Text Editors

A text editor is the software used to create and edit text, make notes and write code. An IDE (integrated development environment) is an advanced text editor that comes integrated with several features and tools to allow web developers write, debug and run web applications. Most of modern text editors come bundled with code editing and debugging features to enhance their demand and usability.

Here are some suggestions based on most widely used text editors by developers and coders. Choose a text editor or IDE that completely suits your needs.



By JetBrains s.r.o.

PhpStorm is an intelligent IDE (integrated development environment) and editor platform for PHP coding and web development. Its smart editor supports latest PHP versions and frameworks, HTML, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, CSS, Sass, Less, and other relevant programming languages to provide excellent coding assistance. Other features include context-aware code completion, code inspections & fixes, error detection, code quality analysis, inbuilt debugging and testing, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux support, and many more.

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Sublime Text

By Sublime HQ Pty Ltd

Sublime Text is a Windows compatible advanced text editor used for coding, markup and prose. In addition to a smooth user interface, the tool is bundled with several features to make the coding and editing easier and fun. Sublime Text supports many keyboard shortcuts for easy search and editing, along with other features including, batch edits, command palette, Goto anything, find and replace, multiple selections, distraction free mode, etc.

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By GitHub, Inc

Atom is a modern, approachable and featured-rich yet fully-customizable text editor. Though the tool is enriched with several inbuilt features, such as cross-platform editing, built-in package manager with access to thousands of open source packages, multiple themes and UI, smart auto completion, find and replace, multiple panes, file system browser, it also allows complete customization to add more features and to do anything programmers need to do.

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By notepad-plus-plus.org

Notepad++ is a free text and code editor for Windows platform and supports coding, editing, execution and debugging for many programming languages. Notepad++ is written in C++ and is based on popular editing component Scintilla. Some of the best features of Notepad++ are smaller program size, less use of CPU power and other resources and fast execution speed. Anyone, who wants to improve the functioning of Notepad++, can contribute to it.

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By Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

Eclipse is a user-friendly open source program comprised with many advanced tools and frameworks for editing, running and managing a software application. Eclipse is available for free to download and can be used to code in Java, C/C++ and PHP languages. Some other features include unlimited customization, extensible using pre-defined packages, cloud and web supported platform, accessible on any device, eclipse marketplace client, plug-in development environment (PDE) to write new plug-ins, and more.

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NetBeans IDE

By Oracle America, Inc.

NetBeans IDE is a free and open-source code editor mainly used to develop and edit Java based desktop, web and mobile applications. It also allows development and editing of HTML5 applications along with support to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, C/C++ and many other programming languages. NetBeans supports all latest Java versions with access to most advanced tools and applications, such as functional operations, smart code editor and method references.

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By Adobe Systems Incorporated

Brackets is an advanced open-source text editor used for web designing in the browser. Brackets is powered with many visual tools and applications in the editor to help designers at every step of their design. Some of its key features include additional extension for enhanced functioning, Extract for Brackets to extract code from a PSD, inline editors, live real-time changes preview, preprocessor support, and much more in a single tool.

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Koding is a cloud-based IDE that allows developers to code in the cloud with support to multiple languages including Java, Ruby, PHP, C, C++, NodeJS, Perl, Python, and many more. It allows the development of android, iOS, HTML5, web applications and supports many advanced technologies, such as Docker, WordPress, Laravel and Django. Other Koding features include Amazon's cloud hosting, Ubuntu, powerful Virtual Machines, connection to localhost, publicly accessible IPs, and more.

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Vim is an advanced text editor which can be used for creating or editing any kind of text, from simple email test to complex program code, to configuration files. The software can be easily hacked or configured to work in any possible way, such as Easy Vim for very simple text editing. Vim is freely available, open-source software which supports features like text highlighting and formatting, but doesn’t support WYSIWYG editing.

