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If you are in need of professional and reliable site search services for your online business, then you should look for a few things. It is important to make sure that you look for a service provider who can help you to give your customers whatever it is they are looking for in your website. They should also provide visitor reports and analytics, whilst helping you to generate more customers and revenue.

These are some websites that offer professional and reliable site search services:

Google Site Search is a Google Custom Search’s edition which is designed for business that are looking for creating a Google hosted and highly customized website search solution. With this service, businesses can add other web pages as well as sites on their own. This is a service that allows users to give their website visitors the relevance and power of the Google’s search technology.

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FreeFind offers easy and fast search services for websites of businesses. It provides users with professional search capabilities for their websites. It is an engine that can deliver real-time outcome right from the 1st keystroke. It allows site owners will be able to help their website visitors with the information they require with a few clicks. Also, they can create a search quality that the visitors will like.

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Algolia is a search API that allows businesses to give their customers an amazing search experience in their websites and applications. It assists businesses by offering their clients with relevant and instant search results starting from the very first keystroke. It also offers complete protection for the data of its clients. On the whole, it is an API service with which website can give their customers a perfect search experience.

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Sli Systems

By S.L.I. Systems, Inc.

Sli systems help businesses to increase their revenue through robust solutions for accelerating ecommerce. It makes online shopping easier for its clients’ customers with SEO, recommendations, mobile, merchandising and learning based search solutions. It is a service that can reduce the time taken by online shoppers to search for products on the internet. It allows businesses to access merchandising tools and reports for tracking, understanding and anticipating shopper demand.

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JRank offers accurate, easy and fast site search services that don’t ask user to install software to use the services. It provides free services to users. It allows users to let their visitors to search loads of web pages easily and quickly. Site owners who want to help their visitors to get what they are searching for can make use of the JRank’s site search services.

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The Unbxd is a tool that will assist businesses to make an account of the preferences of their customers. It can let site owners in reducing bounce rates and increasing order values. This tool makes it easier for the client’s customers to get faster results on websites. Also, site owners can amaze their site visitors by showcasing best items. It lets you give your customers a great overall site search experience.

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Swiftype offers website search services for mobile apps and websites of businesses. It helps business owners with page ranks that are specific to their mobile applications or sites. With swiftype, businesses can get powerful search services for their ecommerce sites. It also provides deep insights and detailed reports, so that business owners can find out what their customers are searching for on their online shopping sites.

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By Nextopia Software Corporation

Nextopia offers specialized website search services for quite some time. It has been delivering advanced information retrieval services to online retailers and businesses. It provides various clients with navigations solutions, social and mobile integration services and ecommerce website search services. Nextopia helps businesses in converting the visitors of their websites in to customers. The search technology helps business owners improve on several important areas of ecommerce.

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By Namiria Service Solutions, S. L.,

Doofinder offers site search services to businesses. The semantic processing based search technology can help online retailers to make sure that that customers find what they are looking for, even if there are typographical and spelling errors. It assists business owners to provide a unique sopping experience by displaying the most relevant products. In addition to these, Doofinder lets site owners to increase sales conversions and generate more revenue.

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By Inbenta Technologies Inc.

The AI powered intelligent search services provided by Inbenta help businesses to offer effortless online shopping experience to customers. It offers language processing and artificial intelligence services to online retailers as well as business owners. It lets users to increase visitor conversions with click-to-cart & search-to-cart services. With Inbenta in place, businesses provide a good site experience which can result in repeat customers, lesser abandonments and higher conversions.

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Instant Search Plus provides online retailers with site search services. It helps businesses help their customers to find the right information that they are looking for on their websites. It also allows business owners to enhance their customer’s shopping experience by allowing customers to shop using their mobile devices. It also assists retailers to increase the site visitor conversion and increase sales with the add-to-cart service.

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By ApS offers website search services through software add-ons to online business owners. It allows businesses to increase their sales and improve their growth. By offering online stores with search engine services, pertinent email content and personalized product recommendations, Clerk can help business owners increasing visitor conversions and order value. It also provides the users with a tool with which businesses may increase their annual revenue.

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Search Technologies

By Search Technologies

Search Technologies have been providing big data, implementation, search management and consulting services to businesses. Search technologies offers several services ranging from managed to experts-to-hire services. It helps business to get a complete understanding of business processes, corporate objectives and data sets which rely on search. Search technologies also assist organizations to run their data systems in a better way. It helps companies to run their applications smoothly.

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By Reflektion, Inc.

Reflektion is a site search platform that helps companies to increase their revenue and visitor conversions by helping their customers with prioritized product list on their sites. By offering tailored results, Reflektion lets businesses to make sure that the search results are on target. The site search services provided by Reflektion allow business owners to lead their website visitors to what they are looking for.

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By Simbirsk Technologies Ltd.

Searchnise is a site search service which provides instantaneous search suggestions and results to online stores. It allows businesses in visitor conversion through the auto-complete and fast search services. With Searchnise, business owners will be able to offer relevant results to customers when they search for something on their sites. It also provides site owners with various tools for them to manage their online stores effectively.

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Hawk Search

By Hawk Search, Inc.

Hawk Search is an ecommerce website search solution which helps businesses in delivering a perfect customer experience which in turn can result in delighted customers and increased conversions. The search services can provide businesses with important information like visitors’ interests and preferences. With the help of this service, site owners can let their customers in finding what they want on their sites in an easy manner.

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Klevu gives instantaneous site search services to online stores. The search services provided by Klevu can empower online sellers with detailed insights that come from keywords search. It also helps businesses with the search technology that may let them increase the conversion rates. Moreover, it allows businesses to provide their customers with a great search experience. In addition, they can also get instant and relevant search results.

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BaynoteONE helps business for showing relevant content to people who visit their websites. This service maximizes the landing pages’ relevance for getting the newest visitors. It also helps users to understand what their customers want, no matter what device or channel the customers are using to interact with the users’ websites. This will allow the business owners to engage their customers in a relevant method.

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SearchSpring offers intelligent website search services that can increase the page of websites based on the performance of products. It lets businesses to help customers in finding what they are searching for, no matter how they perform the search. It also monitors product performance and buying performance. With the intelligent search services offered by Searchspring, site owners can deliver a great shopping experience to their customers.

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By Celebros, Inc.

Celebros offers navigation conversion, site-search and merchandizing services to online retailers. It gives online retailers the opportunity to make the most out their websites and convert more visitors in to customers. Also, Celebros assists business owners to increase the revenue generation and conversion rates by understanding the intents of visitors and returning accurate, personalized and relevant results. It also acts as a bridge between customers’ language and stores’ catalogs.

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Innovent Solutions

By Innovent Solutions, Inc.

Innovent Solutions provides several services to help businesses for growing, maintaining and realizing the maximum value from their investment. All these services may have positive impact on the businesses’ ability to connect with customers with products they look for. It also helps online retailers in terms of increasing revenue, customer loyalty and conversion rates. Apart from these, it also offers implementation, consulting and coaching services.

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