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Technical support refers to assistance with the use and handling of technical products such as computers, mobile phones, software & hardware, and other electronic devices. It is usually needed when a consumer starts facing issues with their device that they can’t solve on their own. Online tech support services provide remote technical support via chat, phone or email to consumers and businesses located in different countries. These services are usually cost-effective and time saver as compared to physical tech support services.

Here are some of the most popular online tech support services you can use.


Geek Squad

By Best Buy Co., Inc.

Geek Squad is an online remote tech support service that features a team of tech experts and professionals who can help you with many of your technical issues, such as PC setup, mobile setup, virus removal, software installation, Windows installation, networking, and more. Geek Squad experts can provide chat help with multiple technical appliances, including computers, smartphones, cars & GPS, home theatre, printers, networking system, WiFi, smart home, digital camera, and many more.

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By iYogi Limited

iYogi is a complete online tech support solution to help individuals and businesses with their computer, hardware, software, Windows, networking and other technical issues. They offer phone based technical support services for homes, businesses and enterprises. iYogi instant support services can be accessed any time, from anywhere for any kind of technical issues related to digital devices. They also provide several self help DIY videos with complete illustrations to solve common tech problems.

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By iTOK, Inc.

iTOK provides personalized remote tech support to people all around the world. They can help computer users with all their technology related issues, performance issues and complete repair. iTOK is a team of US based tech experts and technology advisors who help people over chat or phone to fix small or big tech problems, system protection against virus and theft, data backup, device setup, tips & tricks, and a lot more.

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24/7 Techies is an online tech support service for businesses, IT professionals and individuals. They provide call and chat-based support services to resolve consumers’ technical issues related to their mobiles, desktops, servers, security, could, networking, and more. 24/7 Techies is a team of Microsoft certified technical executives and experts who all go through a rigorous training beforehand. Users can access their services 24/7, 365 days of the year.

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By Geekatoo Inc.

Geekatoo is an online tech support company that offers remote technical support services with various technology issues, including networking, TV installation, smart home, TV and audio, mobile support, computer repair, video game, and other tech issues. They specialize in home & office services with range from 1 to 100+ computers. Geekatoo makes it easy for users to get effective and guaranteed professional tech service without having to wait in long lines or pay premium charges.

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GuruAid Support provides professional tech support services to homes and small businesses with all their small and big technical issues. Their tech experts can help consumers with digital product shopping, technology deployment, using new technology and devices, repairing and troubleshooting common and complex IT problems. GuruAid Support uses a proprietary knowledge repository system to solve tech issues and bugs automatically using the right software and applications.

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Omni Tech Support is an online 24/7 IT support service that specializes in saving consumers’ time and money by solving their computer and IT related issues remotely. All customer queries are handles by dedicated tech experts who understand and can solve all computer related issues within minutes. Common and complex tech problems they can help you with include PC & network security protection, anti-virus and anti-spam, speed improvements, computer scan, etc.

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By USTechSupport Corporation

USTechSupport’s online computer repair and support services are designed to help consumers with their computer related issues. Each of their clients is assigned an expert technician who can remotely log in to check and fix issues in client’s computer. Their services include diagnosis and repair for computer speed issues, slow start-up & shut-down, virus & spyware, crashes & blue screen problems, and various software and networking errors.

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By Cyber Futuristics (India) Pvt. Ltd.

AskPCExperts specializes in providing 24/7 technical support to individuals and businesses all over the world for all types of technical problems. Their computer experts are trained specifically to handle all small and complex software and networking related PC issues for clients. Some of their services include virus removal, software installation, computer performance & speed, configuration, peripheral support, and more. They provide remote chat and call based support with guaranteed resolutions.

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FixNow is a US based team of certified tech experts trained to resolve consumers’ computer related issues remotely via chat or phone. All their clients get cost-effective and efficient services with full access to a dedicated expert. Their experts can handle all types of basic and complex computer errors, software & hardware problems and other issues. Other services include computer diagnosis, remote repair, driver & software installation, data backup, information security, and more.

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By Gurus2go, LLC.

Gurus2go is a computer repair and tech support solution for homes, small businesses, manufacturers and enterprises. They provide effective tech services to all types of users with all types of technical issues, including computer repair, electronics repair, business IT services, day-to-day tech support, software & hardware issues, new technology deployment, digital signage, desktops, servers, printers and other devices, wireless & networking services, and many more.

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