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If you are running a business or marketing agency that needs constant connectivity with clients and customers, then an effective SMS marketing platform can be the best way for you to improve your business performance. It can help business owners in terms of getting new customers and retaining existing customers by sending important messages to them through short messages.

These are a few professional online SMS service providers that may help you improve your business:

E-goi has been offering SMS marketing services to companies, corporate and marketing agencies. It helps users in integrating social media, voice, web and email campaigns into one web based system. It allows business to send SmartSMS messages to people who don’t get to open their email. Also, it lets companies to integrate the services with the companies’ ERP, invoicing system or CRM in a secure manner.

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Atompark SMS

By AtomPark Software Inc.

Atompark SMS has been providing business with SMS marketing services with which they can reach their customers and clients through text messages. it lets companies to save money and time through bulk text messages. It gives people the opportunity for communicating securely and quickly with their existing and potential customers by distributing mass text messages. This service also allows users to monitor the efficiency of the text messages in real-time.

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Ez Texting offers text message marketing services that are affordable, customizable and user-friendly. It provides businesses with fast and effective mass texting services that allow them to send alerts, notifications and reminders to their customers, prospects and partners. With Ez Texting, users can send text, videos and images to mobile phones. Other than these, it also lets users to integrate these services to their sites and social media.

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TextLocal has been providing outbound and inbound text messages and MMS messaging, MMS API, SMS gateway, web design, loyalty cards, mobile forms, surveys and mobile vouchers services to businesses. The bulk messaging services from TextLocal allows users for sending tickets and vouchers and capturing important data of customers. It also lets users to attach several types of files with the messages. Moreover, people can send SMS from their email with this service in place.

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By Tatango Inc.

Tatango has been offering consulting, support and education for helping business to grow and launch their text message marketing initiatives. It offers dedicated marketing support to companies for catering to their specific needs. It provides customized bulk messaging services for ensuring the success of SMS marketing campaigns. Other than providing these services, Tatango helps business by providing them with excellent guidance on almost everything about text message marketing services.

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By DoCircle, Inc.

The automated text message marketing services from Trumpia helps business for sending the right SMS to the target audience at perfect time in an automated manner. It allows companies to captivate their customers by allowing then to send MMS and SMS messages. Also, Trumpia lets people to send messages from their landline connection. With Trumpia, businesses can send mass messages, important alerts and email to text messages to the customers.

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Text Marketer

By Text Marketer Ltd

Text Marketer offers professional bulk sms services to businesses, marketing agencies and institutions. It helps users to receive and send SMS on the internet through their computers with its web texting system. With its refreshingly fast and simple text messaging services, Text Marketer assists companies for getting impressive results from their mass text messaging campaigns. Also, it provides businesses with excellent protection and security for their data.

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Octopush has been helping business by providing professional bulk sms services. It allows companies to make use the affordable SMS services for various purposes such as sending appointment reminders, offers, notifications and important alerts to their clients, customers and suppliers. It also lets users for interacting with their customers and checking their responses in real-time. It also provides audio and voice messaging services to mobiles and landlines.

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By mobileStorm, Inc.

MobileStorm provides online text messaging services to companies for building databases and giving them the capability for reaching their customers on their mobile phones through secure messages, text messages, email and push notifications to sites and mobile applications. It also offers fax and voice broadcasting services to companies from different types of industries. It enables users to access this platform from anywhere on any device

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By Mblox Ltd.

Mblox provides effective text marketing services to businesses for sending audio files, videos and images apart from text messages. These services help businesses to send polls, competitions, coupons and sweepstakes to their customers. It has been helping various businesses with engaging and fresh online sms services. With Mblox in place, businesses can now reach their customers across the world through more than nine hundred mobile networks.

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By TextMarks Inc.

The online sms services from TextMarks let businesses to communicate with people by sending mass sms messages to their customers or clients. It helps organizations for acquiring, engaging and retaining their customers with text messaging services. In addition these services, TextMarks can also help companies in terms lead generation through data capturing. Through its mass texting services, TextMarks assists users to reach their more customers instantaneously.

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By Call Loop, Inc.

CallLoop lets business users to send sms and voice messages to their contacts, subscribers and customers easily and quickly through its automated SMS texting and Calling services. It allows organizations to build their lists via web forms, coupons, SMS contests, mass messages and appointment reminders. Also, the detailed analytics from CallLoop, business will be able to check the performance of their voice and sms messages.

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By Gaglers Inc

CallHub is a text messaging platform that helps businesses for sending online sms messages to their audience. It lets the users to record inbound messages and setup outreach marketing campaigns in their dashboard. It also makes way for users for personalizing messages for their contacts. Moreover, it lets organizations to send messages to almost any country across the planet. In addition, users can setup auto-response for their inbound messages.

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By Slick Innovations, LLC.

It is a professional text marketing service provider that lets users to improve their business through mass messaging campaigns. It will also businesses to send advertisements and marketing ideas in the form of messages to customers’ mobile phones. Also, this service lets them to attach pictures for getting greater responses from customers. Slicktext enables business owners to notify their customers about important changes through instant text messaging services.

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By Made Simple Ventures LLC

SimpleTexting with its bulk message services can help organizations for increasing customer engagement and loyalty. It allows users to make greater and more meaningful impacts with text messaging services. With SimpleTexting’s unparalleled services, people can send contests, coupons, polls, reminders and chat messages to their clients. In addition to these, it can let users to integrate social media with its services for a broader reach.

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By Txt180, Inc.

TXT180 takes mass text messaging services in a different direction with its reasonably charged and customized online sms marketing solutions to meet the needs of the users. It helps users to save a great amount of money with its professional group messaging services. With TXT180’s services, business can send timely alerts and reminders, discounts, promotions, text specials, pools and contests to their clients, subscribers and customers.

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By Protexting LLC

Protexting has been providing online sms sender services to businesses from various types of industries. It helps businesses with access to SMS keywords and short code. Protexting helps users in running interactive MMS and SMS campaigns by letting them to send polls and contests to their customers. It also allows business to collect important customer information such as names, email addresses, zip codes and Twitter handles.

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SMS Poll

By SMS Poll Pty Ltd.

SMS Poll is a SMS marketing service provider that helps organizations and marketing agencies in creating live polls in fractions of seconds. It allows the audience to send their votes through web or short messages from their mobile phones, computers or other devices. It provides this service to companies without specific software or hardware requirements. It has been offering such services to event planners, students, market researchers and corporations.

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TXTImpact offers business text messaging, MMS marketing and SMS marketing services to several organizations. It allows users for building their mobile lists with the help of short code and mobile keywords. It is a service with which people will be able to receive and send short messages over toll-free, short codes and landline numbers. It lets business to engage their audience through SMS quizzes and polls.

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The text marketing software from ClearStream enables business users for reaching their customers through short messages that can be send through mobile application or web-based software. It allows users to sync their short messages with social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook and send messages from there. Also, it enables users to reach their audience instantly through its web-based text messaging software that is affordable and user-friendly.

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By SMS Marketing Services, Inc.

SMS Inc is a multi-channel, data-driven marketing services provider offering excellent services to different verticals of businesses. it leverages data-driven strategies for to help business in competing, capturing and innovating values from up-to-date information. Also, it enables users in refining their search for obtaining customers who engage with their brand. The SMS marketing strategies of SMS Inc allow businesses in terms of building lasting customer relationships.

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