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Test management platforms offers testing individual application tests for mobile and desktops. These platforms have built-in features to test various aspects of tests so that developers can provide good quality products to its end users. Below is list of some leading test management products.


Sauce Labs

By Sauce Labs Inc

Sauce Labs is a cloud based mobile testing platform for all native and hybrid mobile apps with support to all languages. The platform conducts tests on various popular android and iOS mobile devices to test an app for bugs, errors, unexpected crashes, lags, etc. With support to all major languages, it can write tests in any standard language. All tests are run in dedicated and fully-secure virtual machines designed for single-use. Sauce Labs also helps in automated cross browser, mobile testing and manual testing to businesses. It supports JavaScript unit testing across various browsers and selenium testing with more reliability. This software is compatible for testing any programming languages and integrates CI system to make automated build process. All the tests are run in secure environment that has a connection with the firewall controls.

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By Ranorex GmbH

Ranorex is a mobile app testing automation tool that runs automated mobile application tests across multiple real devices and latest operating systems. It offers seamless integration with any technology, language and platform. Users can automate testing of their iOS, Android and Windows 8 Apps across all types of devices and OS to easily find bugs and errors. It allows users to record tests on any device and run them on multiple devices and languages. Ranorex also offers automated testing management software helps businesses in testing desktop, web and mobile applications. It supports robust text automation, script free testing, seamless integration and click and goes for the outcome of the test reports. It encourages customers to participates into the webinar and understand the software program. This software can test any programming languages and use market leading GUI object recognition software.

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By Gurock Software GmbH

Testrail is software helps in quality assurance and development applications. It comprehensively manage test cases, schedule plans and runs the testing and debugging processes. It produces real time insights of testing steps and integrates the tracking and automation tools to perform the testing. It supplies the metrics and reports that are customized for better user experience. It has seamless integration process that tracks bugs into the system and diagnose it promptly.

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By Coverity, Inc.

Coverity empowers organizations to have a secure development process. It gives testing phases into the early stages and produce reports for resilient software delivery. It supports test advisor, code advisor and protecode enterprises tools manage software testing process at more precision. Coverity ensures the compliance without slow productivity and identifies the bugs and vulnerabilities to resolve it in early stage.

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REQtest is a tool helps organizations a complete module for testing management processes. It offers traceability that requires a test case to find the bug in the program and send the bug reports for further checks. This is an organized software testing and bug reporting tool creates and manages the agile and traditional development processes. It has a prioritization method and generates one click chart to presents a detailed report.

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By D Software Inc.

Zephyr is a test management tool supports all level of businesses to increase more productivity. It supports real time test management has a comprehensive tool that foster a global working team for any organization. It enables the enterprise test management features that are able to manage all aspects of software quality and integrity with various tools. This management tool is developed for department and projects teams to undergo the testing management phases and bug tests.

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By SmartBear Inc.

QAComplete helps in centralized reporting across various software development phases. It gives ability to plan, manage and execute the test phases and find the bugs and presents the detailed reports. QAComplete gives full visibility to testing phases and process the real time insights with a broad explanation. It supports all possible languages and uses two way integration process to create a custom workflows.

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By Testpad Limited

TestPAD is a test management that is a fresh approach to manual testing. It helps an organization to ensure it releases the product that is tested and work efficiently. This software is developed for the engineers looking a precise solution to software testing. The tests prompt a line based support for an organized agile product development. The intuitive keyboard supports various tests to conduct in lesser time. It gives rich reporting and generates built in templates.

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By Seapine Software, Inc.

TestTrack is testing tool that uses agile, waterfall and spiral model to supports lifecycle testing of an organization product. TestTrack testing methodology ensures customer specification with the help of conducting plans, source code in an integrated platform. This testing tool produces burn down rate, tracking progress and customized report to reduce the chances of improper impact on product. It keeps the quality assurance at full stride whereas also involve in complex processes.

