Self Publishing Companies

A self publishing company is a publishing house that allows independent writers to publish their own work in an easy, fast and hassle-free manner. Not all new writers and authors can find their way into a big reputed publishing house for the publishing of their very first book; self publishing is usually a better option in such cases. Not only new writers, but many popular and best-selling authors prefer a self-publishing company as they get complete freedom to choose their own style and manner for publishing, and marketing of their books.

Here are some of the most popular self publishing companies one can choose from.



By On-Demand Publishing LLC

CreateSpace is a self publish company for authors who want to write and publish their own work without the help of a reputed publishing company. It offers various tools and services, such as quality printing, book distribution services, booksellers, and marketing tools to help authors complete their books and distribute them to millions of readers online and offline. Authors can also use free online tools for writing and editing.

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By Lulu Press, Inc. is a self-publishing service for authors, indie publishers, businesses, educators, artists and nonprofits, who want to showcase their work in the form of books, CD, photo album, or any other medium. It provides authors an online platform to create and sell their books in any format with an integrated online book store. In addition to hardcover and paperbacks, also supports self-publishing of eBooks, photo books, and other material.

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Blurb is an online platform for authors and individuals to turn their ideas into beautiful books, eBooks, or magazines with easy-to-use tools. It provides various tools to easily create printed books and magazines or eBooks and sell these books on popular websites like Amazon and anywhere else. Some of Blurb tools are free while others are paid based on the publishing material and category. Your book can be about anything or any industry, including photography, travel, business, novel, etc.

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Kobo Writing Life is an online platform for authors and writers to self-publish their digital content and eBooks. It allows authors to publish and sell their books, keep track of sales and connect with their fans online. Creating and publishing an eBook with Kobo Writing Life is as easy as it can get. It works in few simple steps that include describing the eBook, adding a cover, synopsis and book content, setting the price, and publishing.

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By Smashwords, Inc

Smashwords gives authors and writers an opportunity to publish their work online in the form of eBooks and sell them through the integrated online store or anywhere else online. It is an ideal platform for those writers, who are not yet famous enough to be contracted with big publishing houses, but have enough talent. Smashwords allows fast and easy eBook distribution to popular sellers with free marketing, distribution and sales tracking tools.

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By Audio and Video Labs, Inc.

BookBaby offers reliable and efficient self-publishing packages that include all necessary tools and services to make and sell beautiful printed books and eBooks. In addition to book printing and eBooks, it also offers services like cover design, interior print & formatting, bookshop, editing, scanning, and online web hosting. Bookshop is an integrated eBook store from BookBaby that allows authors to showcase and sell their work online through a dedicated page.

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Lightning Source

By Lightning Source Inc.

Lightning Source is a self-publishing house that offers services like, on demand book printing, distribution, digital printing, and more. It combines a high-quality book printing service with a large distribution network to allow authors to get their books published and distributed to readers very fast. Lightning Source can handle publishing and printing of any number of books for independent publishers or professional publishing companies.

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By Ingram Content Group Inc.

IngramSpark is an online self-publishing platform for indie authors and writers. It is suitable for any well-established or new writer, who wants to self-push their work in the form of printed books or eBooks. It offers various professional tools for printing and publishing of print books and eBooks and global distribution through a large network of independent bookstores, retailers, online stores, schools, and many more.

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NOOK Press

By Nook Digital, LLC

NOOK Press is a free online platform for self-publishers and new writers to publish and sell their books to millions of readers. It offers high professional quality book printing service that takes about a week to print and publish a book in the market-ready form. Authors can alternatively go for eBook publishing that takes just a few days. In addition to printing and publishing, NOOK Press also offers tools for online writing, editing & formatting, and selling of books.

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By FastPencil, Inc

FastPencil self-publishing company allows writers and authors to easily write and publish eBooks and print books and distribute them online from a single interface. It offers tools to write, collaborate online with other writers, publish, and distribute through several networks. FastPencil features many inbuilt templates and designs to allow authors to personalize their eBooks in a unique way. Authors can either sell their books privately or through worldwide distribution.

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By Author Solutions, LLC

AuthorHouse is a large community of self-publishing authors that allows authors to self-publish their work with high-quality printing, editorial and marketing services. It mainly offers three publishing packages, including black & white, full color, and graphic novel publishing. AuthorHouse also features its own bookstore to allow authors to sell their work online. Other services include formatting, design, editorial services, production, marketing, distribution, and many more.

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By Notion Press Media Pvt Ltd

NotionPress is a self-publishing company ideal for authors and newbie writers in India. It offers many professional tools and help for publishing, printing and distribution of print books and eBooks. New authors are provided with expert guidance for publishing and marketing of their work. With a rich network of readers and distributors across the globe, NotionPress makes it easy for authors to get recognized for their work.

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By Xlibris LLC

Xlibris is a self-publishing house that offers black & white printing, full color printing, publishing, editorial, add-on and marketing services to indie authors and writers. In addition to eBook and paperback, Xlibris also provides hardback and bespoke leather bound book formats. The publishing process usually takes 3-4 months. The company can handle all tasks, from editing the manuscript to reviewing to printing and distribution of the final book.

