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Any business owner or employer who wants to reach out to their customers, employees, partners, suppliers, prospects and clients instantly can consider using professional SMS gateway services offers by reputed service providers. Using such services can help them to send various important messages such as notifications, financial statements, alerts, promotions, discounts, events, reminders and greetings to their target audience through text messages.

Here are a few service providers for businesses to choose from:

Infobip helps developers, retailers, marketers, enterprises and financial institutions to reach their customers and clients with professional and specialized SMS. It allows users to send messages across the world through biggest messaging networks. It helps people to lessen expenses by resolving roaming status, portability and validity of mobile numbers. It can also let people in terms of improving the efficiency of their routing, messaging and verification.

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Nexmo takes care of regulations and compliance so the SMS messages of users can reach the target anytime and anywhere. The interconnected carrier networks as well as Adaptive Routing facility of Nexmo selects the best route to distribute message traffic in real-time, decreasing the performance and latency volatility. It allows users to add an extra security layer to their application by verifying the mobile numbers of users.

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By Clickatell Corporation

Clickatell lets user to enjoy 1 way and 2 way text messaging facility from across the world. It allows people to integrate this facility into their system or application and send notifications, reminders and alerts to their clients and customers. It also allows users for enabling security authentication and checks. Moreover, Clickatell would let the users to personalize SMS messages with specific languages or special characters.

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Pilvo allows users receive and send text messages to or from any mobile phone. It lets people to receive SMS for free. With Pilvo in place, users can send reminders, emergency notifications or system alerts in bulk to their clients and customers through its API. Moreover, it helps users to accelerate application discovery by distributing download links to mobiles or share applications through SMS messages.

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By Celerity Systems (Pty) Ltd.

BulkSMS offers professional SMS services that allow users to send 2 way messages right from their computers that have internet connectivity. Its gateway gets across borders for connecting loads of mobile network operators across the world. It also enables the users to access their online account on internet connected browsers for creating, managing and sending their 2 way SMS messages to predetermined individuals or groups.

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Regardless of what users desire to send out - discounts, promotions, notifications, or updates – Callfire SMS services let people reach heaps of customers instantaneously. SMS messaging services by Callfire SMS can be used by various types of industries. It allows them for sending bulk messages to their clients and customers. It also lets users to use analytics and track results for making their future campaigns better.

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Twilio SMS services allow users to in terms of sending, receiving and tracking SMS messages across the globe. It lets users to build intelligent applications and SMS logic in web apps over short-code, local and toll-free numbers worldwide. It also allows people to make use of text messages for communicating with clients and customers using their existing numbers or twilio numbers if they don’t already have numbers.

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By SMSCountry Networks Pvt. Ltd

The SMS solutions from SMSCountry help businesses to communicate with their customers effectively by automating promotional offers, notifications and verifications. The custom telephony solutions let users to send generic SMS messages to groups or personalized texts to individuals. With the robust and scalable interface, users will be able to send vast amounts of messages instantly. Other than this, it will also let businesses to send scheduled messages.

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By Routesms Solutions Limited

RouteSMS offers dedicated messaging routes to several businesses that depend on SMS messages for their marketing solutions. RouteSms offers technology services for telecommunication industry through its voice & messaging solutions. RouteSms helps businesses to reach their clients periodically and at important occasions for several reasons. It allows users to send reminders, news, bills, and promotions, greeting messages and financial statements to their customers from across the world.

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By TextMagic Ltd.

TextMagic is a professional SMS messaging service that assists businesses to send alerts, confirmations, marketing campaigns, reminders and notifications to their customers. It lets users to get their emails delivered to their mobile phones in the form of text messages. It lets customers to reply to SMS messages through the 2 way messaging facility. With this service, businesses owners can send messages to the entire staff at the same time.

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SMS Global

By SMS Global Pty Ltd

SMS global messaging platform lets businesses to send important messages to their customers or clients anywhere in the world. It allows users to send text messages from web to any mobile phone instantly. It lets people to grow their businesses, increase revenue and decrease costs with its professional SMS services. Also, it lets the users to choose between API and web platform for sending messages.

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By Mobile Tulip B.V.

MessageBird through its SMS gateway allows businesses for sending, receiving and monitoring SMS messages through its API or website. It allows people to reach several thousand mobile phones across the globe. It helps users to send 1 way voice or text messages to their clients. Also, it lets them reach their customers with any information they need to share. Moreover, users can also send 2 way messages to their clients.

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With the SMS API from Sinch, users will be able to send SMS from their Android and iOS applications, websites or backend for driving their user engagement and application downloads and running marketing campaigns. It offers 2-way messaging services with which users can enable their customers to reply to their messages and receive the same. Other than this, Sinch also enables users to make voice calls to their customers.

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By Zipwhip Incorporated

Zipwhip offers professional SMS gateway services to businesses from various industries. It will allow people to send SMS messages from their existing toll-free number, tablet, computer, smartphone and landline phones. Zipwhip apps can help users improve their customer-to-business communication through texting. It provides users with everything they need to manage their customer interactions right from custom keywords to automatic replies in an effective manner.

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By Mobile Solution S.r.l.

The cloud text messaging solutions from Skebby let businesses to reach their customers in real-time no matter who they are and where they are. It helps users in collecting contacts and communicating with anyone instantly. It allows users to send text messages from their website, applications or online. This service allows businesses to send offers and discounts or gather contributions, information or requests from their clients through SMS messages.

