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Search engine optimization is a powerful way to build steady and reliable traffic. Search engines rely on hundreds of factors to rank websites. SEO Software can help you to achieve this by making your site search engine friendly. Below is a list of some leading software.

MOZ enables online businesses, either local or global, to manage their search engine marketing. It helps your website to improve its ranking in the search engine, optimize your backlinks, and launch an effective content and social media marketing campaign. It provides all-in-one tools to increase your website traffic and conversion. There is a yearly pricing for MOZ Local and monthly pricing for MOZ Pro, with free trial available for the Standard and Medium plans.

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SEOProfiler gives individual businesses and SEO agencies the platform that they need to launch their search engine optimization campaign. Whether you are using this software for your own business or for your clients, you can get accurate SEO recommendations and analytics from within your dashboard. With the branding feature that it has, SEOProfiler enables you to keep your SEO company looks professional for your clients. It offers a free trial account for new users.

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By Searchmetrics Inc.

Searchmetrics is a powerful search engine marketing software targeted for SEO agencies and enterprise users. It helps to increase your website visibility in the search engine, improve the content relevancy with your targeted keywords, and increase your revenue stream. It analyzes every important aspect of your website SEO, including social media, content, global and local search, backlink, site structure, and more. There is a demo version available for new users, which you can request directly from the Searchmetrics team.

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SEO PowerSuite

By Link-Assistant.Com

SEO PowerSuite (Link Assistant) is an all-in-one SEO software that helps you to optimize your website for the top placement in the search engine result. The software is available for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux platforms, with free as well as paid version available. Link Assistant provides accurate data to help research your keywords, optimize your content and web structure, and improve your backlinks. It also gives regular reports to monitor your progress, which helps to improve your SEO over time.

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Raven Tools

By Raven Internet Marketing Tools

Raven Tools is a set of internet marketing tools that help to manage all aspects of your online business. It includes SEO, social media, content marketing, and PPC tools. It provides reports that are easy to manage, which are brandable for your business. With built-in Google integration, it integrates seamlessly with various essential Google tools, such as AdWords, Analytics, and Webmaster Tools. It is available in two pricing plans: Raven Pro and Raven Agency, with a 30-day free trial available.

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CognitiveSEO helps to increase your website traffic by analyzing your backlinks, auditing your content, and tracking your website ranking. It also helps you to improve your website traffic, even though your website has been penalized by Google. It provides unique and accurate data to spy on your competitors, by revealing their SEO strategy to increase your chance in dominating your market. CognitiveSEO is available in Professional, Premium, Elite, and Custom plan, with free 14-day trial available for the professional plan.

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By Web CEO Limited

WebCEO includes 14 tools that help you to increase your search engine marketing campaign, such as rank tracking, SEO audits, competition analysis, scheduled reports, and more. It also provides various enterprise-level features that allow you to generate white label SEO report for your clients, which allow you to use the software platform on your own domain. A free version is available, with various other pricing plans targeted for various types of businesses, including startup, agency, and enterprise.

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Sistrix Toolbox is an easy-to-use SEO software that helps to ensure your website success. It provides various SEO information about your website, which can be used to improve your site ranking. It includes KPI data, SEO evaluation, keyword rankings, and domain data, with in-depth domain information for large websites, domain visibility data, and more. It also helps to evaluate your link quality and prevent it from getting your website penalized by Google and other search engines. Free test account is available.

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By Positionly, Inc.

Positionly is a simple SEO software that enables you to monitor your SEO activities on a daily basis. The features included within the software are rank tracking, competition analysis, media monitoring, and SEO suggestions, which help to improve your search engine position quickly. You get the SEO report about your website on a daily basis, and you can also white label your report if you use the software as an SEO agency. A 14-day free trial is available.

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Web SEO Analytics

By Roi Mat Strategies LTD

Web SEO Analytics is a powerful SEO tool that provides a detailed analysis of your website’s SEO aspects, which helps you to create the best strategy for your online marketing. The SEO analysis feature helps you to dominate your market in both free and paid search. The available SEO API can be integrated with your current online application to give more functionalities to it. A 10-day free trial is available, with three different pricing plans: Pro, Agency, and Enterprise.

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By Affilorama Group Ltd.

AffiloTools is a premium SEO suite that provides a complete SEO information related to your website in one simple page. You can see various aspects of your SEO within your dashboard, including website health check, traffic and revenue analysis, keyword research, SEO evaluation, and social media analysis. Not only that, you can also dig deeper into individual items to reveal your indexed pages, keyword ranking, earnings, and social media likes and retweets. A free trial account is available.

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By BrightEdge Technologies, Inc

BrightEdge is an enterprise SEO platform that provides various tools to increase your content performance, improve your conversions, and increase your business revenue. It is built with innovative technology that allows you to get above any Google algorithm change. It also provides robust SEO tools for local and mobile search engine marketing, which helps your business to get ahead of your competitors within your market. The task management and reporting features allow you to keep your SEO campaign on track.

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Advanced Web Ranking is a cloud-based SEO tool that provides easy rank tracking for webmasters and online marketers. It has various SEO features that help to improve your website rank and dominate your niche, with a guaranteed privacy. Some included features are rank tracking, localization, white label reports, user management, data analysis, developer API, and SEO audit. The software also provides a trustworthy competition monitoring to ensure accurate data about your competitors. A free account is available for new users.

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By UpCity, LLC

UpCity provides an SEO software that is easy to use, which helps to simplify and ease your search engine marketing. It is targeted for small businesses and agencies, and it provides complete website assessment and automated workflow to give you a step-by-step guide in improving your website ranking. Aside from providing an SEO software, UpCity also provides an SEO service that helps to automate all your SEO processes, including on-site optimization, link building, local directory submission, and blog content writing.

