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Remote desktop apps can help you to easily control remotely located in other machines. The person who connects to desktop remotely can have access to these systems through mouse and keyboard. Some of these apps are cross platform such as a windows user can connect mac OS remotely and vice versa.

Below are some of the leading apps available in the market today.

Apple Remote Desktop allows you to access and manage other computers within your network from your Mac. With this software, you can install your software remotely, get full control of other Mac computers to provide assistance and help to the end users, execute various commands remotely, manage the assets within your network, and automate your online tasks. Apple Remote Desktop is a utility available in Mac App Store with a pricing plan available on a per-seat basis.

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By TeamViewer GmbH

TeamViewer allows you to do two important tasks easily: remote access and online presentation. The remote access features include the ability to gain full access to client’s computers without client installation and access to your office computer from your home computer. The online presentation features include online meetings, online presentation, training session, and online teamwork. The software is available free for personal use, and it is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile operating systems.

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LogMeInPro allows you to access your computer remotely, with various features that help to manage your computers easily from anywhere. The features included with this software are multi-monitor display, remote control, user access, file transfer, desktop app, remote print, mobile access, HD desktop streaming quality, and file sharing. The software can be installed on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. A free trial download is available, with the Pro version available for individuals, power users, and small businesses.

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DesktopNow is a free remote desktop software that can be installed only on Windows operating system. It allows you to use remote desktop features safely from anywhere. The software has useful features that enable you to use the software installed within your remote computer, control your remote desktop from anywhere, use your mobile device to access your computer, and transfer files between computers. The connection between your computer and remote computer is done in a secure SSL protocol.

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By Citrix Systems, Inc

GoToMyPC enables you to securely access your computer from anywhere, with support for many platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. The features included with this software are real-time access to your computer, secure remote access, file transfer between computers, remote printing, guest invites, and sound transfer. It also comes with usage report and privacy control. A free 30-day trial download is available, with various pricing options for you to choose: Individuals, Pro, and Corporate.

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Ammyy Admin enables you to access your computers remotely, without having to install any software on your machine. It provides the highest security features for your remote access, as well as system administration control and online presentation. It comes with voice and file manager, which works seamlessly and transparently behind NAT or firewalls. A free version of Ammyy Admin is available, with various licenses available for premium users, including Starter, Premium, and Corporate license.

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Real VNC

By RealVNC Limited

Real VNC is a remote access software that you can use on desktop and mobile platforms. This software enables you to access your computers from anywhere, and do it anytime you need. The deskhop feature enables you to share your computer screen securely with your friends via Facebook. It also allows integration between your vehicle and mobile device to provide an excellent infotainment system while you drive. Real VNC is available in both free and paid versions.

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Splashtop Business allows remote access to unlimited computers for one flat yearly price. The features included in this software are remote control access, high performance desktop streaming, multiple device support, file transfer between machines, high security protection, computer grouping and organization, and multi-user support. It also allows you to resell remote access service for your clients. A free trial download is available for the business version, along with a free personal version for local access on Mac, Windows, and Android.

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ShowMyPC provides complete remote access features that you can use from anywhere, including desktop sharing, premium support or meetings, private hosting for unlimited computers, and free helpdesk system. You can use this software on multiple platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. The software is free to use, with various paid pricing options available: Premium plan for 3 computers, Professional plan for 6 computers, Business plan for 13 computers, and Enterprise plan for 20 computers.

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By GlavSoft, LLC

TightVNC is a lightweight remote desktop software that is available for Windows and UNIX systems. This software is free for both personal and business use. It can be used for various purposes, including technical support for clients, education, remote administration, and personal computer network. The software is fast and reliable, as well as secure for you to use between computers. The software is designed to conform to the RFB control specifications, which is compatible with the standard VNC software.

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By ClickMeIn Technologies Ltd

VuuPC allows remote access between your work and home computers, as well as mobile devices. With this software, you are able to copy and paste your files between computers, just like you do it on the same computer, without the hassle. It also allows you to share your PC with your friends or clients, which provides you an easy way to give live presentations directly from your PC. There are three main pricing options available: Student, Home/Office, and Enterprise.