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By IDM Computer Solutions, Inc

UltraEdit is a text editor for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms used by hundreds of developers worldwide to write and edit codes, lists and columns. Features like multi-caret editing and multi-select allows UltraEdit to be used as a simple text editor or a featured power editor to suit specific needs. Other powerful features include, in depth search in the file or across the project, syntax highlighting for hundreds of languages, and many more.

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By Panic Inc.

Coda is a powerful code editor available in downloadable and web formats. Coda’s clean, fast and powerful interface allows users to write and edit any kind of text and code with features like, pixel-perfect view, access to local & remote files, inbuilt plug-ins, super fast speed, local indexing, plug-in preferences, CSS overriding, easy publishing tools & shortcuts, easy and secure synchronization between devices, and many more.

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By Appcelerator, Inc.

Aptana is an open-source IDE (integrated development environment) primarily used for writing website codes and building web applications. The tool allows developers and programmers to write, edit, preview and debug code in any languages including JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Python, and more. Some other features of Aptana include open-source platform, free software, active community of user and contributors, bug tracker, integrated debugger, code assistance, and many more.

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Komodo IDE

By ActiveState Software Inc.

Komodo IDE is a powerful and featured cross-platform IDE for coding and development in all major languages including, PHP, Go, Perl, Phython, HTML, NodeJS, Tcl, HTML and more. Komodo Edit is the free and open-source version of Komodo IDE software. Some of Komodo IDE/Edit features include multi-language editor, multiple selections, projects & places manager, commando, kopy.io integration, minimap, shell scope, auto-complete & calltips, toolbox, track changes, markdown viewer, skins (abyss) & icon sets, etc.

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By Bare Bones Software, Inc.

TextWrangler is a feature-rich text editing and manipulating tool that allows users to create, modify, and transform plain-text and programming code. Some of TextWrangler features and applications include single and multi-file search & replace, compare two versions of a file to find differences, built-in text transformations, multi-byte and Unicode text editing support, support to all major programming languages, integration with multiple OS platforms, access to files located on remote FTP servers, and much more.

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By Bare Bones Software, Inc.

BBEdit by Bare Bones is a professional text editor for the Macintosh OS. The tool is specifically designed to fulfill the needs of software developers for a high-performance editor for searching, editing, and modifying text and HTML. In addition to an intelligent interface, BBEdit features grep pattern matching, project definition tools, code folding, search and replace across multiple files, support to source code languages, AppleScript, Mac OS X, auto code completion, and much more.

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By MacroMates Ltd.

TextMate is a text editor dedicated to the production of code and markup. The tool gives you complete control over your code by automating most of manual work. It is a perfect blend of Emacs and OS X, but supports only Mac platform. In addition to its clean and minimalistic GUI, TextMate offers many advanced features, including search and replace, auto-pairing of brackets, clipboard history, foldable code blocks, support for all major languages, and more.

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By ES-Computing

EditPlus is a text editor for Windows supporting creation and editing of text in HTML, PHP, Java and other languages. In addition to Notepad features, EditPlus also offers many advance features, including syntax highlighting support for HTML, PHP, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, C/C++, CSS, ASP, Python, Perl, Ruby, Rails and more languages, real-time preview, Hex Viewer, HTML toolbar, line number, URL highlighting, auto completion, and many more.

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By Emurasoft, Inc.

EmEditor is a fast performance text editor for Windows which supports editing of very large files, Unicode, CSV files, macros, and more. The tool can open a file of any size while consuming a very little amount of memory. Other EmEditor features include sorting and searching big data files, international encodings, coding syntax highlighting, multiple selection editing, documents comparison, split/combine files, customizable interface, support for many plug-ins, Windows compatible and more.

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By Mpsoftware ApS.

phpDesigner is a PHP editor and IDE that also supports HTML5, CSS and JavaScript languages for creating wonderful websites. The tool allows editing, testing, debugging and publishing of websites based on these languages. In addition to a fast, powerful and intuitive platform, phpDesigner features code insight, HTML editor, Xdebug for advanced debugging and profiling, PHP frameworks, GIT and SVN integration, JavaScript frameworks, remote file access over FTP/SFTP, syntax highlighters, etc.

