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A giveaway, offer or contest is a way for businesses to show their customers they are appreciated and valued. Social Media promotion is a marketing strategy aimed at growing business community and keeping target audience engaged and interested in your services. Social media promotion services offer marketing apps & tools such as running a giveaway, contests, creating offers & deals, questionnaires, etc. as a way to give back and grow social community and online business.

If you are looking for a social media promotion platform or app, you can find some nice ideas here.

Woobox is a social media marketing tool for online businesses and marketers. Woobox helps marketers grow and engage their online audience by various lucrative offers, contests and ads. Marketing apps and Facebook ads are two important marketing tools of Woobox. Marketing apps include sweepstakes, photo contests, polls, video contests, pin to win, html fangate, instagram tab, YouTube tab, coupons, quizzes, instant win and more while Facebook ads involves services like promoting an offer or post, etc.

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Wishpond Social Promotions

By Wishpond Technologies Ltd.

Wishpond Social Promotions app allows businesses to create attractive ads and run contests & promotions on their social networks and websites to keep audience interested and curious in their services. Some of the promotional apps offered by Wishpond include sweepstakes, vote contest, pinterest contest, essay contest, video contest, group-offer, photo contest, hashtag contest, referral promotion, photo caption, music contest and coupon. These apps can easily be integrated with Facebook, Twitter and websites.

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Gleam Competitions is a social media promotion tool that is based on competition marketing strategy. The app allows marketers to create simple competition or giveaways for the target audience on social media and on the website. Some of its features include verified competition entries, compatible with any device or platform, 1 click entry, multiple entry options, built-in sharing option, integration with many third-party apps, useful user data, etc.

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By Metric Feat, LLC

Rafflecopter social media promotion app allows users to run giveaways on their website or social networks to keep their audience engaged. It is very easy to launch and manage a giveaway with Rafflecopter even without any technical knowledge. Rafflecopter allows you to create giveaways of any size, for any number of entries and for any brand. Other features include no coding requirement, no long-term contracts, audience targeted approach, etc.

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By Votigo, Inc.

Votigo social media marketing and promotion software is designed for marketers to allow them to grow their online community and social audience with promotional marketing strategies including Facebook contests, twitter contests, photo contest, sweepstakes, offers, giveaways, UGC content hubs, etc. The software allows contests and apps to run on any platform, and provides complete campaign management including access to multiple social sites, analytics, multiple channels, etc.

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Giveaway Tools

By Giveaway Tools, LLC

Giveaway Tools (GT) is a web based social promotion tool that lets marketers create an embeddable form to be used for creating various promotions & giveaways on their websites, mobile apps and social networks. The best feature of this tool is the automatic entry confirmation that confirms all entries automatically. Also, the tool is completely free to use and can be used to create as many giveaways & offers as you want.

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By Pancake Laboratories, Inc.

ShortStack social media tool is used by businesses and marketers to create engaging Facebook apps and social marketing campaigns with the aim of growing their community. The software allows users to create social media contests, promotions, photo and video contests, entry forms, coupons and discount offers, product galleries, polls and surveys and sweepstakes, and to embed or promote them anywhere including blog, websites, social channels, emails, etc.

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By Lujure Media Inc.

With Heyo, any user or marketer can create a mobile optimized Facebook campaign easily. The process involves fours steps where users choose a template, modify the design, edit details, preview and publish. The campaigns supported by Heyo include contests, promotions, deals & offers, etc. Other features and benefits include no coding, time saver, money saver, supported by multiple devices, embedding and promotion on multiple channels and many more.

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By PromoSimple, Inc.

PromoSimple social marketing tool allows users to create sweepstakes and contests easily and to monitor real-time results. With PromoSimple, you can create Facebook Sweepstakes, Wordpress Plugin, Polls & Surveys, Facebook 'Like' Gates, customized forms and more. Some popular features include integrations for email service, official rules generator, customizable entry form design, WYSIWYG editor, entry confirmation, embedded media, white label, real-time analysis and integration with multiple platforms.

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By Media Inc.

Strutta social promotion tool allows marketers to create branded contests and sweepstakes with easily-customized templates, and to promote them on any social channel including Facebook, Instagram, Microsite, IFrame and multichannel. Strutta helps you gain more fans, likes, email subscribers, followers, and to keep them engaged with the right content. Other features include dedicated project manager, custom made promotions, design options, CSS Implementation, custom features, third party integration and more.

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By Digital Hill Multimedia, Inc.

TabSite is a social medial marketing tool that comes integrated with several inbuilt contest, coupon, photo & video and social apps. These apps include photo contest, sweepstakes, video contest, Instagram photo & video contest, essay contest, timeline contest, coupons, group deal, pin deal, form & survey, landing page, image, YouTube channel feed, photoshow, photo gallery app, brand vidmaker, productshow, e-mail sign-up, website resizer, social review, drag n build system and RSS app.

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Social App HQ

By Shimply Software Pvt. Ltd

With a rich database of inbuilt social promotion apps, Social App HQ offers websites and online marketers a medium to promote their businesses on social media sites. These apps include Facebook, coupons, notification, contests, etc. Social App HQ features and benefits include easy integration with website, mobile apps and social sites, healthy engaging with visitors, lead generation, multiple campaigns in parallel, easy campaign control, in depth analytic and more.

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By PunchTab, Inc.

PunchTab is a social medial marketing platform used by many brands and marketers to manage their social marketing campaigns and audience. The software helps brands connect with their consumers on social channels, to understand and analyze user activity with real-time insights based on which they can decide marketing strategies to win more consumers, build loyalty and increase user trust in the brand.

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By Binkd Pty Ltd

Binkd social medial promotion tool is designed for businesses to let them engage their audience and promote their brand effectively. By creating engaging Facebook and Twitter contests, marketers can increase the brand value and trust among consumers. Other services include sweepstakes creation, twitter promotion, photo contests, etc. All promotions and contests are mobile friendly and can be embedded on any platform including Facebook, Twitter or a mini-site.

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