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Polarion QA

By Polarion Software, Inc

Polarion QA is management tool that gives unified test management solution to organization. This software helps through the centralized testing management whereas all testing activities run by the help of pre defined templates. Polarion QA leverages the existing testing phases and jump directly to the projects to run the test. It uses parametric values and identifies the defects and issues to enhance the product system using one platform.

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By Qasymphony LLC

QASymphony is test management app that help organization with all testing methodologies. It provides intuitive and detailed reporting for actionable insights. It provides ALM integration that web hooks in real time with JIRA. It eliminates more of the manpower paper work and considers more into automated processes. The qTest is very intuitive and give more efficiency with the agile tools for throughout debug and test.

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By H.S. PractiTest Ltd.

The PractiTest helps organization by customizing all testing needs at one platform. It has seamless integration with errors and bugging tools that is agile suitable for agile testing. This thoroughly process adds human expert support to complete the test management. PractiTest offers customized tools that work with JIRA test management to debug two-way integration. The testing and quality assurance process is combination of co-ordination and visibility that allows tests, debugs and reporting in simple steps.

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By Inflectra Corporation

SpiraTest helps organizations with test management and bug tracking tools. It executes the test cases with rich test and that support pre-made templates. It allows manual and automated both the testing support that produces a real time graph and detailed reports. It supports personalized and customised reporting that generates a detailed report insight. It employ web based UI to track bugs and covers risks and issues.

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eggPlant Functional

By TestPlant Europe Limited

eggPlant Functional is a testing tool that helps organizations with automated mobile and desktop UI testing. This tool helps your application functional testing through an automation process based on GUI testing. It supports any devices like desktop, Smartphone, tablet, server, etc, the automation process also made the application intuitive to go through the testing. It enhances advanced image analysis technique in order to analyze image recognition algorithms.

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Test Lodge

By Testlodge Limited

Test Lodge is online test tool helps organizations to manage various tests and runs with an ease. There is no user limit for this tool that helps entire set of team to manage their test and test runs within the organization. Test Lodge offers fully detailed reporting with the help of graph and instant check for test results. This test software is entirely different with the traditional test management and process more into automated environment.

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Xqual is software that helps organizations with complete life cycle of the products. It uses a framework call XStudio that includes the versatile software to conduct test management for an organization asset. It manages to overcome with the inefficiencies while conducting of the test and performs so the bugs, issues could be resolved with precision. Xqual supports Oracle, SQL server, MYSQL that slows a fully automated environment or even conducting manual test.

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By Hiptest Inc.

HipTest helps organizations for automation and manual testing. This is agile testing tool supports scripts and frameworks for your test iterate the unique refactoring capabilities. It employs JIRA testing software to conduct the testing that performs integration process. It produces the insights with actionable and detailed reports and metrics. HipTest modifies combination of tests and optimize the test maintenance. It uses the Cucumber and BDD-oriented framework that generates the feature files.

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Test Collab is case management tool that helps organization managing, executing test. It supports automation and manual testing that works in an easy environment. It allows the testing processes to consume less time and a web based access for teams. It provides seamless integration with debug management system that creates a loop among the testers and developers. It employs automation tools like JIRA, Redmine, Selenium, etc, to provide time tracking with test plan and scheduling.

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By InfoStretch Corporation

Qmetry is test management software that helps organizations integration and automation tools for testing processes. Qmetry is designed to test development process in organized way to perform automation process with quality assurance teams. This testing platform supports transition automation and capability to take multiple tests to perform for a precise solution. It enhances the quality assurance productivity with the help of advanced QA metrics that gives a leading platform support to products.

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By Testuff Ltd.

Testluf is software test management tools that help organizations with an ease of process of testing. It gives management process comprehensive reports to track and improve the testing phases. It helps assigning tasks to teams within the organization whether it is located on different continent. It tests life cycle management to permit for a better group performance and assigns tests to be conduct in different phases. It has API features as automations tools that organized the tests by projects or in hierarchy suites.

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