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Running a school is not an easy task, but it can be made easier with the help of right tools and applications. School Management Software is an application that allows schools and educational institutions to manage their operations through an online, web-based or mobile-based platform. There are available hundreds of School Management Software & applications and you must choose the one that best suits your needs and budget and comes with the maximum functionality.

These are some of the most widely used School Management Software applications.



By Rediker Software, Inc.

Rediker is a very efficient and popular school administrative Software and is used by schools all over the world. Rediker is a complete school management suite that lets you manage all your school activities including Student Information System, attendance, Report Cards, billing, students discipline, ID Cards and forms at a single place. The software is accessible on cloud and also on desktop and mobile application that makes it accessible on the go.

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Fedena School

By Foradian Technologies Pvt Ltd,

Fedena is a powerful school software management tool that you can use to manage all kinds of functions and activities of a school or college. The software comes pre-built with several apps and tools to record and manage students’ data and present them in the form of reports. Some other features include parent teacher collaboration, Timetable, attendance & scheduling, online exams & assignment, students’ billing and fee management.

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By ThinkWave, Inc.

ThinkWave is a cloud-based school management software suit that allows Elementary, secondary, vocational schools, trade and colleges to manage their schooling and records system online. The software allows optional parent access and student accounts to manage performance and reporting online with everything saved and backed up on the cloud. Free gradebook software is a complete homework and grade management tool.

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By WilComp Software, L.P.

If you are thinking of a creating a software version of your school, RenWeb can be the perfect solution for you. All school management functions including admissions, attendance, report cards, discipline, health, scheduling, student billing, library, lunchroom and many more can be managed and reported on a single platform with optional access to teacher, parents and students. Mobile app version allows you to take your school anywhere with you.

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By Active Network, LLC

ActiveEducate is one solution for all kinds of educational platforms including schools, language schools, educational camps, classes, childcare schools, vocational schools, k-12 and/or private schools. No matter what your school type is, you can easily manage all your school and students’ activities and records from a single online platform with this amazing schools administration software. Common functions include online class & activity registration, private lessons, fee management, etc.

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By Alma Technologies, Inc.

Alma is a very popular student and school management suite that allows schools and teachers to manage online records of their students as well as complete operations of the school including grading, report cards, schedules, etc. The software interface is easy enough for students to understand and access. The parent portal allows parents to communicate with teachers about the performance of their children and other discussions.

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By Ellucian Company L.P.

Ellucian is a complete school management software that provides technology solutions to schools and other educational institutions, especially to those dealing in higher education. Some of the functions offered by Ellucian tool include admissions & registration management, Students information systems, students’ performance analytics, mobile platform and other common school functions. To summarize, Ellucian software helps students, school, staff, and faculty altogether with their goals and plans.

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By Skyward, Inc.

Skyward is a K-12 school management platform that allows schools to manage their functioning online. The tool offers various services and features for schools, faculties and students. Its efficient Student Information System lets you manage the records of your students with just one account. Learning system allows students and teachers to learn new technology and ideas. All schools operations including financial and HR can be managed right from your account.

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By ACS Technologies Group, Inc.

Headmaster is a software suite designed to fulfill the needs of schools and childcare centers of a common platform to be able to manage various regular functions such as administration, billing, reporting, exams and communication from a single account. The software allows you to keep student information and records in your reach and access them anytime, anywhere you want. It also helps school staff and faculties with common tasks such as attendance and grading.

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By Common Goal Systems Inc.

SchoolInsight gives you the power to manage and operate your school online with easy access to all information you need. The software has been designed basically for small to medium-sized schools. Its powerful interface allows you to manage everything from students’ scheduling, reporting, health, and discipline to automate tasks. You can now save the time of your faculties and staff by making information available to authorized people.

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By InfoSnap, Inc.

Infosnap is an online school management tool that lets you manage your basic and advanced school functions online. Some of the services offered under this software include Students registration, enrollment, staff forms, payment & fee management, appointment scheduling, sports registration, administrative suite, school locator, report generation and many more. The software has many tools and applications responsible for managing various school functions.