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Tropo offers exceptional SMS messaging gateway services to users that want to improve their business through various channels. It lets them accelerate their app growth by assigning phone numbers to the same. It also allows users to automate messages for their apps to exchange SMS with phones across the world. Moreover, Tropo helps users for developing messaging and voice apps, including file and phone numbers.

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By InfoReach, Inc.

Sendhub provides users with professional SMS messaging services. It paves way for businesses to communicate with their partners, clients, customers and employees in efficiently and instantaneously. It lets users for sending SMS messages to small or large groups and individuals. Also, Sendhub allows business to send bulk SMS messages within seconds. It provides users with 2 way SMS services to send offers, reminders and promotions.

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By ComVision Sp. z o.o.

SMSAPI lets businesses to take text messaging to another level by allowing them to reach thousands of their clients within seconds. It helps businesses to send personalized messages to their customers. With SMSAPI, users get several tools for personalizing, tracking, reporting and scheduling almost everything which concerns their text message campaigns. Moreover, with this service, users can send email in the form of text messages to their clients and customers.

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By Now Wireless Limited

NowSMS is a provider of SMS, WAP and MMS server products for companies with the Now SMS gateway and MMS products. It helps businesses with all kinds of MMS and SMS services. Also, NowSMS offers 1 way and 2 way SMS messaging services to people who look for ways to send important information to their customers like reminders, bills, events, promotions and discounts via text messages.

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By Upside Wireless Inc.

IPIPI is an international short messaging services provider offers to various types of users. It allows users to send SMS messages from computers to mobile phones across the globe. Once, the target receives the SMS, they can reply to the same. It also lets people for forwarding important email messages to SMS messages and collecting SMS from their phones and forwarding the same to email.

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Clockwork SMS allows users for sending and receiving SMS messages from their applications. It lets businesses to send short messages from their email. Also, it allows businesses to send SMS messages to their customers who are located anywhere in the world. With this service in place, users will be able to send promotions, discounts, confirm appointments and many other important notifications. Moreover, lets them see if their messages are delivered.

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xGate SMS Gateway

By XGATE Corporation Limited

xGate SMS Gateway offers reliable SMS gateway services to businesses from different industries. It provides users with 2 way messaging system, irrelevant of whether they are setting up reply path or 2 factor authentication for their marketing campaigns. It also lets the users to connect their existing apps to the SMS network. With xGate SMS Gateway, users can send text messages to anyone at anytime.

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Proovl offers professional SMS & voice solutions for businesses and individual users for making and receiving calls and receiving and sending short messages in an easier, effective manner as people want such services to be. It allows users for sending as well receiving text messages from their computers’ web browsers or their smartphone without any hassles. With Proovl, users will be able to send bulk text messages within fractions.

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By CDYNE Corporation

CDYNE provides API services to companies belonging to different industries. It helps industries to implement these services at nominal costs. The Phone Notify services from CDYNE allow businesses for sending and receiving phone calls using recorded files or text-to-speech files. It also lets users to send and receive text messages form users’ website or the short messages Notify API. it offers secure voice and text messaging services to users.

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By Esendex Limited

With the direct connections of Esendex, people can send high quality messages to their customers, employees, clients and partners. It allows businesses to choose from web service, API and SMPP for sending professional SMS messages for communicating with their employees or customers instantaneously. It also lets users to send SMS chat and surveys to their customers worldwide. Moreover, people can send and receive short messages through their email.

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Beepsend allows developers and companies use it’s API for sending and receiving text messages. Beepsend lets businesses to use this service for sending travel and flight notifications, marketing campaigns and banking notifications. It lets users to deliver critical alerts in an effective manner. This platform gives the users complete control and excellent delivery quality. It also lets businesses to use the 2 way messaging system for various purposes.

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Message Media

By Message4u Pty Ltd

The SMS software from Message Media provides a suite of products that can help customers to meet their different needs. It offers services with which users will be able to communicate with their suppliers, staff and customers in a simple, fast way. The Web text messages services allow businesses to send text messages from computers that have internet connectivity. Also, Message Media lets users to send SMS from their email to any location in the world.

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By Mogreet, Inc.

Mogreet has been providing business with professional SMS gateway services. The messaging API from Mogreet allows users to receive and send MMS and SMS messages. This service also lets businesses to register keywords to their services with API call. Apart from these, Mogreet helps users in terms of sending single and bulk SMS messages, managing the user lists and sending content to the user lists.

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By Messente Communications OÜ

Messente offers text message gateway services through which business can reach their clients and customers no matter where they are or which mobile network they use. With this service, they came simply compose the SMS and get the same delivered across the world within fractions. Messente provides users with excellent security through its 2-factor verification. It helps users to promotions, notifications and other critical text messages instantly.

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By 3Seventy, Inc.

3Seventy has been providing businesses with excellent SMS messaging services for sending notifications, alerts, marketing campaigns, reminders and many other critical SMS messages to customers, staff and suppliers. It allows users to make use of the 2 way messaging system, while it gathers customer data. It helps people with deeper customer engagement, greater response rates and minimal opt-outs. Moreover, 3Seventy offers compliant, flexible and reliable SMS services to businesses.

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MSG91 offers professional bulk SMS service that helps businesses in sending alerts, verification messages, advertising campaigns and reminders to their customers. It provides users with the most secure way to send SMS via APIs. It allows people to increase their business, revenue and decrease costs with its professional bulk SMS service. Also, it lets businesses to reach their customers with any significant information they need to share on time.

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