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By iUniverse LLC

iUniverse is a complete self-publishing solution for independent writers and authors. In addition to book publishing and printing, it offers other important services like, evaluation and editorial service, formatting & design, work recognition programs, global distribution, and fast publishing. iUniverse bookstore allows authors to showcase and sell their books to thousands of serious readers. It also offers various marketing tools, including self-promotion and writing contests.

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Outskirts Press

By Outskirts Press, Inc

Outskirts Press self-publishing house offers on-demand printing and book publishing services to writers. It offers various writing tools and services, such as professional copyediting, cover design, ghostwriting, formatting, writing consultation, and more. Common publishing packages include down payment publishing, diamond, pearl full-color, ruby, sapphire, one-click publishing, etc. Its benefits include flexibility, complete control, full-service support, fast publishing process, wholesale distribution, online book listing, author-rights, and more.

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Llumina Press

By Aeon Publishing Inc.

Llumina Press is a web based book publishing company that offers self-publishing services for writers of all categories. They can handle all publishing aspects, including editing, formatting & design, printing, distribution, and marketing. Llumina Press offers black & white and color book publishing options with integrated formatting, cover design and on-demand printing. Authors get to keep all rights for their books with high royalties for each sell.

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Xulon Press

By Salem Communications Corporation

Xulon Press is a self-publishing company that allows print-on-demand publishing of Christian books. It is an ideal platform for any Christian author or writer looking for a self-publishing platform for their Christian books and manuscripts. In addition to fast and affordable publishing, Xulon Press also offers efficient marketing and distribution services through a large global network of retailers, libraries, schools, and online stores.

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By Author Solutions, LLC

Booktango online self-publishing house and bookstore allows authors to publish and sell their e-books and stories online. It pays 100% royalty with no distribution or marketing fees for all authors’ books. All eBooks are designed to be compatible with all major platforms and devices so that readers can read and authors can edit anytime, from anywhere using any device. Other services include publicity services, book signings, video reading, and more.

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By DiggyPOD, Inc

DiggyPOD is an on-demand printing and self-publishing company that gives authors and new writers a platform for fast production, review, and distribution of their books. Other services include free shipping, electronic proofreading, review and quality check, book barcodes, customer cover design, and more. DiggyPOD also provides complete guidance for first-time publishers, who want to get their work published but have no idea where and how to do it.

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Infinity Publishing

By Infinity Publishing

Infinity Publishing specializes in digital publishing services for independent writers. With their free eBook publishing guide, authors can learn the step-by-step process of self-publishing. Infinity Publishing offers an easy and fast online self-publishing process for books from any genres and tools for global distribution and marketing of books on Amazon and other popular online and offline stores, outlets and retailers. They offer paperback, hardcover, audio books, and eBook publishing services.

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Archway Publishing

By Simon and Schuster Inc.

Archway Publishing allows the self-publishing of fiction & non-fiction, business, children and other genre books from any known or new author. In addition to professional guidance and a fast publishing process, it also offers editorial and design services to control the look and genuineness of books. Authors can also take help of many publishing and writing experts for free advice and guidance. Other services include author support, multiple formats, production, and marketing services.

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By Self Publishing, Inc. is a book publishing service for independent writers and authors. It offers a complete publishing package, including book layout and cover design, editorial service, book printing (single color or full-color), and marketing & distribution services. publishing process involves four easy steps; education of publishing basics, preparing files for print, book printing and binding, and book distribution and marketing through online bookstores, websites and press releases.

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Dog Ear

By Dog Ear Publishing, LLC

Dog Ear is a self publishing company allowing authors to easily make and publish their own books. In addition to book publishing, it also offers professional editorial and marketing services for all registered authors. Editorial services include reviewing and refining a book by professional editors to deliver the market-ready product. Dog Ear offers multiple publishing packages to suit different needs of different authors. Other benefits include fast publishing, full copyright and control, and more.

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By Author Solutions, LLC

Trafford self-publishing platform allows authors to sign-up with professional publishers through a non-exclusive contract to get their books published. Authors can either keep their copyrights or can sell them to film and television producers for good money. Common publishing services offered by Trafford include editorial service, multi-formats, design, production, marketing & distribution and bookselling through its own online bookstore and many other popular online and offline layouts.

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By Fundcraft Publishing, Inc.

InstantPublisher is a complete self book publishing solution for independent authors and writers who want to get their books published. It supports publishing and distribution of all genre books of multiple types, including how-to-books, novels, brochures, manuals, or any other type of book. Other services offered by InstantPublisher include typesetting, proofing, image placement & scanning, reprint, book scanning, web design, page numbering, design & layout, marketing, and more.

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Morris Publishing

By Morris Printing Group

Morris Publishing is a self-publishing and printing service used by many authors and writers to self publish their books. It gives writers complete authority and control over the publishing process from choosing the binding style to creating a cover image to reviewing proof to publishing the final print. It is an ideal publishing solution for individuals, businesses and small publishers for publishing of all genre books, including fiction, poetry, self-help, manuals, business, and more.

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America Star Books

By PublishAmerica, LLLP

America Star Books is a free book publishing service in the United States. It allows writers and authors to get their books translated in English and published in America for free. America Star Books is an ideal platform for foreign language authors who want to get their work published in English language and distributed in one of the world’s largest market. America Star Books has its own bookstore to allow authors to showcase and sell their books online.

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