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By Sproutonweb Pty Ltd

Class365 is not just a school management software, but it is a complete Student Information System & learning software that allows your students to get familiar with the latest technologies and futuristic education tools. Class365 connects students, teachers and parents with the schools through a common platform where they can share and learn. The software provides a paperless medium for various school functions such as learning, admission, billing, training and alumni.

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By SchoolAdmin, LLC

SchoolAdmin is basically recognized as an online admission software, but it is more than that. SchoolAdmin allows you to register and enroll students online and create a perfect record of all students in a common database. The system has inbuilt forms for online inquiry, application, enrollment and more. It allows schools to maintain admission checklist and online scheduling with notes & reminders. Email option can be used to communicate with any contact.

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By Populi, Inc.

Populi is not just a simple college management software, but it is a complete online portfolio of your school/ college and students. With the help of Populi, you can manage everything including courses, billing and other school functions from your account. Some other features include online learning, Students info, high-level security, online donations, grading & degree system, audio and video lectures, Google Apps for Education and much more.

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By Blackbaud, Inc

Blackbaud K-12 school software solutions allow schools to interact with students, parents and teachers and manage school activities online. The software allows your whole school to connect in such a way that everyone is connected with everyone, but only authorized person can access particular information. This makes common school functioning easier and less time consuming for faculties and school staff. Most of school activities can be managed online with this tool.

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By Open Solutions for Education, Inc.

OpenSIS is a School management and Students Information management software that allows schools to manage their complete school activities through a web-based platform. While supporting all basic schooling functioning and tasks including scheduling, report cards, transcripts, students’ contact info, gradebook, heath attendance, school calendar, etc., OpenSIS is also equipped with several other features such as, built-in messaging, high security, parents & student portals and Google Maps integration.

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TSM Enterprise

By Edunext Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The School Manager or TSM Enterprise School managing software helps schools with the online management of basic and advanced functioning of their students and school activities including, admission management, communication, scheduling, daily remarks, circulars, Examination management, Fee & billing management, Homework & assignment, Hostel facilities, Lesson planning, SMS & reminders, library management, inventory management, request handling, attendance, contact info, new staff recruitment, Students’ performance & achievements, etc.

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By Focus School Software

Focus School Software has been designed for providing public and private schools with the flexible school management solutions through a scalable interface. Apart from a well-managed Student Information System, Focus offers several other features including reporting, resource planning, learning, finance management, school calendar, help desk & support, training, third party integrations for better performance, business operation management and basic school functioning management.

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By PowerSchool Group LLC.

PowerSchool is one of the most advanced Student Information Solution software that helps schools to manage and process the common functions of school through a web-based or mobile platform. PowerSchool allows online registration and enrollment facility for schools and students. It also allows faculties, parents and students to view and manage various school activities. Other features include reporting, demographics, online admission, fee management, discipline, and scheduling and health management.

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School Time is one of few School management software that supports multiple languages, making it usable for schools and colleges in multiple countries. The Software is available to be used on desktop as well on mobile. The application supports all basic and advanced school functions including students admissions, performance analytics, exam management, SMS & email notification, online library of books, school accounting system, online fee payment, school bus GPS tracking, etc.

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By QuickSchools Inc.

QuickSchools gives you a complete web based school management system to manage and maintain all your school functions online such as, student data & records, teacher information, Parent accounts, attendance system, gradebook, report cards, homework & examination function, admissions, accounts & payments and communication management. Some noticeable features include full web security, fast server, authorized access t parents and teacher, easy and systematic reporting, etc.

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By Administrative Software Applications, Inc.

ASAP is a complete online registration and school management software aimed at simplifying the process of registration, learning and management in schools and other educational institutions. ASAP is ideal for community classes, schools, events, arts & music classes and professional learning platform. Some of its features include custom website based online registration, single, family & company accounts, scheduling, attendance, built-in filtering in reporting, easy payment and management through one account.

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