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Developers and marketers, who rely on email marketing or require an email for communication with their users can use various email delivery systems also known as transactional email providers. These platforms offer various ways, such as Web API or SMTP Relay to send emails, deliver them effectively and track results.

Below is a list of leading providers in the market today.



By SendGrid, Inc.

SendGrid is an email delivery platform that allows you to send transactional and marketing emails. It provides various features, including email authentication, ISP feedback loops, outbound spam monitoring, IP reputation scoring, easy integration, easy template editing, real-time analytics and reporting, encrypted delivery, and more. There are four pricing options available: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

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By The Rocket Science Group, LLC

Mandrill is a secure email delivery API provided by MailChimp (A leading email marketing solution provider). It features automatic email authentication, globally-distributed infrastructure, custom authentication, automatic feedback loop registration, dedicated IP address, dedicated IP pooling, multiple domains per account, activity logs, and more. The app can be used via API, Smtp relays or code wrappers. It offers free and paid pricing options. The first 12,000 emails are free, with per-thousand email pricing plan.

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By Dual Technology Services

SendinBlue is an online email marketing solution that allows you to manage your email and SMS campaigns in one platform. It features intuitive UI, campaign creation, contact management, optimized deliverability, complete statistics, trigger marketing, and third-party integrations. There are 8 subscription plans available: Free, Micro, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Atomic with unlimited quota.

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Amazon SES

By Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Amazon SES is an affordable outbound-only email delivery service that allows you to send marketing promotion and transactional emails. It features a simple UI, email monitoring tools, affordable fees that you need to pay only for what you use, reliable cloud network infrastructure, scalable email technology, and more. Users can track complaints, bounced emails and deliveries though another service called Amazon SNS. The pricing plan for this service is pay as you go.

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Mailjet is an email delivery engine designed specifically for marketers and developers. It features email personalization, newsletter templates, SMTP Relay, data segmentation, send and parse API, API access, dedicated IP address, A/X testing, campaign comparison, reputation engine, reputation monitoring, and tracking tools. There are six pricing options available: Bronze, Crystal, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

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By Rackspace, US Inc.

Mailgun is a transactional email API service designed for developers. It features a simple API for developers, good deliverability, powerful sending infrastructure, intelligent inbound routing and storage, tracking and analytics, email validation, managed email delivery, and app integration. The product was launched in 2011 and acquired by leading web hosting company Rackspace in 2012. The first 10,000 emails are provided for free, with the pricing plan based on your monthly volume.

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By turboSMTP Corp

TurboSMTP is a professional SMTP email service provider with maximum deliverability of your transactional emails. It features real-time click tracking, compatibility with major mail clients, high-speed delivery, spam and unsubscribe management, sub-account and white label system, no bandwidth limits, and more. There are six monthly pricing options available: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Resell, Titanium, and Diamond.

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Elastic Email

By Geographical Media Inc.

Elastic Email provides an advanced email delivery platform with trigger-based automation. It features email open and click tracking, template editing tools, HTTP API, SMTP API, inbound API, contact history tracking, email white labeling, sub accounts, web-hooks, detailed delivery logs, template marketplace, litmus testing, text messaging, and more. The delivery of first 1000 emails are provided for free.

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42.47 is a complete marketing toolbox designed specifically for any marketing needs. It features custom API integration, email support, delivery status, unlimited sender, detailed delivery report, professional control panel, and more. There are six pricing options available: Shared IP 10K, Shared IP 50K, Dedicated IP 100K, Dedicated IP 500K, Dedicated IP 1M, and Enterprise Scale.

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By Wildbit, LLC

Postmark is a transactional email delivery service. It features email performance tracking, recipient statistics, campaign statistics, global and secure infrastructure, extensive API, shared IP, inbound email parsing, and more. It offers Pay As You Go email pricing plan, with credit-based payment system. They are a transactional only service and offers 45 days of searchable archive of email delivery. The first 25,000 credits are provided free of charge.

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By Sand Dune Mail Ltd,

SMTP2Go is a worldwide SMTP email service which ensures that all your emails get to the recipient’s inbox. It provides various features, including proven email deliverability, rock-solid infrastructure, worldwide SMTP service, and real-time reports. There are various pricing options available based on your monthly email volume, from 2,000 emails to 5 million emails per month.

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By GetOnline Ltd

AuthSMTP is an outgoing SMTP email service for eCommerce websites and mailing lists. It features anytime availability, maximum deliverability, software flexibility, top-level security, authenticated SMTP server, instant setup, virus scanning, SSL or TLS support, email duplication, multiple concurrent connections, control panel, and more. There are three pricing options available: Recommended, Alternative 1, and Alternative 2.

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By SocketLabs, Inc.

SocketLabs is a trusted email delivery system with in-depth analytics and easy integration. It features maximum email deliverability, real-time data and analysis, quick API integration, reliable infrastructure, and on-premise options. There are six pricing options available: Starter, Tin, Chrome, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The Gold plan allows the sending of 1 million emails per month.

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CritSend is an SMTP Relay service for developers that helps you to send bulk and transactional emails with a reliable infrastructure. It features spam issue warning, integrated feedback loops, automated bounce handling, custom reports, sending API, 99% commitment, unique identifier, and 14-day log history. There are four pricing options available: Starter, Plus, Premium, and Enterprise.

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By Message Systems, Inc.

SparkPost is an advanced email delivery service that allows you to configure, deliver, and measure your email campaign. It features shared or dedicated IP, TLS encryption, email sending via SMTP or REST API, real-time data integration, HTTPS email API, actionable analytics, and more. There are five pricing options available: Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

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By JangoMail, Inc.

JangoSMTP is a transactional email service with tracking features. It features open tracking, click tracking, DKIM signing, SenderID authentication, feedback loops with ISPs, unparalleled email deliverability, Google analytics, Geotracking, unsubscribe management, bounce management, and more. The pricing is based on the number of emails that you send per month, as well as your email size.

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By MessageGears, LLC

MessageGears is an enterprise email marketing hybrid solution that provides the combination of on-premise platform security and scalability of the cloud platform. It features simple integration, comprehensive customer insights, data security, segmentation and personalization, testing and optimization, transactional campaigns, campaign automation, and more. The demo of the service can be requested directly from the company.

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By Mailigen International Limited

LeaderSend is an effortless email delivery system that provides transactional SMTP email service designed specifically for websites and mobile apps. It features powerful API, robust infrastructure, personalization, real-time reporting, and click tracking tool. There are six pricing options available: 50,000 Credits, 100,000 Credits, 500,000 Credits, 1 Million Credits, 2 Million Credits, and 5 Million Credits.

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By The Working Group Inc.

PostageApp is an email service provider that provides email API for transactional emails. It features first-party delivery engine, spam-free mass email sending, HTML and CSS templates, personalization for every user, engagement analytics, private IP address, and simple integration with various other services. There are five pricing options available: Carrier Pigeon, Falcon, Owl, Eagle, and Pterodactyl.

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