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Ruby Receptionists is a virtual receptionist and remote telephone answering service used by companies to handle their business calls. The service includes a smart and professional team of receptionists trained precisely for the task of handling business calls with care on behalf of client companies. While maintaining the professionalism, friendliness, charm and attitude of a workplace, Ruby Receptionists ensure to suffice the purpose of calls.

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By VoiceNation, LLC

VoiceNation live phone answering services handle important business calls on behalf of client organizations. The operators answer calls as instructed by clients, record important messages and deliver them to wherever and whenever needed. There are available multiple plans to suit the needs of small, midsize and large businesses. VoiceNation's operators are trained to answer the calls anytime in the specific manner as instructed by the client.

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AnswerConnect call answer services are there to help businesses with their important business and customer calls. The service works to receive calls 365 days a year, day or night on behalf of clients. With home based offices located worldwide, AnswerConnect operators can handle any of your customer calls and deliver messages anytime. Other features include live answering with no wait, late hour calls, message delivery anywhere anytime, text notifications, detailed call memo, and much more.

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By Callitech Limited

Moneypenny is an answering service with a dedicated customer service team trained to handle calls on behalf of clients. It works as your own personal receptionist, always ready to receive your calls as if based right in your office. Moneypenny call services are ideal for small, midsize and large businesses. Its key features include advanced technology integration, digital receptionist, Moneypenny mobile app, disaster recovery, and many more.

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Cloud Phone Answering, a communications and technology company based in Phoenix, Arizona, provides telephone answering service in the USA. We also offer a free 7-day trial and try experience our professional, American virtual receptionists. Further, we provide virtual assistant and virtual receptionist service for small businesses, lawyers, accountants, doctors, etc.

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Davinci Virtual specializes in professional virtual live receptionist services across the US. Featured with a smart, friendly and trained team of receptionists, Davinci Virtual makes sure that all client calls are handled with the professionalism and personal care required. Services and features are based on the type of the plan while all plans are bundled with common features, including call forwarding & screening, voicemail, local & toll-free numbers, appointment scheduling, and many more.

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24-7 Intouch is a customer service solution providing call answering, live chat and call center services to client companies. It specializes in inbound solutions, such as telesales, remote call answering, order taking, and customer care. With experience in all major industries and businesses, 24-7 Intouch customer service executives are trained to help customers with sales acquisition, live chat, technical support, email response, direct response, social media, and other services.

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Answering Service Center specializes in providing 24/7 live answering care and support to customers on behalf of client companies. It can handle and manage call answering service for any industry, including medical, legal, eCommerce, real estate, and many more. Their highly trained and experience executives are expert in answering all customer calls with utmost personal care while maintaining the professionalism required. Other services include message relay, virtual office, live operators, etc.

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24-hour inbound and outbound call center, staffed with a team of professional communication agents to provide professional answering services, processing and operational tasks for your business. Delivering technical or customer care helpdesk, sales, intake, scheduling, reservation or simple message intake and contact. Reliable and efficient agents follow your exact processes. We become part of your business. Customers will never know they are talking to an answering service.

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Infinit Contact handles call center and phone answering tasks for small and midsize businesses so that they can focus on other core business tasks. It offers a variety of customer services, including inbound and outbound services, CMS, call answering, social media, back-office & data entry, and more. Infinit Contact is aimed at improving customer experience and satisfaction rate, and driving more sales for client businesses with effective customer care.

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Specialty Answering Service

By HVAC Answering Service, Inc.

Specialty Answering Service (SAS) is a call center outsourcing company offering live telephone answering services for businesses of all sizes and any industry. It also has its own software application to help clients with their messages and call recordings. SAS takes your customer support tasks off your hands to a more prominent and expert team of virtual receptionists, who can serve your customer calls 24 hours a day with the same enthusiasm.

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Map Communications

By MAP Communications, Inc.

Map Communications phone answering services are there to help small and medium sized businesses with effective and satisfactory customer care solutions. Map services can be customized to handle all or some of the calls, or only after-hours calls or any other specific calls based on specific needs of the client. All calls are handled with utmost care and professionalism by the trained live receptionists of Map Communications.

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TigerTel is a call center service specializing in outbound calls and phone answering, telemarketing, voice messaging, and other customer care services for businesses in North America. TigerTel serves its client with professional and flexible customer care service, allowing them to understand and meet the needs of their customers and maximize sales. Based on client specifications, TigerTel team can handle any of their customer calls, while maintaining company’s reputation.