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Ultra VNC

By Free Software Foundation, Inc

Ultra VNC is a free remote desktop software for Windows, which is compatible for both new and old versions of Windows operating system. The software uses the Remote Frame Buffer protocol, which allows you to access, view, and control other computers over the internet with real-time performance. With the embedded Java Viewer, you can use the software to connect to any other computer across multiple platforms via web browser. It doesn’t need any complex installation procedure to use.

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By Famatech Corp

Radmin allows you to view another computer remotely within a window or full screen. This remote desktop software is available for Windows platform. It allows secure and fast remote access between computers, which gives you the ability to seamlessly transfer your files between computers, as if you are transferring them within the same computer. You can also initiate a communication channel with the remote computer via text and voice chat. A free 30-day trial download is available.

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By NoMachine S.à r.l.

NoMachine provides easy remote desktop access between computers and across multiple operating systems. With this software, you can access any content remotely and view the content directly from your desktop, including multimedia files. You can also use this software to initiate online meetings between several users within your network and share your desktop screen with them. NoMachine can be used in any device, and you can always record your remote desktop session whenever needed. A free download is available.

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The 2X RDP

By Parallels IP Holdings GmbH

The 2X RDP Client allows simple, easy, and secure connection to your remote computers from anywhere. It provides seamless performance for your remote access, as well as mobile compatibility. The software also allows you to initiate remote and mobile printing service. 2X RDP Client is available for both desktop and mobile platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome, Android, Windows Phone, and iOS. A free download is available, with various pricing options available for premium users.

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Remote Desktop Manager is a remote desktop management software provided by Devolutions, which allows you to manage all your remote connections within one unique platform that can be used by anyone within your network. It allows organizations or businesses to manage their remote computers more easily and safely, which can help them to increase their productivity. Remote Desktop Manager is available free for home users, with various pricing options available for business users: Individual, Team, and Team (Active Directory).

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By Nanosystems Srl

Supremo is a light, easy, and affordable remote desktop software that allows you to control your remote PC securely and create an online meeting from your desktop in just a few clicks. It doesn’t need any complicated configuration to use, and you can brand your remote access and online meetings with your business logo. The software is available free for personal use, with two pricing options available for business use: Solo and Business plan.

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By ISL Online Ltd.

ISLOnline is a complete remote desktop software that is targeted for enterprise users. The software is cloud-based, which means that you can use it from any device without the need to install it on each machine that you want to access remotely. It features cross-platform software, reliable remote desktop access, 99.95% uptime, SaaS and Server license, simple licensing, 24-hour support, and maximum security. A 15-day free trial is available, with three different pricing options: Pay per Use, Subscription, and Enterprise.

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By AnyDesk Software GmbH

AnyDesk allows you to access any remote computer securely from anywhere, without lags and without limits. The software is lightweight, and it can be used to access other computers remotely, collaborate with others from any locations, and provide remote assistance to your clients. The software is available in various versions. The beta version is provided for free, and there is also a free version available. The premium pricing options are included in the lite, professional, and enterprise versions.

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Remote Utilities

By Usoris Systems LLC

Remote Utilities provides a versatile remote desktop solution with remote administration, active directory integration, and MSI configuration features. The software is offered as a one-time purchase for business users, with a free version available, allowing you to use the software on 10 remote computers for free. The most important features available for this software include the ability to initiate unattended and attended access, direct and internet connectivity, multiple monitor support, network scanning, multiple monitor usage, and brand customization.

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Jump Desktop

By PhaseFive Systems LLC

Jump Desktop provides seamless remote desktop connection anywhere in the world, which is available for multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Jump Desktop helps to create a fast connection with your remote devices, allowing you to do various tasks in your remote devices, with support for Bluetooth keyboard, remote printing, and audio streaming. No complicated setup necessary to use the software. A 14-day free trial is available, with different pricing options available for different devices.

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By Techinline Ltd

Techinline allows you to provide remote technical support for the end users without the need to install any software. It provides a host of useful tools that allow you to access, diagnose, and troubleshoot problems in remote computers anywhere in the world. The connection is done via a secure encryption algorithm, allowing you to keep your remote connection protected. A free trial version of the software is available for download, with various pricing options available for per-subscription and per-license basis.

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