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Sales management and acceleration software are used by sales leaders to automate their sales processes. The software can help sales teams and reps identify the best leads and business opportunities and grab the same at the right time with the right message. It is mostly useful for sales reps and teams that are unable to identify the right sales opportunities and leads, and lack the right data. Sales acceleration software is aimed at increasing your sales conversions and business revenue.

Here is the list of top sales management applications used by businesses and sales teams.


By, Inc. provides sales acceleration software to recommend the best deals for sales people. It is based on the popular Neuralytics self-learning engine that helps businesses in the prediction and analysis of the target market and buyer and drives revenue growth. InsideSales platform allows predictive sales communications, forecasting, engagement tracking, and other services to improve the performance of sales reps and enforce trust into buyer.

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By Datanyze, Inc

Datanyze is a popular sales intelligence platform used by businesses and sales executives to uncover the best sales deals and reach the right buyer at the right time. The platform allows users to analyze their target websites, technology providers and audience to identify the optimum business opportunities. In addition to that, Datanyze also lets you analyze and research your target websites, access updated information, find the right contact, integrate with Salesforce, and more.

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By SalesLoft, Inc.

SalesLoft is a cloud-based sales development platform designed for the growth of sales and business revenue. The software is generally used for prospecting, contacting and email tracking sales opportunities and to close the deal in less time. SalesLoft provides tools and features to find the right contacts and build a list of prospects for sales people to make phone calls and emails. It provides integration with to enable automatic tracking and sales logging.

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Azalead is a sales acceleration platform designed to help B2B businesses revolutionize sales and growth by implementing account based marketing (ABM). Azalead ABM program is aimed at shortening the sales cycle and closing more successful deals in less time. The platform is compatible with all major devices and can be used anytime, anywhere. It can also be used to identify the best value accounts, target them, and measure sales growth and impacts.

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By Velocify Incorporated

Velocify is lead management and sales growth software used to identify and respond to the best leads to increase sales and close more deals. The software allows salespeople to automatically capture and de-dupe leads and sales enquiries from multiple sources. Velocify features pull, push, and hybrid based intelligent distribution service to enable fast response and maximum conversion. It provides the ability to control and monitor all sales interactions from a single platform.

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Docurated sales management and growth platform helps sales representatives use the content created by marketing people to capture leads and increase revenue. It also allows sales people to track and monitor marketing analytics to find out the impact of sales efforts and content. Docurated allows users to access thousands of marketing case studies, white papers, and sales samples across the company, analyze the content, and use it to win the deal.

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By RingDNA, Inc

RingDNA is a sales acceleration platform designed to be used by inside sales team of the company to transform prospective leads into customers. The platform turns user activities and behavior into meaningful business insights, allowing sales reps to make better approach. RingDNA is aimed at accelerating sales productivity, closing more deals faster, and ensuring the success of sales representatives. It leads to more conversations, more conversions, and increased.

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Postwire sales acceleration software helps businesses increase their client base by converting prospects into customers. It allows sales people to create a personal space to engage the prospect and clients, understand their needs, and close successful deals. Postwire allows users to make use of the content to share information and insights with prospects and to track the impact to find the best sales targets. It offers Salesforce integration with the existing sales process.

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By MindTickle Inc.

MindTickle sales growth software is used by companies to train their sales reps to sell more and effectively. It enables effective field communication with frequent updates and consistent messaging to engage the prospects and clients. MindTickle makes sure that all your sales reps are familiar with all the latest initiatives and strategies to engage. It enables sales teams to scale their efforts and approach for an instant global reach.

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By VanillaSoft, Inc.

VanillaSoft is a complete sales lead growth solution that allows sales reps to finish more appointments in less time, speed up sales process, convert leads to sales, make sales by phone, and increase success rate. It provides a secure, user-friendly platform to make the right leads to the right customer at the right time, and analyze the impacts with real-time analytics. VanillaSoft also allows users to find the best sales opportunities and make better appointments.

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Texo is an inside sales software application designed to help businesses and sales reps manage and accelerate their sales processes and leads. The software is built by sales experts to help inside sales teams engage effectively with prospects and convert leads into sales. Texo enables and implements high-level multimedia, personalization, analytics, and other tools and applications to allow sales teams to generate high revenue continuously.

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By, inc

LevelEleven is the sales optimization and growth platform used by sales VPs to drive more business. It is a complete sales performance optimization suite that enables sales people to determine the prospects based on sales behavior, create contact cards for salespeople and clients, get alerts and warnings, launch interactive contests to keep customers engaged, and integrate with LevelEleven is trusted as sales software by leading brands and enterprises.

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By ConnectAndSell Inc.

ConnectAndSell sales acceleration and phone dialer software is designed to enable inside sales automation. The software converts long hours of meaningless dialing into fruitful two-sided conversations. It delivers the right data and dialogue at the right time to enable contact with the right lead or prospect. ConnectAndSell is designed to empower sales reps to convert maximum number of leads into conversions.

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By Voicecom Telecommunications, LLC

Intelliverse is an enterprise sales acceleration software platform built on the latest technology to help sales teams and businesses of any size. It provides required products and services to improve the efficiency and success rate of the sales teams at all levels of the sales process, which in turn increases company revenue. Intelliverse is aimed at providing the right sales tools to reps and teams at the right time.

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By LiveHive Incorporated

LiveHive is a sales conversion and growth platform that improves the productivity, connect rate, and email effectiveness for sales teams. LiveHive implements rate-through automation to facilitate automated connections that lead to business. It also enables effective sales automation to allow users to spend more time selling and less time managing and connecting. It features a simple yet powerful, featured-rich platform with Salesforce integration for more power.

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By QuotaFactory

QuotaFactory sales acceleration software is built on an advanced technology to help sales reps and teams increase their conversions and success rate. QuotaFactory features a powerful team of sales experts and professionals who continue to develop new advanced sales strategies for client companies. The software is suitable for both internal sales teams and outsourcing tasks. It can help businesses identify and target ideal clients, automate the sales process, and communicate with customers.

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By ConnectLeader LLC

ConnectLeader is sales automation and acceleration software designed to increase the productivity of inside sales and B2B sales. ConnectLeader implements an intelligent predictive system to identify prospects and leads that intent to buy and are likely to answer the sales calls. The software makes sure that sales reps always have the up-to-date data and information to be able to chase right opportunities at the right time with the right message.

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