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By TechSmith Corporation

Snagit is screen capture software that lets you easily capture your computer screen or make a video of your screen while you operate. It also comes with inbuilt tools to edit and enhance the captured images and videos and to share them with anyone. Snagit screenshot tool helps users create custom images for various purposes, such as reviews, demos, social sharing, sampling, and more.

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By TechSmith Corporation

Jing is a free screenshot program that can be used to capture anything on your computer screen at any moment. It lets you create image or short videos, and share them instantly with anyone. You can also download the screenshot or video captured online and can use it locally on your computer. Jing editing tool allows you to make minor changes or add additional visual effects to your captures.

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By Farminers Limited

Monosnap is a free cloud based screenshot tool that allows you to easily capture and download screenshots of your screen. Its inbuilt editor allows you to draw on your captures and edit them. The tool can be customized to capture full screen, or a specific part of the screen with dedicated hotkeys. Its 8x magnifier makes sure that your captured images are pixel perfect. It also features a blur tool that lets you hide private information.

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Ashampoo Snap 9

By Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG

Ashampoo Snap 9 is a screenshot program that enables users to easily capture, edit and share images and videos of their computer screens. The software can be used to create detailed video tutorials for training purposes. In addition to allowing you to capture your screen, it also lets you add additional information and drawing on the captures. The integrated text recognition tool allows you to capture only the text part of a page.

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By Skillbrains Corporation

LightShot screenshot software lets you take easily customizable screenshots in the fastest way possible. The tool can be used to capture the entire screen or just a specific part of the screen. It automatically generates a short link of the captured image that can be shared with anyone. You can also download, print or save a screenshot to the server. LightShot also features a powerful editor that lets you edit screenshots instantly or afterwards.

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Awesome screenshot

By Awesome Screenshot, Inc.

Awesome screenshot is a popular screen capturing tool that is used by businesses and individuals worldwide. In addition to allowing you to capture awesome shots of your screen, it lets you manage and store captured images systematically online. The pointer tool lets you highlight the important parts, write comments, and discuss them. It also supports sharing of captured images, blurring private info, adding annotations, and partial screen capturing.

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FireShot screenshot software allows you to take full web page screenshots in just one click. That means, you can capture not just the visible part of a page, but the entire web page from top to bottom, without having to scroll manually. The captured images can be easily downloaded in different formats, including JPEG, PNG, or PDF, or can also be shared online. The editor tool lets you make live changes, add annotations, etc. to a capture image.

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FastStone Capture is a screen capture program that is designed to let users take wonderful screenshots, or record videos of their screens. The software allows you to capture anything on a page, including the entire screen, a scrolling web page, specific objects, rectangular, and more. In addition to that, it also features a screen recorder that can be used to record videos of the computer screen while performing an activity.

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PicPick is a screen capture tool that is used to take and download website screenshots, desktop screenshots, and more. In addition to a screenshot program, PicPick also features an inbuilt image editor, protractor, color picker, crosshair, whiteboard, pixel-ruler, magnifier, and other tools to allow editing and enhancing of captured images. Additional functions include annotation and highlighting of images, adding effects, sharing, customization, and many more.

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By MangoApps Inc

TinyTake is screen capture and recording software that allows you to easily capture your computer screen, record videos, and annotate and share them with others. The program comes with inbuilt tools to make it easy for users to take screenshots, make screen videos, edit online, add comments, share short links with anyone, upload videos to YouTube, and more. TinyTake by MangoApps is a free screen capture tool for Windows and Mac.

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Greenshot is an open source screen capture tool that can be used to take quick screenshots of any screen, make live changes in the captures, add annotations, and share them with others. The inbuilt editor supports functions like adding annotations, highlighting, blurring some details, and more. Greenshot screenshot tool can capture a certain part, full screen, or even a scrolling web page, and send the file directly to a printer, server, email, or local system.

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Screenpresso is a screenshot tool for Windows that allows users to capture an image or video of anything on a computer screen, edit the captures, and share with others. The tool can be used for individual or business purposes. It also has built-in image editor and sharing options. The image editor tool allows editing, highlighting, and annotations of the captured images. Screenpresso can share images online, save them on cloud, and can download in PDF and other formats.

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By CloudPlus, Inc.

CloudApp screenshot tool lets you capture screenshots in image, PDF, and GIF formats, and share them with your team or colleagues to collaborate online. The software also supports video recording that allows you to record any activity on your computer screen. The annotation feature lets you add drawings and comments to your captures to explain various things that need to be explained. It automatically generates a shareable link of the captured image.

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Grabilla is a powerful screen capture tool that can easily capture animated GIFs, screens, long documents, scrolling pages, videos, and more, store them online or download on local computers, and share with anyone online, via email, or on social networks. The software also allows quick editing and annotations of the captured images and videos. It can be used for any personal or business purpose for free.

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Sharex is a free, open source screen capture and file sharing tool that allows users to take screenshots, annotate them, and share URLs with others. The tool lets you capture full screen, windows, monitor, specific regions, shapes, freehand, and record screens in GIF and video formats. The text capture option lets you capture only the text part, while webpage capture is to capture scrolling web pages. It also supports editing, uploading, sharing, and download after capture.

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Clarify is a screenshot capture application that lets you take and share multiple screenshots in no time. The screenshots captured by the tool can be easily marked, annotated, downloaded, saved, and shared anywhere on the web. Clarify offers the facility of screen capturing, image editing and document sharing in a single powerful tool that is very easy to use. It features a great sharing tool that can share your documents in multiple formats.

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TinyGrab is a simple innovative screenshot sharing tool that lets you take a screenshot and share it with anyone in just a few clicks. The software is available in the downloadable format for Windows and Mac systems. Users can easily capture the entire screen or a part of the screen using this tool that automatically generates a tiny URL that can be shared anywhere with anyone.

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Shutter is a screenshot capture tool for Ubuntu and Linux systems. It lets you take quick screenshots, edit them, and share them online or download. It is an open source software and is free to download and use. Shutter allows screenshots of a full screen, a specific area, window, text, or a web page. It also lets you apply effects to the image, draw on it, highlight points, write comments, and upload the final images.

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By IBE Software

7Capture is high performance screenshot software for Windows. The software allows screen capture of web pages, computer screens, windows, rounded corners and even transparent backgrounds. The captured images are available in multiple formats, including JPEG, GIF, semi-transparent PNG, and/or BMP formats. Its noteworthy features include perfect transparency captures, clean round corners, theme's color capture, etc. 7Capture is completely free and can be used for any personal or commercial purpose.

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