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My Receptionist is a team of highly trained, friendly, professional and genuine virtual receptionists, always there to answer calls on behalf of their client companies. They offer complete customer care and phone answering services, including scheduling, call redirection, messaging, call recording, and more. My Receptionist’s executives can take clients’ business and customer calls as and when needed and answer specifically as instructed by clients.

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By AnswerFirst Communications, Inc.

AnswerFirst live call answering and forwarding services are there to serve the customer care outsourcing needs of small, midsize and large businesses. Their services include live phone answering, virtual receptionist, online order taking, elevator phone monitoring, social media services, call center services, technical support, inbound email processing, disaster recovery, and more. Some of AnswerFirst features include 24/7 call answering, free forwarding, guaranteed live support, and 100 per cent US service.

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By AnswerNet Incorporated

AnswerAmerica is a US based telephone answering service helping small and large businesses with cost-effective, professional customer support services. Their highly-trained agents are always there to provide live professional telephone support to customers with all their queries. All executives are trained to answer customer queries in client specific manner and note down important information, such as customer name, number, company and message.

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Call Experts professional call center and answering services specialize in live phone answering with genuine customer care agents. In addition to live call answering, they offer many other services, including virtual receptionists, help desk, order taking, ad response, reservations, event RSVP, customer surveys, disaster planning, lead generation, voice-mail & conference calling, paging & dispatch, appointment handling, customer hotline, job hotlines, store locator, call routing, and many more.

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By Centratel, LLC

Centratel telephone answering service is there to serve businesses with professional, quality call answering services in the United States. Call-capturing, tech support, home health answering, public & private calls, and messages dispatch are some of the services offered by Centratel. Their telephone service representatives are all well-trained and expert in receiving calls with the professionalism required by the companies and the personal touch needed by the customer.

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By ReceptionHQ LLC

ReceptionHQ is a professional receptionist answering service offering customer care, virtual assistant, virtual office, and live call receiving services for client companies. ReceptionHQ services are aimed at avoiding call waiting and supporting instant answering for all customer calls, and providing true personal receptionist experience to all customers. All calls are answered using the scripts provided by clients to maintain the professional face of the business.

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Conversational Receptionists specialize in professional virtual receptionists and call answering services. They can answer any call on your behalf, provide basic customer care, take a message or transfer the call to you as per your instructions. Its features and services include call backup, overflow reception, live phone answering, call transferring, appointment booking and scheduling, voicemail messages by email, general inquiries, customized call handling, returning calls, appointment reminders, one way text messaging, and more.

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First Answering Service is a US based affordable and reliable call answering service for small and mid-sized businesses. Instead of routing customer calls, each and every call is answered personally to maintain customers’ trust in the company. Some noticeable features include, US based phone operators, 24/7 availability, call answer in three rings or less, message alert via text & email, no setup or script programming fee, etc.

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Vicky Virtual

By Vicky Virtual Receptionists

Vicky Virtual is a professional virtual receptionist service responsible for answering phone calls on behalf of their clients. It saves time for clients by handling their customer support system completely so that clients can focus on other important core business areas. Vicky Virtual makes sure that none of your phone calls go unanswered. Their team of highly-trained, US based receptionists is always there to assist customers professionally and personally.

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By GabbyVille Inc.

GabbyVille live call answering and virtual receptionist services are there to help US based businesses with their customer support outsourcing needs. GabbyVille customer care executives are trained to maintain professionalism with the personal touch in all their calls and chats. They serve each and every call with a smile with the aim of converting a caller into a long-term happy customer for the client company.

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A Courteous Communications

By A Courteous Communications

A Courteous Communications has been providing phone answering services to business nation wide for over 25 years. Their virtual receptionists act like an extension of your business and can answer and deliver messages to your exact specifications. All of their plans are cost effective and are available around the clock. Trust in the A Courteous team to provide your callers with the best customer service solutions possible to help your business grow.

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Ambs Call Center is a live call answering service offering virtual receptionist services for businesses. The company has a team of friendly professionals are ready to answer your business calls, capture leads, take orders and schedule appointments. They allow you to focus on getting work done instead of being tied to the phone. The company can use us on a 24/7 basis, on-demand, or have us back you up with our overflow service. Whatever your needs are, no matter how complex and deliver excellent service.

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