can see the changes and work accordingly. Some noticeable features and tools include serp tracker, competitor keyword analysis, social signals and keyword discovery.

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Ezee Rank Tracker

By Agarwal InnoSoft Pvt Ltd

Ezee Rank Tracker is a keyword rank tracking software featured with several tools including rank tracking for unlimited websites and keywords, accurate rank data, tracking over 188 regional Google domains, YouTube video rank tracking, free PR, PA, DA, MozRank and Backlink information, automatic rank updates and alerts, social signals tracking and PDF reports. Ezee Rank Tracker is a simple, reliable and fully-featured rank tracking tool.

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By Citizens In Space, Inc.

SERP Scan tracks the search engine position of a website for its target keywords. SERP Scan gives users complete analytics of their keywords rankings along with graphical view to understand it better. It also allows users to check current keywords rankings and difference over time period of a day, week or month. Users can also check competition for target keywords, local search rankings, and can generate reports in PDF or CSV formats.

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Agency Analytics (formerly MySEOTool) is an all-in-one marketing platform designed for SEO agencies and consultants. We provide a number of tools all for one monthly price: rank tracking (local & global), backlink monitoring, social analytics, PPC tools, web analytics, scheduled reporting, white label dashboard and more. We're a scalable solution perfect for agencies of all sizes - we grow with you!

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