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By Conductor, Inc.

Conductor focuses on helping to optimize your online marketing and improve your conversion rate. It helps to turn your website into a high converting sales machine that keeps on adding more revenue for your business. It provides tools to create compelling content that converts visitors into customers, establish your website as a search engine authority, and fix low converting content. The software is available for various types of users, including online marketers, CMO, VP, content marketers, agencies, and SEO professionals.

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Traffic Travis

By Affilorama Group Limited.

Traffic Travis provides comprehensive SEO data that you can use to rank your website in the top position of the search engine result. It consists of three main SEO tools, which are SEO, PPC, and keyword research tools. It allows you to analyze your website health and find out if there is any aspect of your website that may affect your ranking negatively. You can also get the competitors’ data and learn why they beat you in the search ranking.

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By SEOlytics GmbH

SEOLytics provides you with a robust and reliable cloud-based SEO software that allows you to get comprehensive data to measure your SEO visibility. The real-time keyword research feature enables you to research important keywords related to your niche with real-time accuracy. With this software, you can discover various problems within your website that may hinder you from achieving higher search engine ranking, such as relevancy, backlink, and on-site SEO problems. This software is available in free and paid versions.

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Analytics SEO

By Analytics SEO Limited

Analytics SEO is a powerful SEO software that is designed primarily for online marketing teams in any type of business. It provides features that are not commonly available in individual SEO software, such as multi-site tasks and reporting, bulk-site and history importer, customized branding, and more. With the built-in integration, you can combine the SEO data with analytics data in one place to ease your progress. This software is available in three pricing options: Business, Agency, and Custom plan.

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By Linkbird GmbH

LinkBird is a cloud-based SEO tool that focuses primarily on the link building aspect of your online marketing. It provides an easy-to-use platform for link builders to plan, manage, and analyze their link building campaign. LinkBird helps you to go through the three crucial steps of link building: the planning, implementation, and evaluation stage. It helps to improve your website ranking with the right link building strategy. Free trial is available, with three basic pricing plans: Pro, Expert, and Enterprise.

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iBusinessPromoter is an award-winning SEO software that helps you to rank your website high in various search engines, as well as increase your website revenue. The software provides three simple steps to achieve your goal: optimize your website, promote your website, and track your progress. With this strategy, you can outperform your competitors effectively and start dominating your niche market. iBusinessPromoter is available in two versions: IBP Standard and IBP Business, with a 100% risk-free purchase for all customers.

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By Rio SEO Automation Software

Rio SEO is an enterprise SEO platform that helps you to scale your SEO projects. It is designed to take various SEO tasks in bigger quantities than the regular SEO software. It provides various features that are only available in a good enterprise SEO platform, including global SEO auditing and reporting, prioritized workflow, custom interface, analytics integration, and unlimited competition analysis. A scheduled demo account is available upon contacting the Rio SEO team.

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SheerSEO is an online SEO software that helps to automate various aspects of your SEO campaign. It helps to track your website ranking in the search engine result page and provides historical reports related to your website. It also includes a directory submission tool that automates your tasks in submitting your website to related web directories. The social media features allow you to track your website performance in various social media platforms. Trial account is available.

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By Ginzamarkets, Inc.

GinzaMetrics provides a host of online marketing tools with only one goal in mind--to get your website found on the search engine. It helps you to optimize all aspects of your SEO, including your marketing, content writing, search intelligence, and various additional features for SEO agencies. In short, the software helps you to achieve high ranking with 5 steps: predictive insights, competition analysis, discovery, reporting and analytics, and data management. A demo version is available.

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By gShift Labs Inc.

gShift is a complete SEO tool with primary focus on content marketing. It enables content marketers to optimize their content for search engines and social media platforms. It helps your content to be discovered online, regardless of your target audience. You can use this tool for an effective local marketing campaign. There are two types of services available from gShift: gShift for Agencies and gShift for Brands. The scheduled demo version of this software is available upon request.

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By Linkdex Ltd.

Linkdex is an enterprise SEO software with powerful features that provides comprehensive SEO data, which can help businesses to increase their traffic and sales. The features included in this software include visibility research, entity search, SEO platform, competition analysis, forecasting, and content strategy. It also generates PowerPoint presentation for your SEO performance in just a few clicks. The pricing plan is based on the number of people using the software, with a free demo trial available for new users.

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By Maximizer e-Services Pvt Ltd.

Mondovo is a complete SEO software suite that helps you to go through the entire SEO process easily. You can increase your website traffic in just 4 steps: track, analyze, research, and improve. These steps can be applied for either the search engine platform or social media platform. Some useful features include keyword and link research, website audit, on-page analyzer, rankings monitor, and social media competition. A free plan is available, with three main pricing options: Smart, Professional, and Premium.

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By Bryxen Software, Inc.

SEOElite is a desktop SEO software suite that helps you to improve your website traffic by analyzing your performance and doing various SEO tasks according to the SEO information given by the software. With the software, you know exactly the top ranked websites and their strength in the search engine. You also get a powerful link building tool within the software, which allows you to build effective backlinks for your website. SEOElite is available as a one-time purchase.

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Website Rocket was built to help small business owners do their own SEO. It walks them through the process by giving them simple yet very detailed step by step instructions on how to promote their website through SEO and social media. It's easy to use platform allows you to simply login and begin working on tasks that have been proven to move your website to the top of the search engines. Tasks include on page SEO, link building, social media, online marketplaces, content marketing and more. There is a 30 day free trial on all new accounts.

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