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The world is now connected 24/7 through many social media and networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These networking forums are an effective way of creating a sense of a community with existing and prospective customers. It plays a vital part in how consumers discover, reach, and share information about brands and products. So, getting social holds a number of benefits for businesses from small to big.

Here are some of the platforms which help you in building your brand online.


Hootsuite Ads

By Hootsuite Media Inc.

Hootsuite is a "Social Media Management" system for brand management. The system helps you keep track of your various social network channels. It can enable you to monitor & manage what people are saying about your brand and helps you respond instantly. Its intuitive reporting clearly shows you the impact your social advertising had on your business. The system's user interface takes the form of a dashboard and supports social network integrations.

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By AdEspresso, Inc.

AdExpresso is an online tool that quickly creates, analyzes, and optimizes Facebook advertising in a simple & profitable way for small and medium businesses. The tool tracks real goals such as sales, signups, subscriptions, and engagement to add value for the users. It includes the essential features like Google analytics integration, import existing campaigns, email notification system, and many more. In addition, it provides you the actionable information to optimize your advertising campaigns.

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By Vistaprint Netherlands B.V.

Pagemodo provides cutting-edge social marketing tools for small businesses. The platform offers all the required tools to grow your brand and engage customers across all social channels. It helps you create a strong social marketing identity, manage profiles, and engage with customers. Its step-by-step tools help you easily create a professional-quality design, target your audience, set your budget, and measure your results in an effective and efficient way.

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By Nanigans, Inc.

Nanigans is an advertising technology company that builds scalable multi-channel advertising automation software which meets the specific in-house marketing needs of a business. It enables in-house teams to take control of their advertising through sophisticated workflow automation, deep data integrations, predictive optimization, and real-time reporting tools. Nanigan's advertising automation software features include one end-to-end solution, data unification & transparency, and cross-channel ROI automation.

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By Inc. is a Facebook & Instagram marketing partner, developing a tool for the Facebook advertisers to automate and optimize their advertising. The product features include Instagram ads with an image editor, fast campaign wizard, predictive budget allocation, and a lot more. In addition, is set to release the new features of the tool - such as feed-based ads with cross-selling & upsell and dynamic image templates to better your campaign results.

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By Kenshoo, Ltd.

Kenshoo is a digital marketing technology company that offers premium solutions for social media, search marketing, and online advertising. With Kenshoo, brands, agencies, and developers will be able to automate and optimize their marketing investments, create and scale large & complex ad programs with tools designed to maximize efficiency, etc. Businesses can ensure global coverage while also supporting local markets through granular targeting and setup options.

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Qwaya is a self-service tool for any business who seeks to save time and enhance performance when working with Facebook ad campaigns. The tool enables you to create and manage ads on Facebook. With Qwaya, you will be able to create, publish track, optimize, and organize any Facebook ad with more sophistication and usability. The tools' powerful features include Google analytics integration, URL builder, ad scheduler, multi-user, and a lot more.

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By AdStage, Inc.

AdStage is an all-in-one advertising platform to create, optimize, and report on search and social ads in one place. It provides all required tools to build and manage effective online ad campaigns. The platform gathers usability, smart design, & intelligence technology to assist businesses to make sense of their ad data. It benefits you by continuously enhancing the performance of your search and social ads with automation.

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By SocialFlow, Inc.

Socialflow is a social media optimization platform for leading brands and publishers. Its algorithms analyze user behavior and then optimize each post based on real-time data. The platform provides technology solutions for optimizing a brand's ability to use social media platforms to enhance user engagement. Their smart technology and advanced tools make recommendations on keywords, audiences, as well as ad-spend giving you valuable insights into how to optimize your ad campaigns for success.

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By AdParlor Media, Inc.

AdParlor is a social video platform that enables brands and marketers to plan, execute, and optimize their social video and social media campaigns. The platform lets you take insights from campaigns learned on one social media network and use it better target audience on others. Its creative services include conceptualization, graphic design, video editing, and copywriting. AdParlor's powerful software helps you in spending less time on executing and more time on strategizing.

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Adphorous is a marketing platform built for travel advertisers. It offers a comprehensive ad management platform for marketing automation, algorithmic optimization to enhance conversions and a clean UI with actionable dashboards for the travel industry. With Adphorous, travel advertisers around the world can optimize ads, get to their customers, and get a better ROI in a simple yet powerful way by efficiently using advanced technology and data.

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By Driftrock Limited

Driftrock is a Facebook ads management and automation platform designed to help you grow your business through social advertising. It helps businesses find their audiences online, using data from around the web to power better targeted, more timely social media Ads. Its image recognition feature helps you discover the best performing creative across your campaigns. Driftrock's advanced social media marketing techniques and tools are designed to increase return.

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By Kit CRM Inc.

Kit CRM is a social sales and marketing assistant which lets you automate product promotions via SMS triggers. It manages your social marketing so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business. The tool performs all the regular functions of a regular CRM software but uses text messages. It can run Facebook ads to drive sales, keep your fans engaged, find your next customer, and a lot more because your time is worth more.

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Social ads tool is a Facebook management and optimization platform for brands, agencies, and enterprises globally. The platform helps marketers with ambitions to scale. It hits your goals automatically with its intelligent agile multivariate and conversion pixel testing rules. The key features of Social ads tool include Automatic ad optimization and page promotion, day-part scheduling, conversion tracking, in-depth, customizable reporting drilled down on every level, and many more.

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By Ampush Media, Inc.

Ampush offers the simplest way for businesses to reach targeted customers and grow revenue with social advertising on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. The platform lets you connect with hyper-targetted audiences using customer data from multiple sources. It has tools for every step such as creative, audiences, measurement, optimization, and reporting. In addition, the platform lets you make better decisions with 24/7 access to campaign performance.

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By Betapond, Ltd.

Sticherads is the social ads management platform designed exclusively for e-commerce and direct response tactics. The platform enables e-commerce advertisers to manage and optimize their prospecting, retargeting, and upsell direct response advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Using StitcherAds, advertisers can quickly retarget prospective customers, create ads for different devices, and add rules to automatically turn off ads that don’t meet your performance targets.

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By LookSmart Ltd.

Clickable is a search engine marketing and social media management software for agencies and advertisers to manage search and social marketing. It automates reporting, publishing, moderating, & ad buying on social and PPC. Its software has hundreds of built-in data integrations and combines social and search data with proprietary analytics for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Clickable integrates, filters from social media, ad tech, marketing, sales data into customizable business intelligence dashboard.

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By Soukboard, Inc.

Funnely is an online marketing assistant that helps online stores' owners create, manage, and optimize their online campaigns. Its campaign creation feature saves time and maximizes efficiency by avoiding repetitive manual tasks. Funnely pulls data from your e-commerce platform, which allows its system to automatically pre-set thousands of ads for you. Its other features include campaign optimization and campaign reports which save money and drive more sales.

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By Taptica International Ltd.

Taptica is a mobile advertising technology platform. It provides data-focused marketing solutions that drive execution and useful brands insights in mobile by leveraging social, video, display, and native to reach the valuable users for every app, brand, and service. Beyond tracking clicks and impressions, the platform offers real-time analytics tool that helps advertisers understand the unique behavior of their users. In addition, it allows you measure the quality of new users based on engagement and demographics.

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By CheeseCat sp. z o.o.

Catvertiser is an online tool to create, run, and optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns more effectively and efficiently. The tool lets you optimize costs of advertising on Facebook. Especially features like CPA bidding or split testing help you get better results of your ad campaigns. In addition, its user-friendly interface will assist you in creating and managing your campaigns and ads faster and thus saving your time.

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