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PSPad is a text and code editor for Windows OS based systems. The tool is ideal for those, who want a simple but powerful text and code editor with support to many programming languages, syntax highlighting, rich text formating, user extension capabilities, etc. Other PSPad features include desktop sessions, FTP client to edit files on web, search and replace, inbuilt templates, auto correction, macro recorder, text difference, templates for many languages, and many more.

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Bluefish is a powerful open-source code editor designed for programmers and web developers, enabling them to write and edit scripts and programming code. With support to all major programming and markup languages, Bluefish can help edit or create any code you want. Key features include support to Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and more, fast and lightweight GUI editor, multiple document interface, snippets sidebar, powerful search and replace, in-line spell checker and more.

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jEdit is a professional, free, open-source text editor for programmers. jEdit, together with developer plugins, provides a fast and perfect platform for web developers to write and edit the code they want. Some of its features include, Mac OS X, UNIX, VMS, OS/2 and Windows support, plugins for extended functionality, support to UTF8, Unicode and many other characters encodings, word wrap, built-in macro language, syntax highlighting, etc.

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Espresso is a text editor for the web. The tool is powered with many features and plugins to enhance the quality of any design or development workflow. Some of its features include fast edits, extensive language support, code folding, CodeSense, contextual completions, drag-and-drop navigator, smart snippets, live-styling for real-time previews, X-ray layouts, Zen actions, built in CSSEdit visual tools, Sync & Quick Publish, and much more.

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EditPad Lite

By Just Great Software Co. Ltd.

EditPad Lite is a simple text editor for Windows based systems which can be used to edit any plan text file. The tool can easily handle any large text files with long lines. It also supports Unicode with complex and right-to-left scripts. Some other functions of EditPad Lite include editing of text files using Windows test encodings, working with many files with tabbed interface, undo and redo even after saving, automatic backup, and search-and-replace.

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CodeLite is a free, open-source IDE and text editor used to develop and debug C, C++, PHP, JavaScript and Node.js applications with support to all major compliers. CodeLite works fine with multiple platforms including Windows, Mac OSX, Debian / Ubuntu, Linux, FreeBSD and others. Other CodeLite features include auto code completion, inbuilt compilers, LLDB debugger, built-in GDB support, XDebug PHP debugger, Workspace Mirroring, source control plugins, code navigation and wxCrafter RAD tool for wxWidgets.

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Light Table is code editor software used to write and modify codes for multiple applications. The tool allows embedding graphs, games and even visualizations into the code. It is fully-customizable to suit the needs of a particular project, and can easily fit any workflow. Some of its key features include simple and beautiful layout, next-gen println, watches, inline evaluation, open source, flexible, integrated plugin manager, and many more.

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By WaterProof SARL

PHPEdit is a popular PHP IDE and code editor used to create PHP based websites and applications easily and faster. The tool has been designed to help developers to make the development process easier by faster coding, automatic debugging, and project testing within a single platform. PHPEdit is integrated with many advanced features, such as multiple languages support, script debugger, PHP frameworks, Code IntelliSense, IT management, and more.

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Ninja IDE is an open source, cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE) that works fine on Mac OS X, Windows desktop and Linux/X11 operating systems. The software is designed to help developers create any web applications and write software easily and faster using integrated tools. Some of Ninja IDE features include, code completion, code highlighting for supported languages, support to plugins, code search and locator, static and PEP8 errors finder, etc.

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Lime Text is a free, open-source text editor used to write codes and make edits. Lime Text has been developed as a successor to Sublime Text and includes most of its features. The software can be used through QML, command-line interface or other frontends with the pluggable backend. Since it is open-source, anyone can develop their own version to replace the existing one.

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Zed is a downloadable, open-source text and code editor which can also work offline. The software is capable to edit local files from system and remote files from any server. Zed is integrated with all featured you can expect from a complete code editor. Some common features include syntax highlighting for all major programming languages, code completion, split-view editing, built-in linting, light and dark themes, multiple cursors, etc.

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